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November 17, 2013


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That red coat is truly beautiful, you did an amazing job, although everything you do seems amazing, I love your blogg, everything about it is so uplifting, thank you for the joy you bring to not only me but Iam sure to all your readers.

Anne R

Loved your wreath Lucy and so kind of you to share and inspire us.


While you're enjoying Autumn colour, I'm enjoying Spring greenery and vibrant flower colours. Lovely post.


It has been very wild and windy here and all the leaves have blown off the trees. I miss the color already. Your trees are amazing colors.
A couple of weeks ago I picked up a bunch of leaves on a walk with my furball. I pressed them between paper towels to dry out and flatten. They were pretty for a while....
Looking forward to seeing your wreath pictures.

Shirley Ann

I am also LOVIN' Autumn at the mo. So beautiful! The English countryside is just so inspiring to be in right now. Can't wait to see your autumn wreath!


It has been a decent November this year- enough bright sunshine and warmth to make the trees hang onto their leaves and slowly turn them wonderful colours.Leaf drop is usually before the 10th and last year November was more than usually gloomy.So good to be able to get outside and enjoy November!


Lovely pictures, Lucy! The autumn colours are just amazing. Looking forward to pictures of your autumn wreath. Cheers, Sonja


I sat on that very bench by the canal eating a yummy ice cream after Yarndale! It's nice to recognise places in your blog now.


Fall is always my favorite season...the colors make me bonkers! LOL Stop torchering us already...we desperately need to see that wreath!!! Hugs, MO

Miriam Robbins

Just want to say that I love your shoes!

Bari Jo

Oh this looks gorgeous!

Anne Marie

I think that this year, the Autumn colours have come late. The leaves on my Rowan tree (yellow berries) have only just gone golden. Normally by this time, I think they have all been on the ground.

I am having two trees heavily pruned but before the guy comes, I'm going to try to remove as many clumps of berries as possible and throw them to the birds from time to time, as they do keep for quite a while. A shame to throw them away when the birds can eat them.

Ada Bea

Love those colours! Your wreath is looking fab, fab, fab! Just caught up with your posts....you ZING Lucy! Soooo much colour! :) x

Liesbeth Houtman

Lovely! And please tell us about THE PINS you used! Like Pauline asked also. Keep up the good work!
I am sorry to read that the French bower bird is going to be in your classroom next year. I am still waiting for the tutorial and I can not attend to the workshop because I live in the Netherlands.

Alison Crosthwaite

Love your blog. I've just driven down south from Derbyshire and the colour on the trees was so amazing…..I kept on wanting to stop driving to take photos…!!

Jo Roberts

You are just teasing us now! I put all mine on with a glue gun to speed up the process and get stuff exactly where I had pinned it. I will be tuning in tomorrow though.

Ruth Speicher

I would love to see your hometown, I am from Tennessee mountains in USA and love to travel. Your pictures are beautiful and of course, so are your crafts!!


Oh, the colors of the trees are wonderful. I live in Texas and we don't have all the beautiful colors of the fall leaves. Your posts of your countryside are breathtaking and very much appreciated. It is so nice to see your country through your lens. I am anxiously awaiting the reveal of the autumn wreath. Once again, well done!!!


Yo from Philly! Yes, I agree. This Autumn the leaves and colors have been lovelier than I can ever remember. Really breathtaking. Thanks for letting me experience your Autumn too. I always love your photos.


Beautiful trees!! I wish the ones around here still looked like that but unfortunately they are laden with frost now instead!

Cannot wait to see your big Tadah! of the autumn wreath the little glimpses look marvellous!!!

- J


Gorgeous rich colours. It has been a spectacular autumn this year. And it's lovely that you've brought all those colours home to crochet.


You are one crazy lady for sure but I love you for it!! Will you please get on with the wreath I am going to burst if I have to wait too much longer to see it. I put my colourful balls on my cherry tree in the front garden and now the leaves are changing colour they look stunning .. the sun is trying to shine after we have had wet stuff this morning, so I may well pop outside and take a colourful, colourful photo of balls and leaves!! xx lots of love Joy xx


For those of us having gloomy days elsewhere, its nice to see your bright and cheery pictures.


I CANNOT wait to see the completed wreath!!!

Lynne Gill

This is exactly the conversation a friend and I had on our way across Norfolk to a brilliant craft fair The trees were incredible. Never sure whether it reflects the really good summer, or presages a bit of a grim winter!!

The colours of your autumn wreath are EXACTLY the same as a commission I have for a bangle - not my usual colours but I am loving working with them, and can't wit to see your completed wreath. Lx

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