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November 27, 2013


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Congrats!!!!! Actually, I loved everything from your picture, colors, design... everything! So it was really nice to read it was you =D

I just discovered your blog and really enjoy your entries. You probably will read me often now ;)

Congratulations again!!

Alva Clark

When do i expect to receive the a Simply Crochet magazine. I thought it was to be this month.


Eek!!! How exciting!!! Couldn't hold it in. Had to tell and show my hubby who's playing his guitar right now.
We're so thrilled and excited for you. You so deserve this so, so much Lucy.
Congrats and enjoy your new work.


Congratulation, you really deserve this success , you must be chuffed!


WOW Lucy amazing - well done you. You have sooooo much knowledge, I jusy know your column will be tremendous!


You must be thrilled! Congratulations!

Vicki R

Congratulations and well done, I was thinking of subscribing anyway so have taken the plunge, can't wait to see you in there. Please try not to take the negative comments to heart, as someone else said you can't ever please all of the people all of the time xxx


Congratulations Lucy!! I was wondering when this would happen. You've had it a long time coming...
Your beautiful creations and blog deserved to be featured in such a lovely magazine! I buy mine from Zinio as I live in South Africa. Cannot wait for issue 14!


Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

Pamela Elliott

Hi Lucy - really great you now have your own column. Is the picture of you and the technicolour dream blanket in issue 13 not 12? You say 12 but I think you might mean 13. I think 13 is the one due out early December. 12 is already out.


Ooooh I shall definitely keep an eye out for that issue! How exciting! It's a lovely magazine.......and i'm laughing....as I type I have those very two hot water bottles on my lap (it's very chilly in my house this morning!) that you show in one of the pics!

I hope that you have a super week this week Lucy.

Much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

Darlynn Venne

Congratulations Lucy!
From what I have witnessed via blogland, you are well deserving.


Oh, Lucy, I am so happy for you, I got tears in my eyes! Such great news, and I am thrilled for you. Hooray for sure!!! I will be checking out the magazine...it looks awesome.


HUGE congratulations to you Lucy, this is well deserved and I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, to be honest. You have so much talent and creativity to share, this is just brilliant. Well done lovely. xx


Congratulations! That's great news! So happy for you.

Julie Nicolson

How exciting! I've been wondering whether or not to subscribe, and the fact that you're going to be in it has swayed me to say a big, huge "YES" to subscribing as you are an inspiration and we talk about you in our crochet class. Well done Lucy xx


Wowweee! Well done Lucy, you deserve it. I hope you enjoy the challenge and I look forward to 'seeing' you in the Best Crochet Magazine around.


Amazing news and so well deserved - I can't think of anybody I'd rather hear about crochet from. I'm so very happy for you (and us readers!)

Winwick Mum

Great news! I'm only surprised it took them until issue 14! :-) xx


SO well pointed out 'disappointed' and you echoed my comment about Ravelry; you get shouted down if you dare say anything bad about Lucy so those who disagree there STAY AWAY and it becomes a sycophant conversation. Even the moderators are like that.


Well done Lucy, HUGE hug.x


A blogger has the right as they see fit to blog about what they want. However, when a blog is perceived and built up in a certain way and is seen to change, that is when it might be hard for the reader to adjust.

I would say that I knew this as a sharing blog, it's identity if you like. Obviously no one made you do that and some people got a lot from that. As someone who crochets and reads standard patterns pretty well, I have not used any of your patterns. Also I noticed that some were not 'yours' in origination but were treated so by your readers. They did this even when you made disclaimers which you did most of the time. However, I felt that sometimes glory was taken undeservedly. Copyright however, covers the words and pictures not the idea, and yes the tutorials were all yours and respected. Many were grateful.

However, to me it is disingenuous to offer them free on the one hand and put the donate button (before it changed to buy me a coffee)up on the other. It is so much more transparent to just charge for the patterns if you want, and why not charge for those original ones? It is not the fact that money is asked for that bothers me it is how and where. Many people give through guilt and pay more than a pattern might cost. There is the notion that just by reading your blog we should pay. There are many free blogs and none of them make me feel that way. I avoid monetised blogs as I find them devoid of interesting content and I dislike the vision behind them. A blog needs readers though, so it really isn't at all so that all the gratitude should belong to us the reader. Surely that is a reward in itself, to have that? Also good bloggers can be rewarded by having so many things opened up to them and that is done by the validation of the reader. We are needed! We aren't just takers you know.

