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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 30, 2013


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Hello, only recently found this blog and whilst I like the overall style I'm afraid it isn't a blog for me. I read back through a few posts but the "push the magazine" post has finished it for me. Just too much.

I admire anyone who works at their craft and does well from it but I think pushing it to such an extent is excessive.

I read many blogs, many give out their patterns freely, some have found success too. But this is the first blog I've come across that has done this to such an extent. In fact I wondered if these were the words of the blog writer or had they been dictated by the magazine.

Good luck with your 'career' but I'm not going to be one of your followers. In fact after reading comments I found that whole 'I wannabee like you' following rather odd. Cultish? It makes me wonder about the lives of some of the followers, rather unsatisfying I would think if they yearn to be you! Take control of your own lives ladies - you're only here once. Make every moment count, you don't get a second chance at life and time spent wishing you were someone else is time wasted.

Nikki Pierce

such lovely photos - I live in Yorkshire too and definitely agree that winter has arrived! I have my fire lit every evening now!!! Love the blog, thanks so much for sharing your life with us! You inspired me to learn crochet and I'm forever grateful to you for that!


I loved your star garland so much I have made one in yellows and metallic golds for us here, hanging little gold numbered card discs below for each day. made a siver and white one for a friend too.It now twinkles across the corridor ... thanks for the idea, Rachel

quinita guyot

this tree is called malus everest; it's a kind of minin apple tree, very beautiful in spring, autumn with yellow leaves ,and red or yellow apples during al the winter. The birds really love them.

Rachel Heard

Hi there,
I came across your fab blog through a dear friend ... you are just amazing! Not only your crafting but your ethics and the way you guys live your lives. I am full of admiration for you. Your children will have been shown a great start in life.

I long to be able to crochet. I have reduced sensation in my fingers as I have MS, I began to make jewellery to keep my fingers moving when first they became stiff. Do you think there is a chance that I will be able to learn? I can knit to a reasonable standard ... though I have not done cable or very complicated patterns. I have looked at printed instructions yet long for someone to sit beside me as I feel that being shown may be better than reading how to do it!

Hoping to hear from you soon

Rachel x


Angela - your wreath is lovely! Very pretty yarn you have used too :o)


Enjoy all your blogging and your attitiude to life. your colour combinations are inspirational and I have attempted a few of your projects. Have just started my own blog on daily life and how crafting fits in somehow in the middle. Soon i will be mentioning you and how inspirational you are, i even subscibed to the magazine after hearing you will feature regulary! Hope you come and visit me soon Lucy. All the best for Advent, regards Selma


Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, As always a lovely post with lovely photos!!! I absolutely love the view from your Attic!!! Always changing, always beautiful no matter the season!!! Have a great day!!!

Jo Navin

I wanted to tell you how very grateful I am that you so generously share your life and creativity with us. I suffer from chronic back pain and am unable to go out much or do the things that I used to, like gardening, baking etc. Your brilliant tutorials, that you clearly spend aaages creating, have taught me to crochet and that is a wonderful gift. I love to see your photographs of nature and the views of the dales. Your friendly upbeat words brighten my days, as do the colours of your crochet. I enjoy adding little homemade and purchased goodies to our home to make it a cosy, happy place for my family. So seeing you share your traditions and decorations makes me feel as though we're all linked, lighting candles, crocheting blankets, all brightening our lives in our own way. Thank you Lucy! Jo xx


Your icicle photos are gorgeous! I know the sudden drop in temperatures is no fun, but the big payoff is all that icy beauty!


Brrr! I love your photographs. Pretty, but happy it's not that cold here--yet. Your advent decorations are still so special. I haven't been able to crochet in a long time, but the other day, I re-discovered my bag of crochet goodies. We have a road trip coming up, so that bag might find its way into the car. Also, this last weekend, we got up early to head out to some nearby wetlands to see sandhill cranes. I was very glad I found my crocheted scarf and fingerless "mittens" that I made due to your inspiration. They made me feel so good--and smart. All the best! And stay warm!

