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January 22, 2014


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Jo Navin

Yarndale 2014! I'm beyond excited and v grateful to you and your fellow Yarndalers for organising the event again for 2014, it was a real highlight of 2013 for me :-) I'm also voting for mini pompoms by the way. Thank you to Angela for putting up the link to the mini pompoms tutorial, I think it may be life changing, the possibilities are endless-pompoms on everything! I think your artwork for your studio dates is great, I would love to know where you got the multi coloured ric rac on the right hand side of the picture? I have the wanties :-) Can't wait to see your heart project in the next simply crochet magazine. Jo xx


Fabulous news that you are getting to grips with Yarndale 2014 advertising soon. I did a bit of blog housekeeping myself the other night and removed the "I'm going to yarndale 2013" icon.... it looks a bit naked without it.....but there's a big space for "I'm going to Yarndale 2014" ready and waiting!!!!!!!!

PS Fringe and Pompoms?

Sigi G

Love your pictures and the coziness of them. I love rainy days - as weird as that sounds, and sew best or embroider on those days. Soon my house will fill with potted Tulips and other spring flowers just as you have - as by February I'm REALLY tired of Winter.
Your beautiful yarn creations are a real inspiration - maybe someday I'll use my crochet hook to crochet again instead of just to get the corners of my quilts nice and pointy.


Hi Lucy, pleased to see dates for Yarndale 2014 looking forward to visiting again this year. Maybe plan to stay over and make a longer break of it. Will the triangle crochet bunting be coming out again it was an amazing site.


Very busy but creative days for you!
Good luck with your studioblog!


A pom pom edge would be lovely, like your lamp! Thank you for the bread recipe, I've had great success with it.


Ha! Me too with the bread - you have me hooked! Staying with my parents this week and on arrival immediately went to get flour and yeast to introduce them to the delights of Attic24 artisan bread! 2 loaves in the oven as I write...yum! Not too good for the waistline though!!
Love the post today - you sound very busy - how lucky you are to have such a wonderful job - though prob more down to your hard work than luck! Looking forward to seeing the poncho edging. I'm doing a mystery crochet-along shawl/wrap (Rose City Yarn Crawl mystery CAL on Ravelry if anyone's interested) - great fun but wish the clues would come more often than one a week!

Tanya Miller

Lovely blog post as usual Lucy. And that poncho is gorgeous.


My hubby & I are holidaying in the Uk this year. Unknown to hubby I steered our dates to September in hope that Yarndale would be on....super dooper excited now! Been following your beautiful blog for a few years now. Lots of love from Australia xx

Jane Whalley

Simple pleasures Lucy that you are able to enjoy, how lovely and most certainly precious times to cherish. I can't wait for your workshop on the 8 February and am dancing a little jig thinking about it now - please don't be nervous about it, I'm sure everything will be okay - how can it not - lovely crochet, cosy studio, good coffee and chatter - perfect. Looking forward to meeting you then. Oh btw I purchased the wool pack from wool warehouse and am currently on colour 14 of the granny stripe blanket and like you am enjoying it sooooo much - it is lovely wool to crochet with and you can get into quite a rhythm with it. I noticed that all the wool packs have now sold out!! Go Lucy!!

Annette My Rose Valley

You are so busy girl. But when you do what you love it is pure bliss. Congratulations to your first column in Simply Crochet. I received my copy a couple of days ago but it was yesterday I first got the chance to flick it through. Blanket on high level. It was a lovely spread. Be proud!

My Rose Valley


You have been a very busy bee then! Packing so much into just a few days. Love the picture of Little B sleeping under all those beautiful crochet blankets ~ I remember afternoon naps were rare in our house too. Looking forward to seeing what you are going to do with all those pom poms. Enjoy your weekend :O)xx

Taciana Simmons

Hi Lucy, I was so happy to find the magazine here in the US. I felt so excited to open it and see you... I know it's silly, but I felt like I was getting a magazine with an article written by somebody that I know personally ( I know that I have said that before and I don't really " know" you but this blog world makes as feel closer to people we have never met than I ever thought it would have).
I really admire your work and your way of looking and going about life through colors.
Can't wait till your next issue is out. Congratulations Lucy!

Lynda M Otvos

Yes, I agree about tassels. I remember tassels on my poncho that I wore in junior high school in the late Sixties in Pennsylvania where spring and autumn offer opportunities to wear such nice garb. Yarndale 2014 promises to be another excellent extravaganza and I love that it excites you so. Looking forward to seeing all the preparations as the months pass. Thanks for sharing so freely with us your patterns and your ideas.


Yippee .. a date for Yarndale!!! I am in South Africa, and somehow I need to make my trip to visit my son in the UK happen and perhaps wonderfully coincide with a trip to your amazing Wooly Wonderland Weekend!!! Pat @ Sunshine and a sewing basket xxxxxx


Ahhh just popped in to comments to suggest pom poms for your poncho and I've been bet to it! I add a vote for pom poms! (Hi! I haven't commented before but love your blog :-))

Anne H

Hi Lucy
I want to thank you for the wonderful influence you have on my life. Not only have you brought more colour into it and taught me to crochet but I think you have made me a better mother. I have a little girl who is five in March (Five, oh my where did my little baby go!) anyway, I have learned to make time to give her all my attention and for us to play together or make art and craft things (sock puppets and Hama beads this week so far). I would always do things with her but have an agenda of things to do once she had got started but now, I too have glitter creations, sock puppets and pom pom toys to my name. xx


Yes, good idea to nix the tassles. And no fringe either. But I know you will come up with some other wonderful edging! I think I might try making one of these too. I'm getting inspired! :)


Such lovely busy days you are having! Beautiful beautiful things happening! Hope your weather improves soon!

- J

Teresa Kasner

Hello from Oregon, USA! I'm glad you're feeling well-organized, good for you. It's exciting that you're doing Yarndale again. I only wish it wasn't so far away from me as I'd love to attend. I'll have to enjoy it from afar another year. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jen Y

I LOVE the image you made for your blog - you did a beautiful job!


A pot of hyacinths-that must be a strong English tradition. I was watching "Call the Midwife" recently and I was wondering what was in the bowl wrapped in hessian that one of the sisters was very careful to take when they had to evacuate the building. As an Australian I had no idea what was so important about this pot of, well, nothing! And then all was revealed on one of your earlier posts. They must be something very special to have remained such an important part of your Winter :) I totally understand the draw to photograph a sleeping Little B- one of my 3 boys was a very active toddler and he is the one that has all the daytime sleep photos (on the floor, in the tent, with a book resting open over his body)- sweet... Your real blog template is lovely.


Sounds like your life is full, but wonderful at the moment. I love the smell of hyacinths also, though it is too early for them here, even in the house. Baking fresh bread is a wonderful activity and routine to introduce your children too.

peggy white

Hi Lucy,
Love love love your blog and the inspiration...woo hoo!!! Your yarn colors are amazing - what is your favorite yarn to use when making all of your magic?

Carine Willemse

Where is Yarndale held? I'd love to go!
Lucy, you're clearly an inspiration to young and old.
Your photos always carry a load of positive energy - really lovely colours too!

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