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February 05, 2014


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Mitsa Perry

Beautiful basket ,beautiful pontso and beautiful RED boots Lucy!


Hello Lucy!

It's the first time I am posting here but I have been years following your absolutely lovely and admirable blog.

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a perfect example of LOVE & GRATITUDE (plus hard work and devotion to your family and the things you love).

Secondly, I agree with Lynn about rude people (specifically about Jo's post) but it only shows the lack of self-stem, life harmony and intolerance to success. We must feel compassion for people like those and please don't talk more about it.

Thirdly, I have tried to subscribe in order to receive your blog posts but I cannot possibly do it, would you mind please tell me how to? A basic typed page appears instead of a form/template to fill in. I would appreciate so much your instructions. (Please invoice me when you have a time).

Finally, I am a FE tutor and I teach needle crafts, I would love to share with you my experience, please invoice me as well if you are interested.

Thank you so much for all what you do, your blog is one of the most amazing I read, good for you!!



I love the boots and you've got them just in time, they'll go with your poncho so well. The colours of your yarn are just so bright and cheerful.


Hi Lucy
totally agree with Lynn if you don't like something on a blog, don't read the blog ! One of the only downsides of communicating by computer, face book etc is I think people think they can say whatever they want because somehow it is anonymous, would they say that to someone's face - I think not !
NEVER EVER stop what you do Lucy, and look at the percentage of positive comments versus negative, says it all I think !!
Have a good day Lucy,
Kate x

Tanya Miller

Gorgeous colours and blog post as always, Lucy


Holy schmokes....some people can't keep negativity to themselves....

All I wanted to say, and the reason I clicked on 'comment' was to say that you just brought a happy warm smile to my face. Thank you for sharing your happiness (and I am just ever so slightly envious of your lovely shawl, as I sit here in my own freezing laptop corner ;) )

I hope your day is super-excellently-happy



Ooh I'm sooo looking forward to the Poncho Ta-Dah! Is that a knit I-cord I'm spotting?? Your boots ROCK and best of all they seem so very comfortable. Perfect for those cobbled streets, we have those everywhere in Brussels too, many of them in a horrible state so good steady boots are a must! :-) xxxx

Helen Mascall

Hi Lucy, I love reading your happy posts. I work in aged care and one of the things we get our dementia residents to do is wind wool, because it calms them, the tactile feeling of the yarn is welcome and familiar, and it brings back happy memories of their own families! How cool is that! I had a wonderful trip to the UK last year and my hubby bought me a pair of red Fly boots , very similar to yours! I love them dearly too, just waiting for some cooler weather here in Oz so I can wear them again. Have a wonderful happy skippy day x

Fuego Azul

Good for you with all the fun!! There's nothing like the simple things in life. :) I can't wait to see your poncho!!!! Tell the rain to visit my place for a little while. We need it, & you need sun to take your amazing photos! We'll trade. :)


Snap - I have red boots too, although mine are lace up ones and are a darker shade of red. But they little leather leaves stitched on at the ankles - so cute! That yarn basket looks scrumptious, such pretty colours. I went to Crafts for Crafters in Exeter at the weekend - took me right back to last September and Yarndale - no Knit-and-natter lounge though.....;)


I want those boots!!!!!!!! So cute. I can hardly wait to see the TaDah! poncho reveal!


Whooo. I have got my very first yarn parcel coming in the post this week. Just Compleated my very first crochet project(a granny square blanket) now I'm addicted! Thanks Lucy for being such an inspiration :0)


Lovely yarn and boots Lucy!


My post disappeared. Hummmm. Love the poncho and hoping that you are going to post the instructions. Need it here in the snowy northeast of the USA. More snow today and more over the weekend. Can't hardly wait for spring. So love your color combinations. Working on a crocheted shawl with leftover yarns and giving my spinning and knitting a rest. Love your blog.


Lucy, I love the glimpses of your poncho and can't wait to see the ta dah photos. I'm a Fly boot lover to... but I hope yours don't leak like mine! The new style have moulded soles so are hopefully waterproof .... I have yet to test drive my latest pair but I really hope so. Oh and Jo the hater should really keep her negativity to herself. Who doesn't love a hard earned treat?!
Thanks for all your inspiration Lucy. X


Good for you Lucy! Negative comments are not useful and I think 'Jo' needs to bring happiness into her life instead of transmitting unhappiness elsewhere. I have read this same comment earlier on. Jo obvioulsy wants a reaction and it is so not worth it. Enjoy your 'journey' on this planet and make the most of the joyful ride. There is so much unhappiness as it is and you have brought much pleasure to thousands, so you have accomplished more than you know. Good on you and I wish you all the best! Claire South Africa.

Sharon Braxton

I love your red boots! I love anything red or purple these days. And I love the glimpses of your poncho. Can't wait to see it fully. I've really enjoyed your last few posts on color. So bright and happy.



The cobblestones are very cool. We don't have many things that are that old and have such character. My house is considered old because it was built in the late 1800's and has horse and lath plaster. Love the red boots - as silly as it may be, a fun pair of shoes that you love really makes the day!


The Cashmerino looks yummy! Your poncho is fabulous and your boots are amazing! Your personality; pure sunshine :)

Andrina T

Oooh that yarn looks yummy and soooft. I do love your hundred year old cobblestone. My concrete is covered with red Alabama clay and is such a mess, and the rainy winter is causing mold in my drafty windows. :( I need a happy poncho and smiley boots!


I want those boots!!!!!!!! So cute. I can hardly wait to see the TaDah! poncho reveal!


Love the boots what a treat!
Thanks for the lovely burst of colour ..just what I needed on an icy day.... Thank you

Michele Boucher-Hines

Hello from the US - have been watching your blog closely in anticipation of your Bower Bird pattern, and I noticed that you mention quite often winding your yarn. Would you mind mentioning in one of your upcoming blogs the reason you use the yarn winder to rewind the yarn from the original skein.

BTW - love the boots! Definitely brightens up the day.


Those boots look super cosy. I would love to see a photo of up-cycled coat + red boots + woolly poncho :)


Lucy, I read your blog often, but don't tend to comment.

I'm not into crochet myself, but love your use of colour and the beautiful things you make always make me smile. I just want to say that I cannot wait to see your poncho, as it looks utterly amazing and your red boots divine! Enjoy.... and many happy walks in them along the beautiful canal you always photograph. with love xxxx

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