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January 25, 2014


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Aldi in England? I thought they were only in the states. Next it will be Trader Joes.....a sister store... with loads of yummy natural and organic food!!


As I scrolled down through your colourful pictures, I had to back track. The lemon chicken with dumplings recipe certainly caught my eye. That's one for me to try, I think.
Your home does look so bright and cheerful!


Oooooh, can I pop in for tea on Wednesday? ;) Sounds delicious. There must be something wrong with my OH - he hates going to Aldi! But he is a creature of habit and gets upset when they rearrange things or change the packaging even in our usual supermarket....

I just made a blanket in a pattern that I thought you might like - it is called Blackberry Salad by Tamara Kelly and it would look great in "your" colours! It's a free pattern on Ravelry.


Thank you so much for the recipe book links, Lucy -- I was planning to ask.
It's sunny and cold here. Stay warm at home!


It was gloriously sunny here Saturday morning, then the rain set in! As I write this Sunday morning it's gloomy dark and rainy but after reading your happy post I see how lovely it is to just stay in and play! I love your cosy sofa with all those gorgeous blankets, no wonder it's your cuddle place!
Jess xx


I love our slow cooker at the moment - so much easier in the evening to walk in to something already cooked. With my two girls ever expanding their after school activities, it's becoming a life saver!


I too love the kind of days when you have lots of excuses not to go out and just potter and be cosy. Lovely! x


I have found your blog by chance but that was the best shat could ever happen. The tranquility I've found here is what I needed.I was looking for some crochet inspiration but I found how to celebrate a Saturday morning...Thx and lot of good weather for you!


My oh-so-handy hubby is fitting a new Thermofan oven and ceramic hob for me this weekend, and my very first bake is going to be your bread recipe Lucy!
Gorgeous mid summer weather here in SA, hot with late afternoon thunderstorms to cool the air for the evenings ... by the way .. the sparkles on the Coke bottle are interesting? Could be very pretty!

Jools Morgan-Jones

Sounds like a lovely morning - I was working until lunchtime, then nipped in to our local Aldi on the way to see friends......I can quite understand J's liking for it, I enjoy pottering round in there too, and they sell yarn from time to time as well :) Loving the bread pictures, they make me hungry! xx

Tina H

Hi Lucy, love your wreath. thought you might find this link interesting http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/a-colourful-yarn-20140121-316ka.html. A couple of Aussie women crocheting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Inspirational.. Tina (The Rogue Sparrow Blogspot)

Janette Surtees

Lovely post Lucy! Here in Somerset it is very very wet. Feeling for my other county residents who are flooded out. Trying some tapestry crochet out at the moment, but it's very time consuming and slow. Any tips would be welcome, J


I have some lovely hooky friends on Facebook who are from the UK and have found some wonderful self-striping yarn at Aldi/Lidl lately. Their projects have been drool-worthy.


I'm trying to think what happened to my Saturday, why it wasn't as cozy and blissful as yours. We did have the yucky weather.

Oh! That's right! I was out in it, doing the grocery shopping, lugging the bags in, putting away… I wish I could follow your example and assign that chore to the hubby, but I don't think it would work out. I once sent the man out for a tin of baking powder. He returned with a five pound bag of flour!

Need I say more?

Jen Keast

Dear Lucy your blog is fabulous and inspirational. I also love to read the comments posted and sometimes I would love to comment on their comments or 'like' their comments. Is there a way to incorporate that into the comments feed?


Getting into the habit of menu planning has to be the best thing for de-stressing that I ever did. Not only does it stop the 5p.m. "What's for dinner?" headache but it means I can put together a week's shopping list which makes the shopping so much quicker and means less food wastage. I try to plan for a month's meals which I then just tweak along the way and repeat without it feeling repetitious. This year I want to make a Summmer, Winter,Autumn and Spring plan which hopefully will mean it only has to be done once and will ensure seasonal variety.


I have had my crockpot (slow cooker)since I was
20, I am now almost 57 and love it ☺ My partner loves Aldi too lol

Winwick Mum

I love Aldi! Best Brie and smoked salmon anywhere! We love Saturdays too - our "day off". We spent ours in Chester today and it was a bit wild and windy there too so we'd probably have been better off at home in our pyjamas! xx

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy two of my brothers in law are big fans of Aldi. Now so am I.
Seed packets and plants do it yourself stuff etc etc. And food!
Weather here thunder hailstones wind and very dark! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.xx


Sounds like my kind of day when the weather is bad. Have you tried the Aldi Prosecco yet? Liz xx


I love lazy weekend mornings too. And your shiny coke bottle is amazing...it's sooo sparkly!


Lovely. Your other half sounds like a gem. And a rainy morning at home with the little people sounds blissful. The weather here is supposed to be dreadful tomorrow - driving horizontal rain and really strong winds. Unfortunately I'll no doubt be standing out in it watching football. I'll be thinking of you in your cosy home, pottering around all warm and dry!


Just love to read your posts on a saturday evening, laying in my bed... Despite the fact that here in Brazil we have the highest temperatures ever this summer! I'm planning to do some crochet and drawing... :)


Chilled Saturday mornings are the best, particularly as the weather has been particular atrocious this today! We popped out the supermarket and on our way back found a tree which had been blown down across the road!

Teresa Kasner

That's great that your spouse has taken over that duty! My guy will shop for me too, it's so nice. Enjoy your cozy weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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