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November 07, 2013


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Glad you started to fall in love with Whitstable after a poor start. The thing about the harbour is most people, residents and natives, want it to stay as a working harbour, we like it like that, shops and cafes on that site is exactly what we dont want. Anyway come in the summer when there is a cafe open on the harbour and the beach is much more inviting.


My name is June and I was born and raised in Whitstable. I married an American and now divorced. Unfortunately, I lost contact with all from Whitstable and my parents who always lived in Albert st are not alive today, so I no longer visit.

I am SOOOO homesick and only have the pictures on the computer to remind me. You know, I love the gloomy, rainy, cold weather. It is cosy. I have been in the states for more than 30 years and live in HOT California. I long for rain, wind, storms. I long for beautiful Whitstable. I am sure it has changed and I would be a stranger there now.

Thank you for posting these pictures.



I grew up in Whitstable and it's okay but it's so false now. Over the last couple of decades it's change from a town where everybody knew one another, to a place too trendy and expensive I've moved North. Sorry Whitstable.

Charlotte Burch

Your bus ride brought you through my home town Herne Bay, Whitstable is lovely when the sun is shining and there are some lovely pubs on the beach that are wonderful to sit and watch the sunset over the sea on a summers evening. Hope you began to see some of Whitstables charm before you left x


PLEASE visit Herne Bay! It's only a few miles from Whitstable but the beach front is SOOOO much nicer! We have a little pier with beach huts converted into little shops, and a bandstand and a little harbour which you can walk along!
whitstable and Herne Bay sea fronts blend from one to another and you can walk the whole way! Past playgrounds and coffee shops, along to the Downs and up to Reculver towers if you felt like it which is a wonderful tumble down ruin.
Whitstable IS lovely particularly on a sunny day, but the less well known neighbours have SO much to enchant you with, if you like the seaside our little town is well worth a visit!!!


So glad you ended up enjoying whitstable. It's a beautiful place in the summer, hot full of prople and fisherman and candy and oysters on the beach. You really shouldnt judge it by the winter months but im glad you had fun all the same. Its my local beach you see and we spend most of our summers there, gosh i even got engaged there 5 years ago in the Hotel Continental on the seafront (in one of your pics) Here's a link to my last visit to Whitstable on my blog..... http://sandyfloorboards.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/whitsta-bubble.html


Like Clare, I live in Deal and I've visited Whitstable a few times, usually in better weather than you had, but I'm glad you eventually enjoyed your visit. Perhaps another time, you'll come and visit us here in Deal! :)


Absolutely love your snaps, Lucy! Even the gloomiest of them, with drizzle of the rain made me feel cozy:) Like your writing always does. Wonderful trip! I love small cafes too :)

Sarah W

Can I suggest Rye as a beautiful place to visit...very quaint and full of history :)

Candice from Georgetown ON Canada

I shared this post with my hub who is originally from the Walmer Deal area of Kent. He said the last time he took the bus from Whistable to Canterbury it was 1963 and he spent the evening in The Seven Stars playing bar billiards.
Next time you are 'down south' go to Deal. It is my absolute favorite town and the conservation area houses are to die for. The seafront is pretty good, too. In fact, I wish I was there right now.

pixie kaye

...I live just up the road from Whitstable and shop there often, and i have to say your photos of the town are just wondeful, you captured everything about whitstable beautifully, it made me look at this town in a differant way, its good to see things from another persons perspective and to think how often i have sat in that cafe opposite 'Frank' knowing that its probably the best cafe for miles and now sharing that with another who lives such a long way away.....thank you my dear, for sharing those photos, i know my next trip there will been seen with better eyes...

Pixie x the crafte nook blogspot


It does look lovely Lucy. And I'm thinking it felt much better after cake and hot chocolate and a lick of cream. Love the picture of your little man and his windmill. My littlest would be utterly thrilled with such a thing as well. How adorable they are when they are small and happy. Hope you all have a good Sunday.


Love your blog so much. The crochet tutorials, the pictures, the stories. Thank you for keeping it up!

Caroline Smith

I really recommend you visit the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland, there are lots of beautiful little fishing villages such as Crail, Pittenweem and Anstruther to name a few, I just know you would love them.

An Valenteyn

Thank you so much for all your lovely pictures of Whitstable. I am from Belgium but 7 years ago Me and my kids were on holiday in Whitstable and we loved it there.
I didn't take as many photo's in those days as I do now so I only have a few from the beach but nothing from the town itself so I was very happy to see your pictures here :)



Love those cute little multi-coloured houses - something the British seaside towns seem to do so well! You were just across the water from where I grew up - Southend on Sea! Definitely not quite as quaint as Whitstable!


Do go again! in the sunshine next time when the colours of the terraced houses with their fish and crab encrusted bay windows sing against the blue skies and the smell of the sea and the cries of the seagulls make for a perfect day


Love your pictures of Whitstable,I went there at the end of the summer and found a little sewing shop which sold gorgeous buttons.

Dorothy Griffiths

What a lovely post Lucy, thank you, really enjoyed it. I have felt like this about places sometimes and ended up falling in love with them - others are the opposite - it is so strange. I loved the house you mentioned, boy would I love one like that - in my dreams. Have a wonderful weekend Lucy, always love to read your blog.
Big hug


loved your afternoon jaunt .... you are remarkable in your thoughts and views on anything and everything you see xx love Joy xx


Glad you could find some good things in a dreary, damp day. Some sugar and sweets always helps!

Anne Marie

Well at least you loved it in the end. I have never been to that part of the country. I loved the pictures of THAT house! Would love to be close to the sea. One nice thing about staying with inlaws is they are right on the coast. One of their fields is on the cliff edge!

Love the quirkiness of that little town with all the colours and different buildings.


Whitstable has a charm of it's own, a mix of old and new and I like it like that. It saved a trip to the seaside when we were told to go to Broadstairs by a friend, went to the recommended restaurant and then the waitress refused to seat us outside - despite their being free places - so we went to Whitstable instead and had a brilliant time, eating seafood, poking about and seeing Billy Childish going for a walk on the beach. It might not be pretty pretty but it has character.Herne Bay has a fabulously authentic ice cream parlour - no fakery there and a great little fish restaurant.

Hazel O'Boyoe

So glad you found eventually found the charm and quirkiness of Whitstable. My husband and I are about to buy a property there and everytime we drive down that cute High Street my heart skips a beat. There is a thriving craft community, plenty of inidivdual shops which the locals support and above all friendly chatty folk - I cannot wait!! If you get a chance to visit again please annouce beforehand then us locals (yes I'll be one of those!)can provide you with some hints and tips.


Funny how that can happen- a place you think you hate from first sight turns completely the other way! When somewhere looks that good in the rain, just think of it in the sunshine...no chance of sun today though...

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