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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 27, 2014


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yarn it - I mean a great fan from Sweden... don't know if I'm thst great...


I found you - again!! hate when computer crash and I loose all my favourites! But now I found you...happy, happy, happy!! You have a great swedish fan :)

Slizzy Greensleeves

Love your blog and have been reading it/following for a while now. You usually deliver sooner or later, but I can imagine the hard work you put in to achieve the right results. We really appreciate it Lucy. I don't crochet (wish I could). One day I will get to one of your workshops. (If I am quick enough off the mark). I know the fill up very quickly. I love the cute little wooden house (24)that appears in your photos.

Jo Ellis

Just wanted to say that I am learning to crochet at the moment, I would love to come to a crochet class with you at some point. Please do some more, don't get bogged down by other peoples negativity - most people enjoy what you do. As for whether or not you charge people for what you do - I feel that this is entirely down to you, and what you feel happy with. Keep up your lovely blog xxxx


Thank you for planning to offer the sweet birdie for free. What a gift!

jess bryan

WOW, all the stuff you create is so amazing!! I really do love the blankets/cushions and now this cute little guy!
Im a keen crafter so currently have tons of ongoing projects, which i also blog about here - http://jessbryan22.wordpress.com/
:) take care, Jess x

Sam carling

I was sorry to read that some people had actually "attacked" you for not publishing the bower bird tutorial earlier - I love your blog Lucy anyone who has followed your blog for any length of time would know what a busy person you are in so many areas of your life I'm amazed that you manage to keep up with it all obviously it's not possible to please all of the people all of the time so blah! to those negative people who clearly need to get a life! Keep up the good work Lucy I'll keep visiting the Attic tutorials or no tutorials and long may you have the energy to continue with it all!!
Regards, Sandra

Irene McCarty

I can wait to see how you make the bird if you want to share how to make I like your tut they are really neat hi from El Paso, Tx


Lucy, I posted a comment yesterday asking you to think about charging for your patterns. i really think you should talk to someone about selling your patterns and marketing yourself properly. There is a creative revival going on and you have played a big part in it. Don't get left behind in the money making. You can market yourself properly and build a successful career out of this at your own pace and with you in the drivers seat. think of what you want to achieve and how much time you want to put into it. Set clear goals for yourself.
Don't waste time worrying that people won't be happy with changes and having to pay. You need to put your own needs first and that of your family. Find a way of balancing family and career now and in a few years time you will have more time for your studio, maybe get to write that book. You can't do everything at once. Have a plan for now and an idea of what you want from the future. You can do all of this and still be the Lucy at Attic 24 that we all know and love.
Talk to people like Stephanie who blogs as The Yarn Harlot. You have a unique style. Is Attic 24 copyrighted? What do people do with your free patterns? There is nothing to stop them selling them on or the products that they make from them.
Have a look at this... http://artwritebook.com/2013/09/30/the-maker-movement-cute-idea-or-alternative-to-patriarchal-capitalism/
It's from a blog written by a friend of a friend.
I feel that you are at a bit of a crossroads with all this. Just take some time out for yourself. We'll all be waiting. Have a good day!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

The bower bird is gorgeous and if you choose to share the pattern I suspect there will be a lot of bower birds hatching around the world! I'm going to have a little experiment just looking at the photos you've already posted as a guide - they are incredibly clear so actually anyone who is impatient to get started might find it better to direct their energies into a bit of experimental hooky than criticism or whinging. Of course the resulting birds won't be identical necessarily to yours but that's part of the point and part of happy hooky evolution. One of the really lovely things about Attic 24 in addition to the free tutorials (and yes, they are free becasue nobody is obliged to donate) is the inspiration of ideas and possibilities. I love your tutorials and learned to crochet through them but I love the inspiration and creative possibilities you trigger just as much. And for that and for all the practical how-tos you share, thank you so very much. E xx
PS Lucy isn't a pattern-merchant - she's an artist.

Alison Griffiths

I can only echo what everyone else has said. You are very generous, always, with your time and creation and it's a little sad if people have come to just expect that. The bower bird is gorgeous, just like all the other things of yours which I have made (I'm happily rippling in a sporadic manner, but I don't care because it's fun) and I will make it if and when there is a tutorial. BUT I don't feel entitled to have it just because you've always shared patterns in the past, and I understand you have an extremely busy life and tutorials take time. Photos, words, editing, checking, posting, phew! There should be no pressure from anyone else. So there is my two pennorth, I just wanted to ask, is the studio wheelchair accessible? I am guessing not. Take care.

Jan McCann

Please run another course soon, I've been looking for one in manchester but can't find one at a time I can make! I'd happily cross the Pennines for it!


Wow. Someone sure peed in Tracy's fruitloops eh?

