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December 11, 2013


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I have never been so disorganised as I am this December...


I have a question that has been burning inside me for a while now. How do you keep track of which type of yarn you have and which one is which? You seem to have several types and, of course, several colors of each. Once the label is off, hos do you know what is what?


Beautiful jumper with the reindeer!
Lovely stars!


Lovely decorated branch with the little stars! Would love to drop by your shop - looks so warm and cozy!


I am so glad we are pompomming pals! I like to think of you Wintering along whilst we are trying very hard to have a woolly Summer!!! xxx


Your studio looks so festive and you've made such lovely things.


Another lovely post Lucy, reading your blog is always a chance for me to sit and think about the wider picture especially at this time of the year when we are all rushing round with the Christmas activities. I have also been decorating jumpers for the Christmas jumper day, today I shall be sewing on jumpers a Christmas tree and 2 snow men I have made. And that muskat yarn looks lovely, I think I shall have a peek in an online yarn shop now. Xx

Debbie Longville

Oh Lucy, I just love everything you do! Your blog lays inspires me, whether it's to be creative, strong, or just 'be'

Thank you so much!


The star is exactly what I'm looking for. I would be very grateful if you could post a pattern. But take it easy, otherwise I try myself some!
(Sigh... )I love it to have a look in your studio!


Lovely to visit on Sunday as always. Great food in Coopers and also an excuse to catch up with my girls. My Addingham friend was wowed by your wreaths and reckons they should be in a textiles museum! Love the jumper but who are these school people who come up with these ideas? As if parents haven't got enough to think about at Xmas (shakes head).

Jacqui Galloway (livingwithethel)

Love the little stars. Merry Christmas Lucy x

Jools Morgan-Jones

The pattern for the LLS would be fabulous if you get time - but remember, it snows AFTER Giftmas too, so it will still be relevant then! Love your colours and the beautiful photos, Lucy xx


Such a delicious post! I long for the pattern for those little lacy stars - but, you know, no pressure...
Thanks for bringing such colour and beauty into my day!


Please, please could we have a pattern for the stars. They are so sweet and I like that they are lacy and not solid. I've been sitting here trying to work out how you've done them.
Blessings Gail


Your photos are lovely.
Thank you for the reminder to breathe.
Mid December chaos is reigning here and I needed the reminder.


You LLS are gorgeous! And, of course, your pom poms! There really does seem to be a world-wide pom-pom obsession going on at the moment. Yes, I believe we should all blame Pip! :D

Katherine, NZ

I love those candy colours! I've just finished a garland of stars, all in red, to hang across my mantlepiece (same pattern as you used for your advent stars). Your Studio is looking lovely! And, great idea for Christmas jumper! Must remember that one as in New Zealand it would be a tad warm to have a jumper but this would work well on a t-shirt too. xx


Lovely little stars. I'm excited to make some too if you pretty please write a pattern for us.


Thought your stitching on the reindeer was incredibly neat. love your little stars. I have just posted 24 different snowflakes (crocheted) on my blog too! Love this time of year and your sunny outlook on life.



Glad you're remembering to breathe and enjoy and reminding us too! Love the little stars. Made a garland yesterday for the beam above my fireplace... Looks lovely. Also paper snowflakes, I think you did once, for the window!! Keep warm & dry, glad Sunday went well... Take care xxx

Jacky Russell

We had our first Christmas Day on Sunday as one daughter is going to Australia for Christmas! So I have had to get organised earlier than usual - but we are doing it all again on the 25th! I love the little lacy stars x


It is such a busy, busy time of year, especially for children. I'm a teacher and there are so many things happening before the end of term, I'm not entirely sure how its all going to fit!
Your little lacy stars are beautiful, I've bee making lots of different stars recently on my commutes, sadly I lost a bag with my jolly holly leaves in on a recent train though!


LLS are delightful! I love your blog, it always brings calm and colour!


Loved everything in this post! I'm hoping you get a chance to write up the LLS pattern as I would love to decorate my house with them for Christmas! The studio looks amazing! What a beautiful space you have made it for creating and making. Love the sweater too!

Amy at love made my home

The jumper that you "just made" looks wonderful! You are amazing. Hope that the open studio goes really well, the little stars are just so cute! xx

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