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December 28, 2013


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Idiosyncratic Eye

There was a lot of sunshine this year, wasn't there? :)


You must have one of the most beautiful views int he world - I would be constantly taking photos too! Thank you for sharing them - I especially love the snow! Happy New Year!

Linda Russ

So gorgeous!
Wish we had an attic 25 ;)


I just love your photos. You are such a talented photographer. Thank you for sharing not only your gorgeous hooky, but also the little snippets of your life and the views from your stunning attic. Now is the time for self indulgence, so please don't feel you have to apologise for a little of it in your blog!

Carla (from Alabama)

That was very interesting! At some points in the photos the space between the two chimneys appeard to be a boat of some kind in my vision. An ark type boat with a cover. Changes in lighting make a lot of different photos of the same space, very happy that you shared with us.


The same view, but ever changing......magic!


What a wonderful view!! Lucky you!!

Debbie  Major

Thank you for sharing those glorious photos with us, what a beautiful place to sit & ponder, Deb M


I don't think that was self-indulgent at all--it's impressive! It's really something, the wide range of views you get from just that one vantage point.

Rudi O

Lovely photos!!! "A View from the Attic".


fab view love the snowy photos.


Hey Lucy...I am that way with the view out of my window of the ocean & mountains. In all seasons and times of the day I am captivated by it and am compelled to take a picture. Your pictures are beautiful m'dear. Hugs, MO

Sew Create It - Jane

I love this post...so pretty to see each and every changing season...what a treat!


Such a great idea!I can see why you love this landscape.Hop over to see my favorite part of the world.happy new Year to you and your family!

Terri @ Highlandhearts

Amazing to see the same view throughout the year, the changing sky's are wonderful. Thank you for all the inspiration that your blog creates. Happy Hogmanay! X


Thanks for sharing your view with us!

As a Canadian who grew up reading and then watching All Creatures Great & Small, I thought Yorkshire was buried in snow all winter. I didn't realize how variable your weather is. ;-)


And thank you for sharing such an interesting journey. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I hoe the new year will bring you cause to celebrate.

Peg xx


I've always wanted an attic! Lovely photos especially like the rainbow one.

Happy New Year to you & family xx

Marje Hughes

Fantastic!! What a great idea to put all these pictures together showing all seasons and weathers.
Thank you. Looking forward to your blog in 2014. Happy New Year to you and your family. x

Angela-Southern USA

I thoroughly enjoyed this year in review through the attic window Lucy. Thanks so much for sharing your year with us. Looking forward to another year through your view. Blessings for the coming year!xx


If I had an attic and a view like that I'd spend all my time just gazing out the window. I love ceilings that slant. Lucky you! The photos are wonderful, thank you.


What a lovely idea, great photos!

Daisy Clarkson

Fantastically fascinating Lucy! I frequently have your pictures as my desktop backdrops - they are often just so soothing and calming. Thank you so much for your efforts - you so often cheer me up!

Cristina Arguello

Como todo lo tuyo,Luci.bello!!!Bello para soñar,bello para crear,bello para tejer,bello para escribir!!!!!Muchas gracias por compartir!!

Winwick Mum

And a rainbow too! xx

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