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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 25, 2014


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Like the cola bottle :-)


Love your bread recipe, fantastic!!

Fuego Azul

How fun! I need to find me a hyacinth! I love watching them bloom and their scent is truly sublime. Enjoy your lovely weekends! :)


My husband has the same weird and wonderful liking for Aldi!


Aldi is fab isn't it? I hate going to big supermarkets will all their fake 3 for 2 offers which make you buy more bread than you could possibly eat ;-) Aldi often has crafty things, the wool isn't that great but there are books and other things so don't let him go alone every week :D


Hi, Lucy!
It is so wonderful to see your blog after long!
I was missing your posts and pictures... I even saw a dream about you :) Hehe
I am so glad you are doing great and having more and more bright and interesting things in your life :) Blessings and hugs!

Rachel Heard

Thank you Lucy, for all your time, commitment, enthusiasm and fabulous creativity shared with us all on Attic24. I am going to conquer Crochet this year, 2014 is THE year!! I look at your blog each day for inspiration, ideas, tips and patterns.

Are there any pointers that you can give to me as I begin my exciting journey? I can knit and sew already. I make jewellery, bake and have looked after my amazing family for 32 years. So, I can doooo! Just would love to Crochet toooo!

Hope to hear from you, when you have a spare moment,

Big love

Rachel x


Cute pictures!


Cristal @ Dapple Design

Hello, I'm clicking over from another blog and have enjoyed the little peak into your life. Saturday mornings really are wonderful; yours sounds very familiar. We have a tradition of making pancakes and tend to spend lots of time on the floor with books and pillows and Little Miss climbing all over us. Wonderful.

Your Bower Bird is lovely. I'll probably give it a try when you find time to post the pattern.


Your flowers look lovely Lucy. I am very impressed with your weekly food schedule. When my kids were little I had a 'card system'. I would write down a week's list of meals we were intending to have for the week, then on the back of the card I would list all the ingredients needed for the week. Then it was just a simple matter of looking up the cards and taking one up to the grocer's to collect everything needed for the week. It was a great system. These days the kids don't live with us any more so it's rather a "freestyle" kind of eating pattern which can be rather irritating, fattening and boring if you have your mind on other more rewarding projects like crochet!


Ahhhhh girl after my own heart! Love Saturdays and even more so now since I have been working. Now if only I could get husband to go do the shopping..... hmmm.....

Brenda B.

Your lovely pictures with all the beautiful colors, always bring me such joy! Thanks for sharing with us Lucy! Blessings..

Lynn B

Hi Lucy,
I found your blog a few weeks ago and I am so chuffed I did! I only started crocheting before Christmas and I needed lots of tutorials, which, I am glad to say I found on your blog.
I love seeing all of your gorgeous creations they are a real inspiration to me.
Whilst looking at your photos I realised you are not far from me as I visit quite regularly to your town!

Best wishes and happy hooking!
Lynn B


Seeing the crochet wreath in your post inspired me to tell you about my daughters wedding to be held in Nov. She is having crochet wreaths as part of her décor, crochet posies and crochet button holes for the children. Exciting times...


The weather has been bad here today. I love staying in and watching a film on days like this!


Jenny Redman

Hi Lucy, had to giggle at your reference to your husband taking a liking to Aldi! We have had a local Aldi here (Queensland Australia) for a while and my husband usually insists on coming with me to do the groceries. Once we get inside he usually whisks off to 'check out the specials', may be found texting a mate about the tools on sale for the week and we (neighbours included) have a stash of hand tools, power tools and gardening gear from Aldi. Good fun!
Loving the peek into your colourful and cosy world-as always. Making 'your' bread again this morning! Yum!


I share J's affinity with Aldi. It's been a revelation to me, since a local store opened. I cook a piece of ham and it feeds 3 of us for 3 days (all for under a fiver). The 3rd day is always a favourite with homemade pasties! Slow cooked beef brisket is also brilliant and makes hundreds of pasties for freezing (almost hundreds)! Their fruit & veg are amazing value. We're saving so much. Lemony chicken looks yummy - must try it!


We have Aldi here, in Illinois, USA, too, and love it! Great prices, and some fun foods, too. With the bitter cold weather we've been having, staying in a cozy house sounds wonderful!

Lizy Tish

What wonderful pictures of a lovely Saturday morning staying in, out of the yucky weather. Love those Saturdays.


Aldi is good. My hubs loves it , too. Sorry they closed it down in Greece. Anyhoo, love your posts and photos! Have a lovely week.

Ada Bea

That's one good thing about the cold wet weather.....forces you indoors doing cosy things, now that's cant be bad can it! I've spent the morning crocheting away and the afternoon reading and a little snoozing too! :) x


It's snowing for the first time this year hear in North Greece and the wind is freezing all over the place. It's the ideal weather for staying home with a hot cup of cocoa, knitting or crocheting... By the way I love your blog and your creations!

Anne Marie

Awful here too. My boys (both big ones!!!) have gone off to Wolverhampton to Tough Guys race. Not that my son is competing, he's taking photos, won awards last time. Husband has taken him. It ought to have been me but husband offered to go as the weather was dire.

I also love our local Aldi, 2 miles away. I cycle there when weather fine. Love the deli and love that the staff know you. Such good value.

Can you tell your readers that Aldi are selling (hopefully some still left), cast iron pots (a la le Creuset) with cream interior, in a lovely purple, at £21. so much cheaper than the real thing. There is a big flat one, no good for bread but a smaller, taller one.)

Love your comfortable sofa with all its blankets.


I visit your site at least twice a week for the cheery colors and reminders of the joys of simple pleasures - and for crochet inspiration. I love your colors as well as your outdoor photos. It is 12 degrees F where I sit and type, with a much more imposing windchill. Your pictures remind that our Spring season of daffodils and tulips(late April!) is not too far away!


Oh how I wish that my beloved would do the weekly shop for me - we shop in Aldi too but for me the novelty has definately worn off!! Your home looks warm and inviting.

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