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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 27, 2014


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Thank you so much for the pattern of the Bower Bird. I just turned it into a PDF and it is 56 pages long!! I love all of your work and your photos from around your area.


Hi Lucy, love your bower bird and would love to make one,would you consider puttin it up as a PDF that we could buy? You are incredibly generous with your tutorials and I think it is high time you made some cash from all your hard work. Carol. Cape Town.

Joanne PJ

Hi Lucy, Please can I buy the PDF for the Bower Bird. It's very Beautiful and its so hard waiting
We can say coffee and a jam bun.
Hope to hear from you. Cheers Joanne

Marie Salamanca

Hi Lucy, just wanted to ask if the pattern is still in the plans for springtime release? pretty please? we are all so eager for it. xoxoxox

Marie Salamanca

Dear Lucy....wow just saw this post =) so glad that you will be sharing the bower bird pattern soon as it is spring there and you have sun. in nz it is gross winter with lots of rain. i am so eager to make your dear little beautiful birdie =) xoxoxo from nz


I can't wait! I'm making a wreath for my Mother in Law for Mother's day, and I so want two of these beauties perched on it!

Carol Derbis

Oh! Lucy,
Please DO share your beautiful pattern for your birds....
and wondering if you published pattern for the wreath? - though I can probably figure that out for myself....and think I can probably do it with the styrofoam-type wreath if I can't find the other. Appears you used just single crochet for wreath...which makes sense, as it would give good, solid base upon which to stitch the birds, flowers, etc. I have determined to make one for my own front door - and then, possibly one to give to a favorite charity to sell in their shop (which benefits just the charity - all volunteer staff, etc.)

Please send pattern for birds when available....can't wait to start....will start on wreath among other WIPs tomorrow...have 3 or 4 things going...so if I get 'bored' working on one thing, can easily move to another and bingo! before I know it, I have several projects completed!
Just stocked up on yarn today when local store had a great sale....so am rarin' to go!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!
God bless!

joan v hall

just a thought, could you adjust the existing 84 photos in Lightroom or Photoshop so they would be usable?


oh dear, your birds are as cute as a button. i totally fell in love with them.
I#M really in love with them AND with your whole blog. i love your colours and the way you show your works. Everything is so inspiring.


Hi, I just wanted to add that I too am waiting with baited breath for the birdie pattern and tute, or rather my 4 year old daughter is. And I wanted to say thank you. Your ripple blanket was the first crochet project I made! I needed something to sit with beside my darling baby's hospital bed while he was very ill and over the MONTHS as he grew stronger that blanket grew bigger, not only is it my first project but it was bathed in many tears both happy and sad and helped keep my sanity. Your projects are uplifting and joyous. I am have dabbled in flower wreath for my daughter but I know she will just love the birdie so I simply can't wait. I would love to buy you a coffee from my little corner of Australia - heck I would love to buy you a 3 course dinner. Thanks so much


I wish I could come to one of your workshops or be able to wander into your studio but I live in the United States. Maybe someday I will realize the dream of visiting! In the meantime I will continue to follow your blog and enjoy your beautiful work, photos, and tutorials! Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in sharing your gifts and talents of beauty with all of us!


Maybe I shouldn't say this, but, way back when the Bower Bird first appeared on your blog I fell in love with him. The pictures you posted were so detailed I was able to count stitches and guess at the rest. Since then I have made many of them in different colors and sizes. I use hard plastic bracelets for little girls that I crochet over for the hoops when I make the tiny ones. I have given away so many and they are loved by everyone who gets one. I did order the larger rings from eBay that you recommended. I can't wait for the tutorial to see how close or off I am with my pattern. Even though mine isn't written. I just started with crochet when I found your blog and got an attack of the wanties. I even made that hat with a big flower which I love.
Lucy you are AMAZING! Thank you for being who you are.


Looks like you have the perfect little spot by the window to do your thing :-)

Gillian McM

Many of us experienced crocheters would probably be quite happy with a brief written pattern without photos. Just sayin'...! xxx

Nancy MacNiece

I do love looking at the colours in your crocheted art - what a pick-me-up on a wintery day! I am very excited about your bower bird tutorial - I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. Sorry to hear the picture-taking has been so frustrating.