Other bloggers who use affiliate links for Amazon always tell you that they get a fee and have a disclaimer after the blog post. It can seem grasping to use these things and encourage people to use them without explaining that you get money from it. It may be a tiny amount but you have an awful lot of traffic. I don't personally like being treated like a sitting duck. If you buy something, do you need to parade it with all the details so we can buy it too? It encourages this 'I want to be like you' thing which personally makes me feel uneasy. I don't actually want to be like anyone else. I don't actually love everything you do. I do like a lot of what you make but not all. No one is perfect. Sometimes it seems an endless parade of 'I have this and so can you'. It even seems like there might be a kick of out seeing your own power to increase sales for a person every time you mention their goods. The upside being that yes, you probably do increase sales. It seems that you know it though and sometimes I feel like I am being manipulated.

A job is a job. A job doing something you love is great and certainly I think you deserve your new column and wish you well with it. I don't know why it took so long coming. However, it was the wall to wall advertising for the mag, not the enthusiasm for having got the job that grated on me. They are not the same thing at all. Again, I don't want to be seen as a ready audience waiting for a sales pitch. It worked too, as many said they were going to subscribe. What's wrong with just buying a copy? I found it really distasteful after the whole rice thing. The good news in there was buried by the selling information. You may be finding your feet but naivety can harm yourself as well as offend others. If I am honest I felt your blog was being exploited by being used to host the giveaway, the more so if you were not paid. Not just us the reader.

The rice thing seemed equally exploitative of your captive audience who enjoy your blog. It seems like you might have got paid for hosting the giveaway. Maybe you didn't, but it seemed that way, so extensive was your sales pitch. If you weren't, then you should have been for the scale of your marketing. It didn't seem like YOUR giveaway at all, merely that you hosted it. Again you have a right to be paid for your work, which makes money for others, it was the lack of transparency that offended me. (I hope you were paid, the amount of work you did for them!) No wonder it annoyed your US audience who couldn't join in as giveaways are usually to give something back and yes they deserve that. To exclude the US and other countries could easily be interpreted as a snub, regardless that it would have been far from your intention (which I don't personally doubt). It was never about being a giveaway to reward those who have supported you, it was about commercial reward for rice and possibly for yourself. If you had wanted to do a giveaway, then why had you never done one before? Your crochet bird was tagged on the end and still the US couldn't even be part of that. It seemed ungrateful and unappreciative. I must stress that I don't expect your commercial ventures to be audited for us all to literally know your business, but I do think we should know what comes from where in very clear terms.

Your blog has indeed given a lot, but that has been entirely reciprocated in terms of affection, loyalty and even practical help and support. I think it is far from being a one way street here, with you giving so much and the reader just taking. I would go so far to say that you have gained the most from the relationship. It is disingenuous to ignore that. Although there ARE also downsides to being treated like a domestic goddess, unreasonable demands and almost hero worship being two of them. Difficult to cope with at times.

As you have said on Ravelry that you don't understand the criticisms I thought I would try to explain them here. I don't think the 'I love Lucy' forum is the right place for several reasons. No one is going to be properly honest there as their post will be removed for not being 'positive'. I must say I was also much surprised at how quiet that group has become. Hardly any posts lately, which is a big change.

The above is my view only. But really it isn't about not being pleased about your job. Again personally speaking, I am.


Well done Lucy, so pleased for you; your voice will enhance an already delightful magazine. I'm thrilled for you, and can't wait to see what you write about. You have so many strings to your bow - I'm sure your column will be as varied as your lovely blog. Guess it's about time I subscribed to SC rather than keep buying it "on a whim" in the supermarket! I received a copy as past of my last swap in the "We love Lucy" group over on Ravelry and I must have bought most issues since then.

One-oh-four xx


I've subscribed since issue 1 and now have a FANTASTIC reason to ask Santa to extend my subscription for another year.
Chuffed to little bits for you joining the Simply team!
Way to go Lucy !!!

Betty B.H.


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