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October 08, 2013


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Cindy Seaton

Your blog updates are a burst of inspiration and fun in the middle of a drab week. I tried the link for the granny apple crochet, but it never opened. Would you mind sending me your pattern? Thanks for all the sweet updates. One day I will waltz across Texas to attend Yarndale and meet you!


Lucy, Yarndale was great, spent far too much money but it was wonderful fun. Your yarnbombing around lovely lovely Skipton was fantastic and shame on anyone who tried to ruin it by vandalising it. I had my picture taken with you and was sooo proud to show it off when I got home. Lots of love and keep doing what you are doing!! XXXX

Robin Chapa

I soaked up every word of your post. I just love your blog-- your English walks and strolls and projects and "bombing" seriously make my day. You have such a good attitude about the abduction of your yarn-bombing projects-- but it makes me sad, really. What's wrong with people? Bygones-- your blog is just lovely. Thank you!


I'm reall?y surprised that people would steal your yarnbombing efforts. Here in Chipping Norton we have a Yarnbomber who's been active in the town for many years now and it's very rare for anything to be taken or tampered with. Maybe visitors to Yarndale were tempted to take away a souvenir?


OHHHH, really love the yarn bombed walk. Makes the park so colorful. I'm sure you ladies made many faces smile. Keep up the colorful works. Love your site


Wonderful yarnbombing! You made a lot of people smile (even those of us who just seen it over the web). Awfully sorry to hear they were stolen and tampered with. Don't let that get you down.

Val E

What a great inspiration for NEXT year's Yarndale - but a pity that the pretty stuff was pilfered, enough said on that!! What a brilliant idea from Jen (stitchingatstonecottage, above) to ask local school children and businesses - and perhaps church/social groups to join in. It can only benefit the town as the annual event gains momentum. Well done Lucy and friends/yarn-bombing buddies worldwide.


Lucy you are an absolute 'STAR', give yourself a big pat on the back, you so deserve it.
The effort you put into your work is quite remarkable.
I find your Blog so uplifting and very colourful.
It's always a pleasure to read.
Plus you're a wonderful inspiration to your children.


Wow Lucy! This just makes me sad that I didn't get to see it in real life. Those ducks are fantastic. Pure GENIUS!!! You're amazing!


Really loved seeing all your creations,especially liked the ducks,and the mummy duck on the post fitted so well. I'm so dissappointed to hear of the vandalism, how can people be so heartless?


That just brightened up my day! So wish I could have seen it in person. Spreading good cheer is always worth it, no matter what those vandals do. Good for you! oxoxo


Hi Lucy, thank you for the pictures - looks like it was a fantastic weekend. Would have loved to have been there but was on holiday but hopefully next year?! I loved the fruit balls on the trees and was going to ask if there was any chance of a tutorial or pattern and I read that someone else had the same thought - if you have the time is there any chance you could do one? Bet you just want a bit of peace and quiet now though. Take care.

Brenda B.

Thank you so much for sharing your journey of yarn bombing before Yarndale! What a beautiful sight! You have lots of talent and patience.. I am so sorry that it was basically destroyed, but it would happen anywhere.. Blessings to you for all you do out in "crochetland"!!

Sian Allen

Lucy, as always you completely inspire me! Would have loved to have attended Yarndale but was not an option this year. You are an incredibly talented lady who I love following via blog and sharing your little colourful world with us. Im sure lots of people say it but from the bottom of my heart thank you for being you x x x x x x x x


The photos of your yarn walk look brilliant - love those little ducks, I bet they put smiles on many people's faces.


Unbelievable. And how sad that it was all messed with. A lack of respect for the crocheted and knitted work. Sorry you had to experience that. Personally, I stopped knitting for expectant mothers when a friend took my knitted layette set at her workplace baby shower, said, yeah, thanks, crumbled it back up and put it into the bag to swoon over plastic toys for the newborn coming. Hmmph...people don't GET it, do they? I LOVE your work Lucy. Maybe next time all the Yarndale displays could be inside...
Sending a huge hug from Maine, U.S. I LOVE all your work and blogs and colors!!! <3


Loved the flower garden. Always liked crochet and crochet flowers. This was such a nice beginning of my day!

Thanks to my new friend, Holly, I am enjoying this and feeling inspired.


Wow it looks so beautiful, really wish I could have come along! Such a shame that people don't respect the yarn bombing though, especially after all of your hard work. Is much still there?

Muddling Along

How incredibly sad that not everyone entered into the spirit - it looks utterly wonderful (and am now tempted to try and find ways to yarn bomb my train... even if only one person sees it and smiles it has to be worth it)

Jo Navin

Hi Lucy, I wasn't able to do the yarn walk because of a bad back, although I did have the pleasure of meeting your duck family in their gorgeous woolliness, so it was a delicious treat to hear and see the story through your eyes. I so appreciate the warmth that radiated from the whole occasion. I am ticked off for you all about the damage, but I also think maybe it was meant to be fleeting, like cherry blossom or autumn colour that seems brighter and even more welcome because we only have a little while to soak it in to our memories before (hopefully?) it returns even better next year. Anyway, I'm less able to be philosophical about adorable mummy duck grrr...
Please can us readers help with the yarnbombing next year? I know that I got such pleasure from sending bunting along. Jo xx

Linda Russ

I thoroughly enjoyed what you and your yarn cohorts achieved. Loved the ducks, the water, the apples, everything. I love your attitude too! Despite your yarn bomb neing tampered with, you still looked onward and upward. Bravo 👏
FYI, I have decided to yarn bomb our verandah and entertainment area after reading your post. Thank you for inspiring me xx


It all looks fabulous, what a lot of work went in to it all, but I'm sure it was worth every minute as it was enjoyed and appreciated by so many people. I'm really upset that I couldn't be there but family matters had to come first. The ducks have to be my favourite, so cute, how upsetting though that mummy duck was taken. Some people can't keep their hands to themselves.


Hi Lucy, I so enjoyed this post ! I didn't guess the plastic balls were inside the knitting needle balls too... coincidentally I've just posted a picture of one in my latest post :0)they were great.
Your hard work spread smiles across Skipton, like your blog spreads smiles throughout the world.
Looking forward to the next installment.
Jacquie xxx


It looks beautiful! All the colours, and the balls, and the ducks, it just makes me smile! You have all really worked hard and it looks so great. I wish I could have been there. :-)

Blithe Spirit

I am in absolute awe. I loved walking through the park to Yarndale and marvelling at all the lovely yarn bombing and had no idea that you'd personally done so much of it (I LOVED THE DUCKS!!!) though I'd certainly guessed you'd been the instigator for the ideas. I'm so sad that so much of it was stolen or tampered with, but you gave so many people so much joy on that weekend and I'm smiling even now looking at all the photos. It was a glorious event and beyond the congratulations, I just want to say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you (and to all the other volunteers and crocheters/knitters who contributed as well).

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