Fuego Azul

Good for you on sticking true to yourself and your word! I love your Bower Bird and truly appreciate that you're making a tutorial for it! Know that my home will be adorned with these beautiful and magickal little ones when you do. :)

I wish I lived close enough to visit your studio! I'd definitely buy you a cup of coffee for all of your hard work. Love reading your blog as always!


Lucy, you are a GEM! You have changed my attitude this past year since I discovered your wonderful website. Your tutorials are so extremely helpful and I don't think I could ever have accomplished my projects without your beautiful photos.
I have made a ripple afghan, a patchwork bedspread with 160 colorful squares, a wreath, a hat, and garlands which I have gifted as coffee mats.
I live in Canada but my wish is to come to Yarndale this coming September to express my thanks in person.


Do you live in England. I'm from Canada. And planning a trip in June. Is weather nice by then?? We plan to go to Manchester. And north. Is there any nice wool shops up there? Or stitching stores. I love your blog. Could you make your poncho pattern into a afghan ?? Thanks for your help. Sandi.olson@shaw.ca
Any info or places to go and see would be very helpful. Thanks sanding
Ps if any of your readers can help. Would love to hear from anyone


My final take on this topic. I haven't seen anyone saying you should not sell your patterns. I think it is a perfectly legitimate and fine thing to do, but maybe do it upfront if you wish to be financially remunerated. It provides clarity and makes sense, rather than asking people to buy you a coffee if we use a tutorial, and then conversely saying the patterns are free. That is a very mixed message (to me). You are linking the two. Even making a voluntarily payment for a named sum for a particular pattern makes more sense. You say on the post that people have encouraged you to sell. People are happy to pay and from what I have read, are paying. I've seen no disapproval at the idea here either. No one I have read here says not to, including me. I just don't like the button at all. Just an opinion. If a blogger can have views (some negative) about their readers, then we can also have views too I think. If I used a pattern, then I would purchase it if the option was there. I have repeated myself for clarity. I am certainly not saying you should not sell.

Of course if you don't want to charge then don't, but then don't link the coffee payment to the patterns. I am just not seeing the 'free' that other people are as you do ask for money. Just my view, one out of many and not apparently mainstream. Is it less legitimate for that? The key for me is transparency and clarity.

I also haven't seen anyone say don't advertise your workshops on your blog. Again why not? They are your own work, so why not on your own blog, it makes sense.

Lynne Gill

Just two things, Lucy. Your designs are your property. A big smack on the wrist to those who rebuked you for considering selling the instructions,you have been incredibly generous with your time, effort, and designs. How dare they! and Secondly, why on earth shouldn't you highlight your studio workshops on your blog? It is part of what Attic 24 - and you - are all about. Pooh and phooey to the negative noodles, let 'em get on with it.

Anyway, nuff said, keep on keepin' on! Lx

Heather L.

You are so very kind and we will all look forward to the pattern and to buying you coffee. I think so many of us appreciate how you have kept Attic24 so personal and haven't turned it into a money-making empire. At the same time we do want you to be rewarded for your work! Thank you for continuing to inspire us with beauty and creativity! I have a purple hyacinth on my desk, just starting to bloom. Oh the scent is marvelous!

Myra Morris

Your work is beautiful - you have the wonderful gift of creativity.

I'm astounded and sad to read that some churlish people have accused you of not sharing your Bower Bird pattern and breaking a promise. What right do they have to demand - none at all!

Don't let them get you down. You must do exactly what is right for you. If the load is too heavy at the moment, lay it aside until things are easier. You have yourself and your family to consider before other less generous individuals.

Bless your heart for writing such inspirational blogs and taking the time to communicate with others and sharing your talent.

Kindest regards


I am visiting via Color My Decor.

I am in love with your home, your lifestyle, your creations.

I am adding you to my blogroll so I can see whenever you post something new.


Aww anyone who said that you deliberately kept it from the world is both mean and selfish. You have a busy life, 3 children, a home... Honestly, the moon on a stick is what some people want!

I think it's lovely that you plan to redo your tutorial and for free, but you wouldn't be wrong for selling it. You've come a long way since you started your blog and it's fantastic that you can make an earning from it, which is a decent and respectable (not to mention enviable!) thing x

Brenda Kula

I see you have a LOT of comments and might not get this, but I could not locate your email address. Just wanted you to know that I featured your blog on one of my blogs today. Here is the link:




You see people are saying it's been a long time waiting for the pattern.The people that have enquired have been called whingers, moaners etc on your blog and probably other names under your breath.I know you have removed the remarks from the original blog,but it does not alter the fact that those remarks were made and they are not nice.Just remember that those people interested in your blog have got you where you are today.


I'm sorry if I'm repeating any comments, but have you thought about building a lightbox to photograph your smaller projects in? They're simple and inexpensive to make and that way you don't have to worry about lighting. Just an idea! :0)

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