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February 05, 2014


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Your blog makes my days really happy and colorful. Thanks :)


Hi Lucy, since we are not going to run into eachother soon (i live in the Netherlands), i have ordered myself a similair pair of boots. They are really nice. Thanks for sharing. I love to read your blog! Regards, Sandra


I love red - and I LOVE your new boots!! :-)


I wholeheartedly agree with the comment by Lauren too.

The people on here who are saying unkind things to another commenter because they didn't like what that commenter said to Lucy should realise that they themselves are guilty of being unkind to someone.

I'm sure that Lucy and anyone else who writes a blog knows and accepts that there may be people who write comments they aren't going to like, it's a fact of life that not everyone has the same outlook on life. A blogger needs to know that if they put anything of themselves on the internet they are doing so with the knowledge that someone may make a comment that offends them.

In my opinion I think that anyone who
takes the opportunity to say nasty things to the commenter should look to put their own house in order.

Kindness costs nothing.


To LAUREN who posted a comment on Feb 6th at 2.21pm.

I don't usually comment on blogs but I just had to reply to your comment Lauren. This is the kindest and most heart warming comment I've ever read.

Your sympathy for someone possibly troubled and your sensitive way of voicing that sympathy brought tears to my eyes, I do hope that "Jo" reads your comment.

If you had a blog of your own I would have visited it to make this comment but I hope you return here to read this.

On behalf of Jo and other troubled souls in this sometimes insensitive and unkind world I thank you.

You are the kind of person I strive to be.


I bought red boots this week too!!

Jeanette Whitson

Did you use a pattern or just make it up? I love it!!!!!

Janeen Leith

Hi Lucy. I'd like to get in contact with you about getting your permission to use three of your photos in my PhD thesis. Have you got an email address? Or can you mail me: [email protected]

Your blog and crocheting has kept me sane during 5 tough years of study, and three of your pictures actually helped me become a writer believe it or not. They and you deserve a place AND CREDIT in my thesis. Thanks in anticipation ;-) Janeen

Jess Bryan

Wow, i cant believe such a rude person is commenting on your blog! Show off those new boots Lucy! I know i would, they are lovely! :) And i am just loving the poncho, so SO pretty!! Thinking about starting a 'Project Poncho' myself but far too many things going on this month, soon though :)

Lizy Tish

So much to comment on! Your yarn colors are wonderful - love Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn (so wonderfully soft and nice to work with). Can't WAIT to see the poncho. And those boots are so cute. AND I love the cobblestones - you live in such a charming place!

Jo B

Love the boots. Those bad boys are crying out for some groovy crochet boot cuffs!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

That basket full of yarn certainly is a very happy sight indeed. As are the lovely poncho snippets - looking so wonderful! Please stop sending Lucy rain, naughty weather - we want more photos!! ;)

S x

Jo Navin

Hi Lucy, thank you so much for another wonderful, colourful post :-) You really have made me more confident about both wearing colour, and using it in my home. I agree with Christine65 that boot cuffs to match your lovely restyled coat would be amaaaazing. I can't wait for the rain to stop so that we can see your poncho and boots in their full glory :-) Thank you as always for sharing your happiness and making us all smile! Good luck with your workshop on Saturday, I'm sure it'll be fab. Jo Navin xxx


Hi Lucy...
I'm a silent admirer of your blog. I have been following this space for quiet some time now. I am new to crochet. I had a question. Is it ok to crochet for babies from Acrylic yarn? Specially here in India its not cold all the time. Just for 2-3 months.
Hope to hear from you..
Greetings from India..


hi miss lucy! i wish i could take your workshop!


Lucy, all those colors are so vibrant! Just what's good to see in these early February days. I am going to have a look at some of my favorite yarn sources over here in the States to find out if the Rico Essentials line is available. Cashmerino is a yarn I definitely enjoy using.

I've got a NYC pal, who's a Brit, who's a big fan of anything by Fly London. Comfort and style...a great combo.

