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January 08, 2014


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I am now baking this bread everyday as it's sooo easy and delicious. It only lasts the day as everyone just gobbles it up. Thanks so much for the recipe:-)

Purple princess

So. I have done the salt, yeast and flour mix. Under the influence of wine and gin. Wonder how this turns out tomorrow...


Thank-you for turning me on to this bread. Your blog was the first place I heard of it and I LOVE it! Can't stop making it. I'm so glad I found you.


So easy and not as messy as it sounded. Our bread was lovely!

Elena Andreou

Hi Lucy, I've followed you blog for years but have never had the guts to write a comment! Just want to say how wonderful everything is and how inspiring you and your projects are. Also a quick question, if you want to make a larger loaf, is iyt ok to double the ingredients? Much love Elena

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Thank you for posting this recipe, and the link to where you found it! I have made bread once before, and although it tasted delicious, it didn't look fabulous (which is fine, but you know… it's nice when it's pretty, too). Also, the recipe was easy, but the timing for it was tricky. And so I just never made it again. But then you posted this, and it just looked so easy! I made the dough Sunday and baked a loaf of bread yesterday, and it was fabulous!!! So last night I started more dough rising, and just popped it in the oven today! I can tell that this is going to be a very regular thing in our household, and I can't wait to start experimenting with different flavors. Thank you!


I've found that I can avoid most of the gloppy hands issue by disengaging the dough from the bowl and shaping it with a rubber spatula.


I just made my first batch of this bread this morning - it's gone already. It was gorgeous :-)


Oh my goodness. Looks fabulous, I must give this a try. Thanks for taking the time to write this up.


Just to add to my embarrassment, it doesn't look as if anyone else has failed with this recipe!


Mine tasted really nice but is more like a flatbread than the photographs. When I tipped it out of the bowl, it looked like a pizza base! It looked pretty much the same after it was cooked! I used the exact recipe and proved it for about 15 hours. I'd like to make it again but where could I have gone wrong?

I've been baking for many years so thought I'd find my way round this recipe! I was very annoyed with myself for failing!

Jenny Smith

This looks great Lucy, must try it. I will go searching for a suitable casserole to cook it in. Also, thank you for doing this wonderful blog, I love it. Your crochet patterns are inspiring, your home looks a real home - all nice and cosy and filled with love (and colour). Thanks again x


Yummy just made it this afternoon - so easy! My next batch will have a little more salt but its lovely thank you!!

Now to crack on with the autumn wreath I'm attempting being new to crochet!!

Rebecca, Northumberland


I just found this and made it yesterday afternoon and bakes it this morning. I live at a mile high and bread baking tends to be an exercise in frustration. Not on this one! I only reduced the yeast by about half and it made a perfect loaf.

Kathryn Payandeh

Have been trying to make Artisan bread for ages with various results.Just tried your recipe amazing worked first time.Just waiting for my loaf to cool so I can try it


Hi Lucy-had a go after seeing your notes and photos and have now made 2 loaves. They were wolfed down by my family. Like you I had a notion that making yeast bread was beyond me. Now delighted to have a great recipe. Thanks


I can see this has been a popular post for many people! I have been making bread using this method for about six years now, and have shared the method with family and friends. I would recommend using active dried yeast - the orange packets from Doves Farm are excellent - strong flour (a protein content of at least 12%) to make this bread, and to leave it at least two hours after the original mixing up time to prove. I have also found that once you shape it to bake (either into a hot casserole dish, or greased loaf pans) that it will need a second rise, to get the best texture. The book 'Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day' is a great reference, and the authors have a great website with tips and recipes too. If you bake a lot, you will know that the temperature, humidity and your height above sea level can all have effects on your own dough - experiment! You might have to add more or less water or flour to get a really good dough. You can also freeze the dough in plastic bags weighed into loaf quantities, and then defrost, shape, rise and bake. Enjoy!


Lucy, you have a bunch of fans in New Zealand where I live, and I look to your inspiration frequently. I love the way you write. It makes me so happy to see you have discovered the joys of this bread! Friends and I make it regularly. I also have made knead bread and breadmaker bread (a lot!) but there is something super special about this no-knead recipe isn't there? it's delicious.
Thank you so much for all you do.


I made two at the weekend! Why haven't I heard of this before? Didn't even get my hands in the dough; it's so sticky I used a spatula all the time. My husband loves it. So delicious.

Kelly Nordwall

Thank you for sharing this. I love making bread, too, and look forward to trying all of the different "flavors". Below is a link to another great and easy bread and I'm sure the orange peel and dark chocolate would be good in your recipe, too.


Have mercy! That is so delectable. I am imagining that wonderful, fresh-bread smell right now, getting a little teary eyed about it, too, to be honest. Yum and yum! :)


Thank you so much for this bread reciepe I have made my first loaf of bread and it was absolutely lovely xx


On a cold rainy morning here in Tuscany what better to do than give your bread a go. It looks like the photos so far..i.e. a sticky, claggy mess in a bowl. Leaving it by the fire 'till tomorrow morning. i dont have those fancy french cast iron pots. We use brown glazed terracotta pots with lids for slow cooking casseroles or lentils on the hob or in the oven. Hopefully they will stand up to the heat. Thanks for brightening up my day and keeping me in touch with the passing seasons back home. I love your blog.


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