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December 28, 2013


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Lynne Gill

Wonderful collection of photographs, Lucy, and how very evocative they are. My best vantage pint is the one my other half had up on the roof when the builders were in with the scaffolding. Shame I can't send him up there on a regular basis!

Have a lovely New Year with your splendid little family, and we look forward to seeing oodles of colourful gorgeousness on your blog in 2014. Lxx


Just beautiful! It makes me want to push hubby for our trip to England to be much sooner than later! I see no reason why we can't go in the next couple years rather than in the next ten! Your blog has provided me with much enjoyment and inspiration over the years, thank you so much!

Dorothy Griffiths

Simply wonderful Lucy - thank you for inspiring me so much this year. I am so glad that I found your truly wonderful blog. Have a wonderful time
Big Happy New Year Hugs


Oh yes, this is love. Especially that third one.

Enjoy your view tonight!

- J

S. Molinari

Love this! Someday I wish you would show us the ROOM with the view. Seriously. I've always been curious ;)


Love your documentation of the seasons through your pictures. You have a beautiful view, indeed!


Such a beautiful view, and such an amazing variety of colours and seasons. I like to look out of my top window at the hills and the river as well. It's nice to open the window and look and breath, when things are a little chaotic or busy inside.

Sara Jenkins

Thanks for sharing. I guess we all have a favourite and comforting view we return to time and time again. I enjoyed trying to work out which month your photos were taken in. I'd almost forgotten how late (and how much!) it snowed earlier this year.


Just love this post and all the stunning photos - thank you! Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2014.


What a beautiful view from your window in all seasons. Love your blog looking forward to spending time with you in 2014. Thank you for your generous heart.

Carolyn Jackson

Lovely photos Lucy, an Attic would be lovely I think. We moved May 2007, same year as you, and like you I love our home, smaller, so gives me more time to crochet and quilt and walk etc.
Thanks again,
Caro NZ.


It's a stunning celebration of a wonderful view.I'm so glad you had a good Christmas and I'm looking forward to tomorrows post a lot.
Jacquie x


I can totally understand why you love your attic view so much. It's absolutely stunning! I loved looking at all the pictures taken in all the different seasons and weather, I don't think I could pick just one favourite.

Kate taylor

I grew up on west bank road. My parents moved from there recently. Your view is pretty much the view i had from my bedroom and it's so lovely to see it again! X


Lovely pics...it just goes show how varied our weather here in the UK is. We have a pretty good view from the bottom of our garden over the Wensum Valley (Norfolk) looking towards Norwich needless to say it''s very different from yours but we love just just as much as you do your Attic view. There's a big sky,fields,hedges,seasonal crops,tractors and three churches way in the distance.....


I completely understand I have a favourite view from our house across the fields toward the windmill, I'm always taking pictures of it, I've been posting one a month on my blog, so I'll have a whole years worth come the end of January.
Clare x


I think you must have a bit of Monet's sense of artistic wonder in you. :) It's amazing to see the varying light and mood from this same vantage point simply as time, season, and weather changes. Very cool! What a beautiful way to capture your time living here.

Lisa Wallace

Hi There,
My two children and myself had a good look at the photos showing the seasons and they were "oooohing and aaaahing" at how the view changed dramatically with every photo. Thanks for sharing! We loved it.
I can't wait to see the year end montage.


Love the view from the Attic as much as you do at all times xx love Joy xx


Beautiful idea Luce. xx

Cherie Chudyk

Thanks again for sharing with us, isn't just amazing how the same view can change mood again and again and the dark and stormy is as wonderful as the bright and sunny. x




Little piece of heaven on earth !!


If I had a view like that I doubt if I would ever move from the window!!!!

Joanne Morrow

Beautiful pictures in all different seasons and at different time of the day! Thanks for sharing this!!

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