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January 22, 2014


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Hooray! So very, very happy to hear that Yarndale 2014 is going to be happening :-)

My sister Thea & I had the best weekend ever last September and can't wait to come back again!


Well done for your brilliant article in Simply Crochet, I loved reading it. Always love perusing over your beautiful pictures in your blog posts :)


Your note pad idea is sooo much better than doing the whole thing digitally and is more true to you as well. It's just a simple but genius idea!

Dorothy Griffiths

As always Lucy a fabulous post thank you. Before my husband became ill we visited your part of the world so often as I have always loved it so much. I am determined to get over to Yarndale this year to revisit all the fabulous places I have loved over the years. Your blog brings them back home to me. Thanks for the bread recipe as it is fab. Have a great weekend Lucy, sending you hugs and cuddles


My copy of Simon crochet has already arrivier in austria too. What shall i say? I Love it!! Oh and there will be yarndale 2014 - thats Great. I would Love Love Love to come!!! But unfortunately i Start to work on Sept. 25 After two years maternity leave. So the Chance is relatively low that i make it.... We ll see!! And thanks for the Bread recipe - i will definately Try it ! I ll let You Know than how my Attempt turned out!!


Another truly inspiring post - thank you. The bread looks delicious. I will be trying some bread making myself after looking at that.


Very nice!

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Such a full and exciting life you have going on Lucy. I can't wait to see the new blog and I'm dying for that poncho reveal!! It's going to be soo gorgeous I know it!

S x

Jan Marie

I just want to say how much I enjoy your blog. I am a single mum of 4 dc one of which has special needs and I am just learning to crochet which I enjoy immensely. Your writing and stunning photos have the ability to cheer me up and make me realise there is a way forward in life
and to keep going. Thank you so much for this and also your chocolate chip recipe is gorgeous, we all loved them :)

Vikki Barnett

Hello Lucy! Love your colors and the view of your city, looks lovely! We could use some of your rain if you want to send it to the US :) Happy stitchery from Utah.

Jason Eden

The bread looks amazing. I will have to give it a go

Miriam van Wieringen

What a lovely column in Simply Crochet!
And your poncho/blanket to wear, is so simple but so effective!
Thank you for all the inspiration you give.


oh! I love your blog! You always inspire me.. thank you!

Fiona Scott

Made the artisan bread using your recipe but I did it wrong! I didn't have enough white flour so used rye and forgot to activate my yeast before mixing. It's a more dense loaf but still delicious, I'm really pleased! X

Heidi Cardenas

Love your blog and your colorful work! I posted your blog address on https://www.facebook.com/MundeleinKnitnCrochet for our knit & crochet group to see and get some inspiration!


How about hanging little pompoms all around the hem of the poncho?


Lucy: what do u think about this ones for the edge?

or this one?
with love from Argentina


Oh my goodness this iPhone has busily changed my words like homemade and hearty into nonsense. I'll leave you to guess at the sense behind the gabble and hang my head at lack of proof reading!!!


Funnily in also cooked chicken and lentils today, but with butternut and a homage chicken stock. It's a heart soup/stew.
Whenever we gave roast chicken I save the carcass with a little but if scraps of meat, pop it into my slow cooker (same as yours) cover with hot water, a quartered onion, skin on, several unpeeled chopped carrots, a bay leaf and 4-5 whole black peppercorns. Leave all on low for hours overnight. 14 this time. Then you can throw all away except your delicious stock, perfect for reducing down for soup, using in risotto and casseroles etc.
I'm not really sure how this snap! comment has turned into a recipe but we go!


I just can't wait to see that poncho all finished. It is utterly beautiful already. :)

Silly Little Sheep

I am putting Yarndale into my calendar!! I should be living in the UK permanently by then, so we might visit :) I's better start saving money for the yarns already :DDDD

I like the lentil in your curry picture, I have started eating so many more vegetarian meals since I discovered red lentil... it's wonderful!

Laura Vaglienti

Via Santuario d'Oropa 553 bis

Jo Navin

Hi Lucy, I was just looking at the Mrs Moon website (yummy yarns!) they have a gorgeous scarf pattern (in the crochet projects section) and the edging is so pretty, it's similar to the one that Angela suggested but with longer chains to make it a bit more "dangley" (?!?) The pattern is called Richmond and I thought you might like it :-) Your poncho is gorgeous, can't wait to see the Ta-dah and to make one for myself. Xx


Truely gorgeous pictures. I too have been making pompoms - my youngest son loves to play with them.


I have read your post twice and repeatedly at you pictures. What a beautiful town, I love mine to pieces even though it is not nearly as picturesque as yours, so I understand the devotion. You have also encouraged me to pick my hooks back up as i have been behind my machine for 2 years. thanks for the post!

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