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November 11, 2013


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Glad your first workshop was a success! Would be very interested in any future ones. Jille x

Lucy Brazendale

Lucy, I would love to be informed about your workshops please.
How exciting.
Many thanks


Hi Lucy, I would love to come to one of your workshops and see your lovely studio! Keep us all posted xx

The House of Jones

Ooh it's coming along a treat! I'm glad you showed how it works sewing up around the ring - I'm thinking of doing something similar for a little project I am cooking up. Can you get those rings without the flat back?
Jones x


As usual, so many bright and cheery colors! Love the flowers on the wreath! Would look perfect in my bright yellow kitchen!


Hello Lucy, I would love to attend one of your workshops, looking forward to be posted the details.Happy crocheting...Judy x


Oh Lucy, I love love love the picture of your studio. It is so golden and warm and cozy looking. I just sat and looked and looked, drinking it in... I would love to come, but am way over in Alaska! I don't even crochet, I just love the colors and joie d'vie that you have! So I wish a wonderful workshop and many more....


Magnifique !!!!
J'adore votre blog !!!
On aimerait vivre chez vous tellement la vie y semble gaie. Une femme qui aime tant les fleurs et les couleurs ne peut qu'être merveilleuse.
Thanks a lot
From France


Hello Lucy, your crown is wonderful, you always manage to combine colors in a harmonious way!
Want to see the effect it has had on me visit your blog? Here ...


I could not show it to you and say thank you for the inspiration and for sharing!


Good to hear the first class went so well.X

Helen Lay

I'd love to come to a workshop Lucy, I'm in York so you're only a couple of trains away :-) As well as actual project workshops, improving techniques workshops would be wonderful. I'm too scared to make baby blankets at the moment for people as I'm worried about them unravelling so help with those sorts of bits would be wonderful (I learn better in real life). Thanks, Helen.


Hi, I love your wreaths. Boyes also sell the poly rings for about £2 if anybody has a shop near them.


loving the look of the wreath ... I have covered mine but not started any bits and pieces yet as I have other bits to finish off before I start. Mine will not be on the wall this Autumn like yours, more like next Autumn!! Loved the studio photos and so glad your rag rug wreath open day was such a success. I have yarn balled my next door neighbours tree and will post a photo for you shortly :-) love Joy xx

Kim W

Oh Lucy!
I am so happy for you! I am going through some really rough stuff right now and seeing your post cheered me up.


Please keep me posted. This one of my favorite places to be and learn, enjoy all your craft projects.
Thanks, Janet


Beautiful colours!
I can't wait to see your wreath when it's finished.
I'm glad that your first workshop was a success.


For 3 years I have planned to make a wreath and not got round to it and then I look at yours and think just how amazing they look. Too late for this year but next a definite!

claire coffey

Your wreath is looking lovely, I'm very inspired to create my own Christmas one, but I think it will have to be next year as I've left it far too late for this year! I do know what you mean about neat finishes though, I am always keen that the back of my work looks as neat as the front does! I'd so love to come to the French Bower bird workshop as I've had the hoop purchased for a while in anticipation of the pattern. Do you think you will be releasing the pattern seperately from the workshop, as you are just too far away in the studio for me to come up for a day, sadly. Claire x

Rachael Iddon

Oooooh, I feel another trip to Skipton coming on. I'm not negotiating that flippin' arch with the caravan again though! Well, not in Winter anyway.


Distance prohibits, right now, but oh how I'd love to cozy and learn and share in the creativity! Lovely space and lovely girls!All the very best to your new project!

Carole Williamson

Hi there Lucy,
I love your autumn wreath and can't wait to see it finished. I would love to hear more about next years workshops, so please can you let me know.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Your wreath is coming along wonderfully. I especially love those cheerful sunflowers - can't wait to see what else is going to be on there!

Congratulations on a successful workshop - may it be the first of many xx


keep me informed lucy,i,d love to do a workshop please x


Would love to be updated. Only an hours drive for me!

Jools Morgan-Jones

Loving the wreath making - both in the workshop and your house, they all look fab! Wish I was close enough to come to a workshop, it would be lovely xx

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