Best wishes. xo


Lucy I LOVE YOUR BOOTS too! I love receiving gifts from myself through the post. Something about it is so old fashioned and comforting especially when it is soooo useful and imaginative, not to mention that it's exactly what you wanted! I would like to stand next to you in your new poncho and red boots to feel your HAPPY ENERGY AND BRIGHT STRONG AURA.XOX PS.I feel sorry for Jo, something VERY horrible must have happened in her life to have made her so jealous and unhappy. Maybe she needs to learn how to crochet!!!!

Kim W

Dear Lucy!
Total red boot envy and if I get any more yarn envy I shall just paint myself green and be done with it. Squee! i just love your use of color! I come to your blog and just soak up all the color and loveliness, which are made all the more special because you have also shared when things are not so lovely in your world. I also adore your photos, between you and Bunny Mummy I have a hankering to travel back to Britain. Please continue to blog and photo and yarn!
Are you planning a Yarndale project like the one with the triangles?
p.s. I wish I had the kind of courage it takes to wear colorful boots -- I am a basic black and brown girl.


Thanks Lucy for today's posting. I love the fact that you create, design and handmade everything you show us! That is an exceptional accomplishment.
Every time I read your posts you make me smile. How wonderful you have that ability! THANKYOU.


Thanks for sharing Lucy, I love reading your colourful blog and look forward to new posts!


Oh happy days! New boots, new wool, new poncho! So looking forward to the big reveal of your lovely poncho, the colours (as always) are just LoVElY.
Jones x


Hi love reading the blog as usual! Quick question to you/anyone! The gadget for winding wool I've seen and swifts but is there anything to hold wool while you knit/crochet? Or do you keep have stop like I do and unwind metres at a time? I presume swifts do this if you are using skiens but it drives me crazy!


Lucy I never usually comment on your blog, but I do follow it and find your warm personality and crochet both very appealing. I am moved to comment because I felt very shocked when I read the comment by 'Jo'. There is really no need for that kind of criticism and spite. The world can be a cold and unloving place at times, and rather than spread misery in the blogsphere, surely we should be SHARING THE LOVE, and supporting each other. Don't take any notice of this person. Carry on doing what you're doing, and take no notice of Mischief Makers.


Actually I agree with Maria's post above. I mean really I do. Jo possibly really is having a very bad time right now and that actually can explain and even excuse rudeness. Happy people do not spike other people's joy. So yes really we *should* have compassion. Sometimes life is very hard for people in ways we can barely imagine. And some people can seem to have a surfeit of love and affection and validation while others none at all, which is very sad and unfair and leads to desolate thoughts and striking out against others. I wish you well, Jo and hope for better times ahead.

None of which is Lucy's fault of course, but I think Jo is probably the unhappier person by far. Telling her how horrible she is, will be of no benefit to anyone and is actually unkind to a person who possibly doesn't feel very much cared for. Compassion is not to condemn. There is obviously much support for Lucy, so much so that the heart-felt good wishes, must surely count for far more than the one person who does not leave them and says things we can all easily know not to be true?


Dear Lucy, I discovered your blog over Christmas and your enthusiasm for seeing the beauty and the positive in all the different aspects of your life is a real inspiration. I went back and have read your blog from the start and I think you probably feel a bit embarrassed when people say you are an inspiration, but you are. The other thing that is clear from reading your blog is that you are not someone who spends huge amounts on clothes and fashion (and it is such a relief to find someone else who feels that way!), and that you know exactly what it is like to manage a growing family on one income. Please don't let ill-thought out comments from someone who can't have read your blog much upset you. So many other people love the way you share your pleasures, big and small,with us, and the way you see things. You have taken pleasure in sharing your ideas and patterns with us for free,and that generosity of spirit simply proves that you are not in the least mercenary. Sorry this is a long comment, but I know how distressing negative comments from unknown people can be, however unjustified they are, and I hope you won't let it distress you too much.

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