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December 03, 2013


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Loved your story, loved the coat, congratulations! You should dedicate some of your time writing stories.


What an extraordinary transformation. I can picture you strolling down the street on an overcast Winter's day bringing cheer to everyone you pass with your blast of beautiful colour!


I love this great idea!


I LOVE your up cycled coat. It is so LUCY!


Am in love with it !! great way to give it a new life and look how beautiful !!, wish I had such a beautiful Coat like that !!

Deb Longville

What an excellent idea!! And a beautiful colour! And it's SO much more you now.

Great job!


Wonderful clothing! When I was a girl transformed Dad's old shirts, cutting collar and cuffs, and staining with dyes of the traditional brand "Hummingbird". At home, there was no money for fashionable clothes, so I created my designs, at a time when fashion was much more formal in these lands. What a shame that at that time I still did not know knitting! Once again you have inspired me, my dear Lucy. Warmest regards from Buenos Aires.

Louise I

Gorgeous coat, completely unique. Do you have a link for the scarf(?) pictured in the last couple of images? It's so delicate & pretty.


Ohhh my God !!
How perfect you are !! You are very creative !!!
You Coat really looks pretty!!

Belinda Burrows

I was directed here from a comment on another blog, describing this as Lucys Cult. After reading the comments I can see why....I just wonder in amazement at how readers who have never met you seem to fall at your feet in love and adoration. Only on one other blog have I seen this to such an extent,and that blog was devoted to religion.

I feel sad for those who think they can only function if they are like you or who must have something that you endorse. I wonder if you have any opinions on this?

Kim sale

OOooh Lucy your new/old coat is truely scruptious, what a fab idea, clever you.
I think you could add another cheeky row of your very beautiful squares on that row under your toggles.....not that you want to add more of course, it looks totally gorgeous just the way it is :-) X


I think it looks fabulous, great job!! love all the colors you use and have all over your house, lots of cheer just looking at your pics. I am not that adventurous in my color choices, but live precariously through you!


what a wonderful story. i was on the edge of my seat. such a glorious coat.


Bonkers...blooming marvelous I think!!!


Lovely! :)

Jennifer Hill

I've never dyed a coat , but I did dye our sofa covers once, from a pale green to a beautiful raspberry pink...and that worked too!! Amazing, isn't it? I had to do that in the bath, though. Jen


I love your "new" coat! You are a clever duckie!!


Oh my goodness it looks totally fab! You are so CLEVER!! I'm not sure I would dare to dye anything in my washing machine yet it turned out so well. Love it! F x

Jen Y

So beautiful!


Beautiful, Gorgeous, Love it!!!!

Homemakers Tales

Hi Lucy Gawjus coat i,m a dyer to how many boxs of tulip red did you use xxx

anna milford

absolutely delightful.lovely story,lovely coat.you are so creative & I love your blog!


I loved the end result, surely it makes you smile everytime you wear it...

Catherine Maudsley

Hi Lucy I have using the dylon washing machine dyes for years. I had lovely cotton chenille covers for my settees for 12 years and I used to bung them through a denim blue dye once a year. They came up beautifully. I also dye towels when they start to look a bit tired. You are going to be using again I can feel it!!

Gemma Esprey

WOW! Gorgeous! I wish I had the confidence to jazz up my boring back coat. I've always hated the hood on it but can't afford a new one. I may have to think of something... Inspiring as always, Lucy x

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