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December 11, 2013


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Hi Lucy,

Thanks you for sharing your world and hooky thing with us.
I have enjoyed your company from my far away warmer side of the world.


Ann Snell

where do you get your buttons from?

Deb Longville

Well, between you and Kirsty Allsopp, you've created a run on pom-pom makers! Everyone's out of stock! I had left it too late for the advent twig anyway, so I can wait until new year.

Dominique Huegli

very sweet your little stars. I would be very happy if you can post the pattern for it. Very inspiring, your side. Greetings from switzerland. D.


Hi lucy, your studio looks fantastic. I love your christmas jumper , what a good idea. X


Your studio looks like a fairy land.A serious reason to wake up everymorning full of enthusiasm.I also like the idea of the little stars on the branch.

Anne Marie

Love everything. Wish I could justify the expense of a train fare tomorrow but think it might be best spent at home this time. When the weather comes nicer, I'm sure you will have another open day and I will be there with great enthusiasm, rather than large guilt!

Hope it goes well, as it will do.d


What a brilliant reindeer, perfect solution.
Your studio looks lovely. I so enjoyed my visit there during Yarndale, I look at my "Miss Story" mouse, created by Tracy, and she reminds me of that great weekend. I love your star pattern. Carol xx

Janet Dunivin

Oh how I wish I could come to your studio!!
You are my crochet inspiration. I have been crocheting for only a few months, but I love it so. It relaxes me and gives me great joy.

I have been crocheting granny squares, and am about to join 2 small blankets this weekend.
I do have a question for you: I want to crochet one big giant granny square blanket; I have 2500 yards of worsted weight yarn. Could you give me an idea of how big it might be? I am terrible about guessing how much yarn I will need for a project.
Thank you!


i LOVE the flower decoration thingys on the wall above the wreaths- do you have a pattern for them? x


Yes, very important to BREATHE! I love your Little Lacy Stars - they would be perfect for my tree that has had hearts hanging on it for a year now. Time for a seasonal change! Looking forward to the pattern. :)


I bought those same pom pom makers hoping to teach my grandaughter how to make them and perhaps make a simple wreath. I tried on on the smallest size maker and it didin't come out well and was difficult to tie off. Maybe I put too many wraps of yarn on it? Any suggestions? I think I should try again?

Wish I lived closer to visit your studio. It's such a beautiful and cheerful place. I always enjoy your photos of new things you've added to it.

Have a wonderful Christmas season.
(from California)

Nadine G

Je vous souhaite une très bonne fête Lucy. Bises pour vous.


Ah, yes...mid December...always crazy busy! No matter how prepared I think I am or will be, it still ends up in a mad rush. Love your beautiful photos...especially the ones from your attic window.

Marie McNeil

Sorry to double post! Actually, I would love to buy one of the wee bunnies and wonder if it would be possible to do so by mail order? If this is possible, do you think you or Tracey could drop me an email please? Sorry to ask when you are so busy!

Marie McNeil

The studio is absolutely delicious, Lucy! I so wish I could be there at the weekend, I would buy everything! :)

Cross Oiseau

I'm new to crochet (self taught last week whilst off sick)! I've gone a bit hooky crazy. Holly leaves are reproducing themselves at an alarming rate! I found some red Christmas lights and am attaching pairs of the little prickles to the cable. Looks so good. I'll try to put up a photo on fb. Thank you for your amazing inspiration and hard work. Coffee and bun on the way xx

Laura, Todmorden

I came to your studio last weekend and thought it was lovely; very inspiring. My four year old daughter also enjoyed seeing 'The Making Lady's' room and thought it was very beautiful!


Yes. Breathe. A very necessary reminder! Your stars are lovely. I hope that you have a bright and merry Christmas.

Rachael Iddon

Hmm, might have to pinch your jumper idea, guess what came home in a letter from school today...Oh yes, "Children can wear their Christmas jumper for dinner on Wednesday".


Love your rainbow of scraps, so pretty! And that cotton looks lovely. Hope you're enjoying your busy days!

- J

Dorothy Griffiths

A fabulous post as always Lucy, love the poms poms - always a favourite of mine. You did a wonderful job on the sweater, well done you! Try to catch your breath over the weekend and have some time to yourself. Big hugs

PlainStitch Deb

'Mild anxiety' - good description of early Dec mindset!! I just keep asking myself 'whats the worst that can happen if child x, y or z fails to take (a jamjar of sweets/ christmas show and tell book/ christmas headwear etc) to school? Thats just half of my week of special school requests mind you! Breathe, breathe !


That is such a cute sweatshirt and a clever way to get a quick result. Jo x


Inspirational Lucy....I have been thinking about a "Branch Christmas Tree" in a favourite vase on my mantle piece for awhile so tomorrow I must remember to take my secateurs with me on my dog walk.

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