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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 07, 2013


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It's wonderfull!
So quiet. Sorry my english is bad... have a nice evening

Pattie Fulton

you will be amazed at how fast time flies and those children grow up! You are so lucky to have both places to spend time in, but there will be years and years after the children leave home when you can spend long hours in your studio. It's not selfish at all to want "me" time and a place of your own, so don't let anyone make you feel guilty. It means you pick up your children in the afternoon with a smile on your face and bake them goodies regularly, because you are recharged and energetic. As we say in the southern US, "ain't nobody happy if Momma ain't happy!"

Sandra Maria Alamo Hernandez.

Me encanta vuestro estudio, está lleno de mucho amor y de ilusión, un gran saludo desde Tenerife.


Your poor husband left at home at number 24 which is soooooo messy and chaotic while you escape to a place of calm.

Have a good hard think dear girl - get your priorities in life right - is this the right time to be spending time away from home making calm just for yourself?

Who is the most important person in your life? If you've answered that it's yourself then carry on as you are and regret it in years to come.

If it's your husband and children then why aren't you ensuring that your home is calm and not chaotic before you think of yourself?

We all need some time to ourselves to recharge our batteries but think of yourself first and you may just find there is someone out there who thinks of your husband first.

Dorothy Griffiths

Hello Lucy what a lovely post and how I wish I could pop over to see you both - would love to visit your studio. Maybe next year, here's hoping. Always enjoy your blog Lucy, big hugs


Wonderful place!

Shirley Ann

Has it been 9 months already? Time sure does fly by. Your studio looks like a little piece of heaven :o) Absolutely beautiful!


I have also been searching in the tutorials for the circles bunting hanging in the window but can't find it! Did I miss something? If you have a close-up of it Lucy it would be wonderful to see it! x


Wish I lived closer, would love to 'pop in'. Love your colour combination style, very inspirational x


I love your craft studio ... colourful and bright and cheerful. x Pat


Ohhh, I wish I would be able to visit your crafting space. So inspiring, your and Tracy's work and all that cozy details! But I'm happy I can look around here! I have a room in my house. It's a big rubbish now, I made so much presents these days. But I'll clean up this week, so I can work on other projects!
Greetings, Marijke


Such beautiful pictures of your studio! I especially love the valance/crochet "bunting" over your little window. I think I recognize it as maybe something you have crocheted? I've tried to find it among your ta-dahs and tutorials but can't. Would you let us know where to find the directions please?

Seaweed & Raine

I bet you are finding it completely fabulous to have a studio space that you can both leave an assortment of works in progress without the worry of little fingers checking them out, and somewhere to escape to from the daily cacophony of the bits and pieces that make up a Mummy's roll. Bravo for having a tidy space too! :)


A fantastic room, Lucy, beautiful "Lucy colours", I can see it's your room.:)

Sian A

Thanks for the tour Lucy, i love the sneak peaks of colour you bring us in your posts. I only found your blog a year ago and spent the first couple of weeks catching up with previous posts. I just wanted to say what a huge amount of inspiration you have bought to me. I learnt to crochet this time last year and have barely put my hook down in that time. I now cannot imagine my life withouth wool and hooks. One day I want to have my own craftroom/studio but for now yours is a very brilliant place to be inspired. Happy Christmas Lucy - Keep up the fantastic blog. Lots of love Sian xxxxxxx


Thanks a lot for letting us visit your studio, it really loooks lovely, and I would LOVE to be there for real!!
But, it's a bit too far away at the moment.. ;-)
Wishing you good luck on your 'open studio day', and a Merry Christmas from Norway! :-)


Your studio is so beautiful!
One day you you can spent more time there!


Such a beautiful space! Wish I was closer so that I could pop in sometime!

- J


Annie, hoping that you all will have some lovely visitors to your studio tomorrow.

I completely understand your words about juggling, balancing the different aspects of your daily life. Some are required, some are desired, some are both.

Or at least that's how it is in my life right now. xo


A super tour! You both have a beautiful corner of the room. So much color and light. <3


It must be wonderful to be able to share a space with a creative friend. Your studio is so wonderful and colourful, what a great place to escape.


I love your cute little studio.... :)

Amy at love made my home

I hope that the open studio goes really well for you. xx


I have just woken up to a strong northerly wind and the beginnings of a hot day, here in Melbourne Australia. Several times this week I have thought about your daily stroll to your studio and school and wondered about your beautiful surroundings. How I would love to be at your open day today for a visit. The colours you use are so happy and vibrant. Thank you for your tour. I am in the early stages of developing a craft room for my daughter(17) and myself. Getting heaps of ideas from your lovely studio. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


I'm always amazed by Tracy's wonderful work too. Good luck with the open days, I'm sure they'll be a great success. I'm very envious of your studio, it's a place of beauty indeed! The time will come when you have more free hours to spend there, I am sure.

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