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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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December 07, 2013


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Hi Lucy

Merry Xmas and a happy New Year from sunny Sydney.

I love your blog showcasing your creativity, and your incredible generosity in sharing your work via words, images and tutorials - thank you!

I am eagerly awaiting your tutorial for the studio window 'garland/ pelmet thingy'!


The space is looking lovely!


What a great tour and also the blog about the process getting it all set up! I wish I would live close by to come over and have coffee on Fridays and bring my crochet with me. Maybe someday I will. In the mean time I'll just pretend to be part of it by reading your blog.
Happy Hollidays!
Nathalie (Holland)

Bruna P. Ferreira

Lucy, I loved loved loved, it's great, you inspire me! If one day I can go to UK, I'll visit you, definitely! xo


About the comment over priorities: My motto is - the house is clean enough to be sanitary and dirty enough for everyone who lives there to have a whole lot of fun! Including Mom. It's about the whole package, not the compartments. Keep on doing things the way you are doing them. And thanks for sharing your happy and cherished moments with us.


Oh, your studio is amazing!!! It's so cozy and warm looking...and the colors, they are spectacular! Love Tracey's mice!

Fabienne AllSaints

Love your working studio, Love your blog, Love your spirit, so Bright & Calm.


I've seen a sign/poster that says 'Dull women have immaculate homes'.


Lucy, a picture of garland over the window please!!! :-)

Jen Heninger

Dear Lucy!! I NEED a pattern for your chubby bower bird on the BEE-U-TI-FUL wreaths!! I'm sure you're not too bust this time of year...I'll wait patiently.


Dear Lucy,
Greetings from Vancouver, BC. Today we had our first snowfall of the season and it's pretty chilly out. It's nice to check in with you and get a good helping of color and cheer!
I only recently discovered your blog and have been reading back through the years. I like to get my "happy fix". Your stories remind me of Shirley Hughes' Lucy and Tom books I read to my daughters when they were small. You just want to climb in and be a part of the story.

What a charming studio. It's so nice to have a dedicated work space. Todd Henry of Accidental Creative defines sacred space as a place he needs to do his life work: "the space I occupy in the lives of others I live to serve and love, including family and friends". (I added a link here, I hope it works.)

Defining Your Sacred Space

Thank you for sharing bits of your creative life. You are a light in the world!

Hugs, Mary

Evelyn in Scotland

I haven't commented before but found some interesting comments here.

I can see both points of view here.

I can see the need to have a creative place to oneself, a place of quiet.

However I do think homelife should be attended to first, (not saying you don't do that) and that when my man comes home I want home to be a haven for him, after all he's the one who goes out and works hard to provide for us. Without him there wouldn't be any yarn to crochet!!!

I know he looks forward to coming home, to the house being the calm and unchaotic place I endeavour to make it, his work is challenging and at times chaotic and demanding, I see him sigh with relief the moment he walks in the door.

Isn't that how we would all like our homes to be, a haven?

I admire anyone who can combine work and home life and other pursuits and still manage to create that haven.


All look happy and full of colors: wonderful!

Claudia Voorhees

oh such PRETTY things !!! You gals are doing great.

Jo Navin

Your studio is beautiful, colourful and cosy, just like Attic 24 minus the lovely day to day chaos of family life. I think you are a great inspiration, and your love for your family shines through! I hope you had a fun open day and that Rachael brought along that fresh eggnog, yum :-) xx


I'm a fan of your studio! agrdadable is a cozy, safe place that is very creative! I'd love to come visit you ... but I am far! hahahaha! You and Tracy are beautiful creative people, and the world is grateful that you want to share your corner! I like so much see so many colors and so many wools in his corner! you made me rediscover the full range of colors! I never thought I'd like the pink color, and now I really like it! Thanks for sharing, Lucy! thank you! kisses from Catalonia!


Hang in there Lucy. This is the busiest you will ever be but one day you will wonder where these years went. I marvel at the creative energy you can muster despite being so busy with other aspects of your life. I have only been able to really enjoy being creative in the last couple of years, with my youngest now being 14. Your most productive years may well be yet to come!


Just read the back story, since only joined your blog a couple months ago. How proud you must be, to have created such a wonderful and warm space from scratch. I just love your crocheted window bunting!


I am so annoyed to read the words of that miserable lady who tries to make you feel guilty about a bit of mess and chaos at home. As if we women haven't got enough guilt heaped on us already! I have 5 boys and a husband at home and believe me, a bit of mess is normal and unavoidable!!! Lucy you have peace and order in your studio precisely because it is a studio and not a home. No kids and dishes and laundry to distract you etc. If that lady can't understand how beneficial it is to carve up your time then, to be frank I reckon she has issues.. carry on filling our worlds with colour and happiness Lucy! X

Rita Miller

Lucy I love your studio! What a happy little place. You seem a bit less bubbly than usual to me...hang in there, things will slow down again!

Lynne Gill

Totally agree with Anne Marie. Anyone who has read your blog over the years knows you to be very home/family focused; your love for your family shines through every post. I find the remarks by Helen patronising and pompous and not a little bit bitter. A wife/mother who devotes herself exclusively to the home becomes a very boring and frustrated person, and when your husband and children are your ONLY focus you become obsessive and smothering, and they become resentful.
As a 62 year old proud-to-be-called feminist who didn't go back to work until my boys were 7 and 9, and worked for many years supporting mothers and families, I feel I have earned the right to an informed opinion. I would only say that we kidded ourselves when we thought we could have it all - it was usually the mother who cracked under the strain of trying to do everything be everything, but by gum, if you can get that balance right - go for it! Don't ever feel guilty for wanting some 'me time', your family will benefit from it too! Lxx

Anne Marie

I love your studio, and was lucky enough to visit when I was at Yarndale.

Not sure if this is right to say this but I totally disagree with the lady above who says you should be getting your priorities right. I think it is impertinent of her to say it. You spend quality time with your husband and children and make your home a comfortable place. Does it matter if it's a bit messy? No, not at all, it is a warm, cosy home full of love.

I think it is very important to have some creative time to yourself, which makes you a better wife, mother and companion.

There, said it!


Very nice with lot of colours!


WOW!! What a lovely room. I bet inspiration isn't hard to come by in there, gorgeous :)



I will not go as far as you did with renting a place but you inspired me today to try and create a small place into my house,a quiet corner in my living room that is, to sit down and work some magic.I admire how you listen to your inner voice which leads you to do the right things for you.
You set a good example and we love you for that.
Have a great creative week,hugs Angie ***

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