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January 09, 2014


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They are always exciting aren't they? So full of promise. I love that little hen. Jo x


Very nice, perfect antidote to the January grey!
Hugs Crissi


It's always nice to see the first shoots of spring, your daffodils looks so jolly.

Lynda M Otvos

We are on the way to longer days aren't we ?~! Despite a bout of tummy, I have noticed the warming trend and the new shoots outside in my garden. There are blooms already on my Gala apple tree !~!


Oh, I love the first sign of spring bulbs, especially daffodils, as it's usually still cold and grey when we first start seeing their pop of yellow colour ~ just when we really need to believe that the weather actually is going to get warmer!


There is nothing like having flowering plants during the winter months...they do brighten up even the most grey skies :0)

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy.. I love your spring-y shoots! I did a post on some fun potted bulbs, the narcissus bloomed the very first night! Hop over and see if you get a spare moment. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


AAHHH!I could just do with a whiff of lovely hyacinth now. I love the striped bowl. Happy New Year Lucy. Thanks for all the Joy you spread:)

Angela-Southern USA

Yes! Happy mid winter! Daffodils (we also call them buttercups) a favorite of mine, such a happy flower. I even notice some on the south side of our house peeking through the dirt, already. Spring is closer everyday!

Janet Marchant

Loved your article in Simply Crochet. May you go from strength to strength.


Lucy! I have just read your 1st article for Simply Crochet! A wonderful read, congratulations! Colour IS wonderful and full of all things happy especially 'living colour'. As per your article anticipation of the finished product is well worth all the organization, care and attention to detail! Good luck with all your happy little blooms, just in time for a visit from a certain famous little bunny bearing gifts of yumminess I'm sure! Jenny, Australia.


Lovely Lucy, a cheery place it is ☺
Here is mid summer and the heat is coming big time, not looking forward to that lol

Ann Snell

Lovely and colourful. i like the picture behind your pots of narcissi, where is from/or by who?!

Sigi G

Yes, I find I last till February and then my house fills up with bulbs of spring flowers. We often have snow till April - so I need 'color' by then!!


Just picked pussy willow on my walk today, can almost smell the spring if it were notfor the rain!!! Lovely Lucy, pop over and see me if you have the chance, would love to have you over! http://eclectichomelife.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/british-weather-food-and-crocheting.html

Caroline Partridge

Oh, spring bulbs are just fabulous at this time of year and such good value when you think how long they last and can go on giving year after year if you can/want to keep them. I am wondering where you got the daffs from,I looked today whilst at the supermarket and really wanted to find daffs but no joy! If you want to see some Amaryllis bulbs in flower , feel free to take a little peep at a new FB page I have just created (Little Green Shoots) and I plan to post as regularly as I can.

Daisy Jones

I love looking forward to the new season now that december is behind us...your stripey bowl is scrummy....
bestest daisy j x

Chel C

Thank you for a touch of spring Lucy. I found some hyacinths in my greenhouse and brought them in and they are already popping through. A piece of sunshine on the bleak days.

Amy at love made my home

Lots of lovely shoots of colour for sure! xx


Lovely photos as usual, looking forward to Spring. I like your unique pot holders, I know what I'll be doing tomorrow evening - creating colourful pot holders. x


It's hard to believe it's ever dark and gloomy at your beautiful house. You make the light shine from within with your wonderful colours. I noticed some light in the sky at 5pm tonight, the season is tipping, slowly, slowly.


Mmmmm...a lovely hearty dollop of colour and what a nice surprise to see my little crochet house on your mantlepiece!
Be careful with your new found bread discovery it's addictive! I've been making my own bread for over a year now and even wonderful man takes his turn making it. We make it the old fashioned way by hand. There is no turning back now, nothing tastes the same and better still we know exactly what we are eating. Keep up the good work Lucy it really is worth it.

Ada Bea

I'm so looking forward to spring, those lighter evenings! Lovely pots, enjoy! :) x

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy I also bought some pots of snowdrops to brighten up the sill the kitchen! Am setting up the bread recipe before going to bed this evening
and will bake it tomorrow afternoon in time for the start of the weekend!
Have a good weekend. x

Rachael Iddon

Happy Midwinter indeed. I have really noticed the increasing light levels. I had to pick my son up at 4.35 tonight and it wasn't dark (well, not completely). I've got one of the no-knead breads on the go today. Hopefully it'll be eaten tomorrow. The breadmaker is a lot easier though :-)

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