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December 04, 2013


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really nice work, thank you


Lovely colourful pictures!
All the best


Your coat is splendid, Lucy. I must try some of these little squares - which make me think about your circle scarf which I would so much like to do. I know I have asked in the past, any chance of a tutorial for the circle scarf sometime soon?


Your 'new' coat is totally fabulous, what an inspiring post to share. Thank you, keep up the good work!


Oh my, the shawl.....


All of that was inspiration for you but you took it to an amazing new level! Anyone one that crochets could probably make one of those lovely items but you took what you have and made it new. That dye must be amazing to completely cover the tan that the coat was before. Your color choices and where you placed the squares make it a unique Lucy creation! I don't crochet (yet) but I love your blog and look forward to each new post. Thank you!


Wonderful work! Allow me to suggest this other designer http://www.olinohobby.com/ that is original, creative and has good tutorials. Do not miss this video of voracious monster http://www.olinohobby.com/2012/12/voracious-monster.html (hope my Google translator is doing his job well) Huge hug from Argentina. VERA


I can see them in Desigual next season, or even Anthropolgie.. Truly lovely. X


What a nice and brilliant idea !
An sooooo welldone !
Woaw !
(Why haven't I a old cord coat to restyle?!)


I love your blog and everything you make and show!
I made the stunning Blooming Flower and I am totally in love with it. Not only me, thogh, my entire circle of family and friends.
Thanks for sharing the pattern!
Greetings from The Netherlands. Warm wishes for a wonderful December and may 2014 bless you with health and creativity = happiness, isn't it?


Dorothy Griffiths

What a lovely post as always Lucy - I have been neglecting my crochet of late as I have had so many other things to do but I am itching to get back to it and your tutorial is bang on target - thank you so much. Always love your blog, have a fabulous weekend Lucy
Big hugs

Mary Marsh

AWESOME! BEAUTIFUL! What a kick of color and texture!
You're amazing Lucy, as usual!!!


I really, really love your coat! I love the vividness of the red and the way that the little squares finish the pockets and cuffs so perfectly. You will be a wonderful burst of colour on Yorkshire winter days.


I love the little tiny squares - they remind me a little bit of the cute little dolls blankets you made. I think they would make a sweet cushion cover too.

Angela-Southern USA

Hi Lucy, it's me again, lol. Have you seen Dottie Angel's pom pom wreath?
Have a great day!


Lucy, it is beautifull!!
Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your hooky posts every time!
Greetings from Holland,

Sandra (Cherry Heart)

Your coat looks wonderful and I love Cozy Things too. How kind and generous of the designer to give her permission like that and how thoughtful of you to seek it. It's always so interesting to know where inspiration comes from I think and in turn to see how ideas are built on, adapted and re-invented. :D

S x

Maschelle Mashburn

It is always a lovely, inspirational experience when I visit your blog. As a fledgling crocheter, I have learned so much from your freely shared ideas, techniques and lessons! Somehow, you managed to take to yet another level with this post! I didn't think that was possible. Who can take "perfection" up a notch? Well, I guess the answer is: Watch Lucy and you'll see it happen right before your eyes! I have been toying with mini squares, but not made anything significant with them. I have just been having fun with their charm. The crochet you showed us in this post is a whole new fabulous thrill to see! I adore the little squares, your use of them, and the way the others you were inspired by used them! I can't wait to explore what is a whole new idea in crochet motifs and color for me! Thank you so much! What an exciting visit!! :-D

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Lovely to read a bit more about what inspired your coat project. And the little squares are super - perfect for embellishing, well, just about anything! Enjoy wearing such a bright and cheerful garment - I bet you feel uplifted just to put it on - I would! E x


Gorgeous coat, Lucy, and thank you thank you thank you for the link and your lovely words! Your beautiful project--which sprang from my project, which sprang from Sidsel's project--is a perfect illustration of how we all inspire one another, and how important it is to give credit where credit is due. What a good and generous and kind community the crafty blogs world is, and how lucky I feel to belong to it. :)

Janet Fry

I LOVE LOVE reading your blog.
Thank you for your generosity in sharing your ideas and passion.
If only you live nearer Oxford, Reading for me to attend your crochet workshop, classes etc..


Great inspiration :) Thanks!

Cathy x

Angela-Southern USA

Hey Lucy, I ran across this multiple pompom making video and thought of you.


Ha, Ha. You made me laugh. That is NOT modeling, though it does give us a better idea. I know we'll see you wearing your lovely, colorful coat eventually. BTW, winter arrived the day before yesterday in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nothing compared to yours, but it's knit mittens and cap weather for us nonetheless.

Hus, Kimmy


Nice coat and a great presentation of Sidsel. Her book is lovely!

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