Hi Lucy, love your blog and attitude. With such a popular site you are bound to attract a fair share of nutters and even perhaps some envious rivals. My personal conspiracy theory? Tracey just might even be Sarah London!

from the 5.1.8

That is super cute! I've been crocheting some new garments for the spring. And a ton of baby blankets for crazy amount of women I know having babies soon. Thanks for sharing!


This is lovely. I love the colours and the ring it sits on. This would be beautiful hanging over a cot or change table.


You are just the sweetest thing! Thanks for all the joy and light and lovely little birdies you bring into the world. xox


There will always be those who are in various ways takers in this world, and then there are the givers such as yourself. I have sat and heard such mean comments from people who for some reason just cannot see generosity but only what they are NOT receiving at any given time.
Sigh......and double sigh.....I wish I could reassure you that you cannot change these people and you will always come across them because they look for givers such as yourself. Be assured that you are precious and stay close to those in your life that can top up your happiness and be true and loyal. Those grasping types will move on and take take take from someone else.
And so endeth the lesson. :-) be true to you and the rest can fall away.


Hi Lucy, I love your little bird and look forward to having a go at making him myself. Hope to be able to do one of your workshops in the future - they booked up very quickly. I love reading your blog. Take care.


Hi Lucy,
I have never commented before but I love your blog very much!
Listen, I completely understand what you are saying. I think people forget that alot goes into the decision to either give away your patterns or to sell them.
Let me tell you, I have had that same quandry for years. I don't blog because it isn't really my 'thing' but I do knit and crochet like a fiend. I have been asked soooo many times to sell either the patterns for what I have made or the the items themselves.
I have always declined.
What many people don't realize is that you can't just sell your patterns in the same format that you give them away. If you shift to a paid pattern you should hire tech editors, test knitters/crocheters. You also have to adhere to universal conventions for publishing. That means doing more technical research on your part. Then you need to create a system where the pattern is fully publishable (if that is a word) in PDF format and ensure either an instant download upon payment or forwarding the pattern through email upon payment. Then you absolutely have to track any errors in payments, etc.
This costs a heck of alot more in time and money than self publishing on a blog.
So, what I am saying here is I TOTALLY GET why you don't want to charge for your patterns and I also TOTALLY GET why you have a donate button. There isn't a contradiction at all in my mind over those two things.
My reasoning for not charging for my patterns is based on what I just wrote above. I don't want to put all that money into the 'tech' side to publish. I also really don't have the financial motivation to do so either and to be fair, I think that has alot to do with it too. My husband works at a great job and we are quite comfotable so I don't have the economic incentive that some may have to turn pattern sales into additional income. That is a clearly personal reason, but it is a valid one.
I do love to create, though, so I took a more non-traditional route. Instead I took a job at my local yarn store and now I teach budding knitters and crocheters and knit designs for the shop. I couldn't be happier!
With your studio and column in the magazine, that is likely your way of boosting your creative juices and if that is what makes you sing, then perfect!
Remember when I said that I don't have a blog? It is for situations exactly like this one that you are experiencing. It drives me batty what people expect for free on the Web. I much prefer to share my talent in real life with people that I meet and can actually converse face to face.
You rock Lucy! Never stop being true to who you really are. Take the good and f#$k the losers out there that have nothing better to do with their lives but complain! Hugs :)


Hello Lucy,
please could you email me about future workshops as I missed out on these?!! :( thanks so much! - your tutorials taught me to crochet XXX


Dear Lucy, I admire both your work and your way to present it !!! I live in Athens, Greece, and I love quilting. I would like to send you a photo of a knitted blanket my grandma has given to me, because I have not seen a similar one in your projects. If you want, please reply... Constantia


Woo-hoo and yea! I'll keep my eyes peeled for this little lovely. And, Lucy, thank you, THANK YOU for going with your heart. I KNOW you COULD make a tidy little chunk on this pattern alone, but hooray for listening to your heart. I appreciate your generosity. God bless you.

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