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November 20, 2013


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For any who say they want to learn to crochet but can't. Phooey.
I (at age 56 now 58) and a co-worker (age then 44) and DIL (age 30) all retaught ourselves after long past acquaintance with crochet as children using internet written instructions, books, and You Tube. And lots of practice and determination.
You can learn too and have the joy of creating...and even copying as exactly as possible something you would love to enjoy.


The pattern for wreath and bobbles is in the progress pages, her patterns and where to find other patterns.

This wreath took weeks to make. Would be costly to buy if she priced her hours at $20 USD. No less than mid-range $$$ and worth every penny.


Lucy, I just get the biggest kick out of you! Your excitement/happiness is contagious. Your wreath is truly a work of art and your living room looks so cozy and warm with all your crochet. Beautiful job.

Skye Dupre

The wreath is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! As are so many of your things.You and your blog make me happy! HUGGGGGGGGGGSSSSS....! Skye Dupre, Washington State,USA.


Lucy, when I saw how many comments you'd gotten with your "full reveal" of the harvest wreath, I thought...just wait, give Lucy a chance to rest her eyes.

And so, I paused.

This evening I have returned and have been rewarded with more info and photos of that charming wreath. I completely agree with you about having the stripes in the base tube for the wreath. Had to have multi-shades.

It's all those decorative elements that just give this creation its zing...and it's got a lot of zing.

You are sweet to give the yarn sources, too. Over here in the States, we do have other variations of the yarns you used, but it's fun to compare fibers. Well...any knitter or crocheter would know that.

Best wishes and congrats on a lovely tribute to a beautiful season. xo


I <3 it!! I've been scouring Pinterest for Christmas holiday motifs to crochet so I can do this for Christmas.


Your wreath is gorgeous. So bright and cheery! Love it!

Carolyn Jackson

Just wonderful Lucy, such a lot of work, loved seeing all the pieces before you sewed them on. I admired each piece, must have been a huge task to sew each piece on, but a lovely rewarding task all the same.. I hope you enjoyed a cup of coffee on me.
Cheers Caro NZ.

krista - Poppyprint

Oh my goodness. That is the yummiest looking wreath EVER!!!!


I look back at it all the time. Engenious. U are a very talented person. I am going to try my luck at a major project and stick with it.Npw to figure out that project. keep on with the insperations.


Its absolutely wonderful x

Claire B

I think this is my favourite project you've ever done,. So much work must go into it and you should be truly proud of your unique creation. It is stunning. Xx


Yay more wreath apreciation, you can never have too much wreath time, I know what you mean about finishing projects like this but with Christmas on the way I'm sure there will be lots to keep you busy. It really is the most lovely wreath.

Cristina Arguello

Hoy regresé a saludarte pues estoy absolutamente enamorada de tu corona.Más la miro más me gusta.Tienes un talento increible.Felicitaciones!!!


I love it !!!

Sarah Whelan

I had wondered about the beautiful stripy background being covered up, so it was lovely to see your wreath from the side. It really does need the stripes and wouldn't look as 'together' if the wreath was one solid colour and everything jazzy was just on the front.


Oh yes! It's still stunningly beautiful, one blog post on!
I'm thinking out loud here, with you saying you miss your blue colours...a seaside-themed wreath for the summer???
Whaddaya think???
Z xx


Every time I look back at this blog post in my feed reader, I keep thinking that tree is light up with little christmas bulbs. NOpe. Pure sunlight. :D

I love this project, and you are right to be so tickled with it. I make the window displays for my local yarn shop, so I bow to your 82 piece window. Our under the sea window is about that many handmade (yarny) pieces plus foam rocks and plants. It's a major undertaking to put in each year. But I bow to your wreath! I think it has even that window beat in serious complexity because sometimes we cheated and used some hot glue and felt to make some of the under water plants. haha It'll be our little secret!


How much does this cost - that yarn looks so expensive!


Have just been catching up with blogs tonight and wanted to let you know how fantastic I think the wreath is too! Well done you!


Ooohh, its just beautiful!! You definitely have an art for putting colors together. :-)


I hope by now you've picked out all the lovely colours for your winter wreath .I know it's hard work and very time consuming but I'm betting your wreaths would sell like hotcakes -


All change here this morning too- the colours had changed to brown in the frost last night, then the wind and really heavy rain...down the leaves came...Winter now and no mistake!I'm just doing some paintings using leaves I picked up a few days back, glad I brought them home before all the colour vanished!

Graca vidal da cruz

Lovely your job,I love all......<3

Paula Hendrickson

Once again, Lucy, you have scattered joy into my life. The wreath is so yummy in color and design. Your talent and warmth abound in it. Hollie is a pure delight. Hugs from here.

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