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January 08, 2014


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Came across your post via Google. I been looking at various recipes regarding this bread. Yeast and me are not friends but I'm giving this a try. A bit late to the party but we shall see what it turns out like in the morning


that was perfect



I've baked this twice, using the exact ingredients given, once with strong flour with 20% spelt content and once with T55 French bread flour. I proved the dough for 12 hours then used a Le Creuset cast-iron casserole pot to bake the bread at 240 degrees (35 mins covered, 15mins uncovered) On both occasions, the crust was beautifully crunchy and delicious. The mixture was well aerated with large-ish holes, but I found the cooked dough rather damp and elastic. Next time, I will add 10% less water and possibly cook the bread for 10 minutes longer.


Great! I mixed it yesterday morning and baked it today. We had a great breakfast with fresh bread! Yummy!!


It's probably worth adding to this very motivational post that the time to leave the dough after mixing is apparently not just to allow it to rise (I suspect you'll be at ol' "double the volume" stage well before the 12 to 20 hours that Lucy advises!) but to allow the all important gluten develop. I'm told that this is particularly critical in no-knead recipes because it is the physical kneading in the traditional method the helps to do this. Hope this helps.


This worked like a dream for me - can't wait to crack it open tomorrow morning for a lazy Sunday morning fry-up!
In a fan oven up to 230, I could have done with only 10 mins with the lid off - I can't wait to try it again so I can tinker with timings for my oven.

Thank you so much for the detailed instructions, exceptionally helpful pictures and delightful delivery!


Greetings from Canada. I just found your website and so glad that I did. Everything on here makes me smile :) This bread looks amazing. I'm whipping up a batch this afternoon ready for tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Anna Beta

It worked!!! Thank you so much for the UK version of the recipe. Have made cranberry bread, cheese bread, and cinnamon/sugar swirl bread. Just waiting for my first wholemeal experiment to rise: 150g wholemeal, rest plain white, then 90g walnuts.

I am slicing the loaf when it is coolish (about 8 thick slices plus crusts), then freezing in ziplock bags. Defrosts beautifully. Also toasts well from defrosted.


yum! looks so delicious :) I will do tonight morning we have fresh bread and enjoy with my homemade strawberry jam I will every bite remember who the bread recipe came from. Thank you...

California Mom

You should try "No Knead Peasant Bread." It does not require any pre-heating of the pot so it's a lot less dangerous. It's delicious and can be made right in a pyrex bowl! There's a nice video that goes with it so it is incredibly easy to follow. It also only needs 1 and 1/2 hours to rise so you can put it together at 2 and have it with your soup at 6. :)

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com

I came over from link on Northern Mum Down South. I love making bread, and the no-knead-bread-in-a-pot is always a hit. But right now I'm on a sourdough kick. Have you tried that?

Sarah Werth

Thanks for this lovely recipe, just as easy as you describe. My crust came out rather hard though - any suggestions? I do have a fan-assisted oven, do I need to adjust the time/temp? Would really appreciate your advice! Thanks, Sarah


Oh dear! Mine is like a crumpet

Tastes nice but hasn't risen!
The baking paper went on fire! Something like Keystone Cops but at least I'm still smiling and another lot is proving! Not giving up! I have RA and I A and as my hands are disabled this is a great chance for me to enjoy my creativity.... Praise God for crochet, gardening, walking and the many things I refuse to give up on... Cheers


This bread is fabulous. Created by the owner of the famous Sullivan Street Bakery in NYC.
My DIL, makes it all the time and I just bought a cast iron pot.

Patent Lawyer

I'm gobsmacked at this, how did you not knead it and create such a yummy looking loaf of bread?! I salute you sir!


Thank you for this recipe - I've been driving myself demented trying to work out cup measurments to grams and mls and getting conflicting info - making this bread every day and my boys and hubby love it - delicious with roasted peppers and feta mixed in too !


Hi, I love this bread, but am struggling with the paper! It sticks to the bread when it bakes and I can't get it off. Tried using a strip of paper and thats just the same. I'm using greaseproof, but think this might be the prob. What is the UK product that I need to buy please?x


I'm finally giving this a go. The pot and lid r heating up and the dough is rising a second time. I sure hope this works -- I used half white flour and half whole wheat flour. Also used yeast labeled specially for whole grain. My fingers r crossed!


I AM anxious to give this a try! Any idea where I could find a conversion chart for your UK measures to American cups and teaspoons full? It looks soooo yummy!


I adored your breads so many times that I just ordered a pot to make my own. Hopefully the pot will be here sooooonn...

Take care,


I have a new habit. Every Saturday evening I prepare the dough, every Sunday morning I make this bread. I love being up at 7 knowing I have the kitchen to myself for a while, and our Sunday breakfast is delicious beyond words.

Thank you for sharing.

melinda tai

Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe.

Cara Bale

I've read about this recipe in several places, yours looks way better than most I've seen so I'm gonna do it, in fact I have half done it as its sitting doing its magical jiggerry pokery in the living room.
My dilemma is this, I don't own a lidded stone or glassware pot, when casseroling I use my slow cooker. Can I use a metal lidded oval roasting tin? Or do I have to try to balance one terracotta pan upside down on the bread filled one? Hmmmmm.

Clare - Penrith, Cumbria

Yay! Baked my bread this morning & now enjoying a slice with butter for lunch, yummy (thumbs up from my little one too)! Thank you for sharing such an excellent a recipe :-)

Anne R

Sounds fantastic, your talents know no bounds Lucy. Thanks for sharing

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