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November 30, 2013


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Good evening to you from New York.

Lucy, I cannot remember whether I have ever let you know that I have been to Yorkshire several times...always in the November-December days.

When this time of year comes around, it is such a joy for me to see the photographs you show of views from your attic window. The memories are precious to me. I know for sure that you are helping your beautiful children, day by day, to collect their own wonderful memories.

Amazing to find those roses! I am trying to keep windowsill bound cyclamen and winterterberry plants cheery. I love the cyclamen's white flowers (using them as muses for this year's Christmas card watercolor painting, and the red/green leaves and red berries of the winterberry plant are amazing in their colorway variations.

I've got an Advent calendar on the wall of my minuscule kitchen wall, but so far have not opened window !. Will do before lights out tonight.

Best wishes, dear Lucy. Your posts have an appeal on so many levels.


carol partridge

I agree with you Connie...it was the nasty tone and the sarcasm of the post that was objectionable. No need for that. Very hurtful. If you choose to put your personal life for others to read, unfortunately there will always be someone who makes spiteful comments. If you can't say something nice, best say nothing at all.
Lucy has given advice and free tutorials for a long time now and also put in a lot of work at Yarndale. People soon forget.

Connie Ferguson

Jen, you are perfectly entitled to your opinion and I take your point.
It was the tone of the post I found to be nasty and sarcastic and the idea that you can criticise how someone else spends a proportion of their hard earned money that I find objectionable. If someone chooses to spend on flowers and candles rather than an expensive meal out, a flashy car, cigarettes, alchohol, a must have phone, designer clothes etc etc then that is their perogative. Everyone makes these kind of decisions about what is important to them. We might not agree with their choices and they may not agree with how we " waste" money. We are all guilty of it to some degree in this consumer society.

Shirley Ann

I LOVE the pictures of the icicles with the red window-frame in the background. So pretty. We have only had one or two frosts here in Derbyshire, but I'm sure they will be here soon enough! It certainly has been a year of sudden changing seasons!

brigitte peetermans

Your pictures are mesmerizing.
I am SO looking forward to the tutorial of your little squares.

and what a cosy home you have made with all the advent stuff.

Brigitte from Belgium

jo thomas


Your tree is a sorbus. There are many varieties with many different coloured berries. The most common being the orange but there are loads of colours and sizes. It is one of my favourite trees.


Gosh we haven't had icicles in the Midlands yet, they do look beautiful.


Those icicles! It's not been that cold down here. I am loving the short days and winter light at the moment, it's a happy time of year.

Love your tin - bribery is my main parenting tactic. :-) xx


Lovely pictures as ever and that tree is a Kashmiri Ash.


Looking very chilly outside but so cosy and warm in your home. I just love your christmas house tin!


Wonderful pics as always - I love the hillside one from your chill walk. We had a similar icy day last week in Pennsylvania which I captured on my blog. I am very jealous of your crocheted Christmas bunting - so festive!


lovely chilly post to read and enjoy whilst sitting in the warmth of the lounge with the heating on ... I need to do the top of my jolly festive bunting soon and then get it hung!! Love it :-) xx love Joy xx


Hi Connie Ferguson & Careful with Cash & Rae

I've followed this blog for a few years now and have to agree with some of the comment from Careful with Cash.

Years ago it was a simple homely blog but increasingly it became more materialistic, almost every post includes something new that has been bought. The expensive yarns are mind boggling in themselves but it's not only yarns.

(By the way flowers usually last more than a week - why discard them before they're finished, it's like pouring money down the drain!)

The recent post about the Crochet magazine was a real turn off for me. A lengthy post devoted to promoting the publication and enticing readers to buy a subscription. I think Lucy has done well to get a column on the magazine but the post was just too much.

I decided then to stop visiting here, I came back to read comments to see if I was the only one who felt that way, apparently I'm not.

Good luck to Lucy but I'm afraid she has just lost a reader.

Winwick Mum

Our Advent candles are all ready to be lit - they have numbers on and for the first week they are lit every day and then it gets a bit hit and miss and we might have to leave it to burn for two days ... then leave it to burn for too long and have to miss a day out ... it's all part of the fun and we love it! Isn't it great creating new traditions with your children that might one day be part of their family traditions? xx


Lovely post Lucy x
Hi Connie Ferguson,I too read the "careful with cash" posting and can only assume they have never ever read any of the postings on Attic24....so I suggest they do so before making assumptions.

My Grandmother always taught me to know the facts before opening your mouth and putting your foot in it! They might like to do the same......


Wow that's cold! - I better get a move on winter-proofing the house since we're at a similar latitude to you guys.


What a lovely post Lucy!! you do bring a light to our lives! the pics of the icicles are just lovely, you've put me in a Christmassy mood to get going on my own advent decoration! brought back a lovely memory of when I was at school and we'd make an advent wreath out of washing powder (really, we made a kind of dough out of it with water - and then it hardens)!! decorate it and put in four candles to be lit each week leading up to Christmas!
You should be so proud of how you are bringing up your children - they seem to have the right kind of values and that's rare nowadays! well done you!


Thank you for your lovely post!
I enjoy it every time.


The Pink berries look to me like those on a Mountain Ash- was it a tree?- Sorbus'vilmorini'. It is a beautiful tree, lovely dark leaves that contrast with the berries. There is a glorious yellow berried one too, sorbus " Joseph Rock". One of my favourite small trees.


Love your Cat In The Hat candle! Will have to ask my parents to get me one for Christmas.

Connie Ferguson

Well, careful with cash, you have a cheek. Quite a lot of us are in the same boat and can't afford to spend money on little"extras". However, it's none of your business what Lucy spends her and her husband's money on. I'd never question where you spend yours. Away and stop judging others and go do something for others. Oh and focussing on politicians might be better if you want to pick a battle.


I love this time of year when we are approaching winter solstice. Every day I marvel at how early the sun sets, as it gets closer and closer to 4 o'clock. I love how pure and stripped everything is. Your home is looking beautifully festive. The chocolate tin is a great tip, I think it would work miracles here too!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy love the little crochet squares. About to make some snowflakes!
We have had some frost here but no ice.xx


Wow, stunning photos! I love those tiny berries, they look like miniature apples at a first glance. I'm glad they've been identified, I might put them on my garden wish list! We've been lighting candles here most evenings to try and combat the dark evenings - love your new one, reminds me of Pippi Longstockings!

Silly Little Sheep

Your posts are lovely!! You are such an inspiration to me, really!! Winter is a wonderful season when you have a nice warm place to return to :) Those icicles are like from a fairy tale.

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