Grace Y Millette

Dear Lucy,having not commented before i just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful i've been for your open sharing on your blog.Your welcoming the many opportunities in your days to seize the moment and celebrate life are quite inspiring.Seeing and creating within our capacities is the gift that you offer freely to your readers.This is not about copying a lifestyle that might not be possible for anyone depending on circumstances and location. But it is a way of welcoming the beauty and colour of life into your day that is available if one chooses to try.I would add that in being so open (and making yourself vulnerable) you have given me the joy of seeing and sharing in many charming circumstances of your location and life.(like the joy of your market flowers not available to me here and loving to see your cosy candle images,and lighting my own as well!) You have brought me much joy,upliftment and inspiration and i want to send a huge thank-you across the seas and to brighten your day and wash away your worries with a colourful rainbow of love.Thank-you for being here Lucy


Dear Lucy, as you have unfortunately found, with the success of your joy and delight in sharing your crochet comes the trolls - nasty mean jealous people who have no joy in their lives and therefore feel obliged to try and blight others - ignore them, they're not worth the effort of a fleeting thought.
I was actually going to say that I think you have been very careful with your cash and frugal! I made an Advent Calendar (sewn, before I discovered crochet) for my children out of necessity and limited money - at the respective ages of 24 and 18, they still love it! Homemade Christmas traditions contain much more love and affection than shop-bought Christmas calendars.

Yarn Queen

Hi Lucy,

I live in Western Canada where winter also arrives suddenly. We have had snow since late October! Fortunately, a long winter gives way to an absolutely beautiful spring and summer on these prairies. I enjoy reading your blog while sipping my morning coffee after my kids have gone to school. It is the highlight of my morning. I ooh and aahh over your beautiful photos.


Oooooooh, it does look cold, but your lovely crochet and candles warm things up nicely. :)Such beautiful pictures! It is winter here as well...we received our first real snowstorm last night. The Littles can't wait to bundle up and go play in all the white fluff this morning.


Your tree looks like a Sorbus Kashmiri Pink - I have one in my garden and the berries gradually turn a deeper pink as winter progresses (unless the birds eat them). Beautiful.

Angela-Southern USA

Hi Lucy!
Just finished my winter wonderland wreath, here's a look if you like.(Not your color scheme I know. lol)
Have a great week!

Su Bishop

Wonderful photos. Down here on the south coast the skies have been amazing too and the odd frost but no icicles The Advent calendars are up (I love them) and after a visit to the Wickham (in Hampshire) Christmas fair yesterday I am feeling festive.


This sudden winter seems to be at least Europe-wide. Winter came to my part of the world a week ago literally overnight: one day was golden and mellow, the next one - northern wind and snowstorm. It's been bleak and grey ever since. And I am supposed to be living in the South (East) Europe. Oh well, at least I can keep my crochet colourful :). And I liked your expression: "beautiful and brrr-freezing sort of way".

Rebecca Coope

I think they are pink rowan berries! Look lovely don't they. Happy Festive Season. Bec x

Bea Rico

Me encanta tu blog!!!! es inspiración pura
Te voy a enlazar en mi blog para que puedan verte mis seguidores.
Un abrazo
Bea Rico

I love your blog!! is pure inspiration
I'll link to my blog so they can see my followers.
a hug
Bea Rico


You are a very nice person Lucy, and I believe you brighten the life of those around you with your happy and creative take on life. I began to follow your blog only recently, since I became interested in crochet too after 10 years of knitting and cross stitching only. I'd like you to know that my first crochet project ever is the Summer garden blanket and I made my first granny ever with the help of your tutorial. I check your blog regularly for my daily fix of color and creative crafty life. You go girl. Luv xxxxxxxxxx

Laura Bareham


I followed the links back from the festive bunting and it prompted my own trip down memory lane. Your son was born just a few months after my first child and this time last year I was struggling preparing for Christmas whilst heavily pregnant with my second. Looking at that photo of his tiny hand on yours made me feel slightly choked and weepy, I have to say. My baby boy is growing up all too fast, he can crawl and say the odd word now, and my daughter has just turned four and is definitely a little person in her own right.
Thank you for sharing your life and reminding me how much I love mine.



Hi Lucy, your photos look amazing, beautiful and cold! Here in Melbourne, Australia it was the total opposite today and reached 35 Celsius! XxBrenda


I remember your Ta-da!post from 4 years ago! Its been lovely hearing how little B & his older siblings are growing up. I wish you and your family Happy Christmas xx

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