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October 08, 2013


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Jo Ann Gee

it is such an enjoyment reading and keeping up with ur blog. i didnt send any madelas to u but i have made several at home. just letting u now i love ur blog here in Cross City, Florida~!!


Just recently found you on pinterest and have been working my way through your blogs. You have brought me such happiness with your beautiful photographs and chatty posts. I just love this post on the yarn-bombing. So many hours of dedicated work and such wonderful results! I cannot understand the mentality of the wreckers :( So many people did enjoy your work and feel the joy:) I felt it all the way down here in Southampton! Thank you so much for sharing such a happy event.


Hi Lucy,

Do you think it might be possible to explain how you did momma Duck? I have been looking all over the internet for a duck just like the one you did. It's perfect. It would make my daughter sooooo happy! I hope you will consider it. I would be happy to pay for the pattern! Thank you for the inspiration. I could never just wing it like you did. Not yet anyway:)

Angela Hort

Wonderful idea and brilliant execution of same. Wish I could have been there to see it. Pity about the vandalism that seems to be the way of things these days, there is always going to be someone with no repeat for things that others admire/revere. We had a yarn bombing here in my unlovely town and it stayed up for ages - big surprise - before I knew what yarn bombing was, now I want to get involved. Might suggest it to my WI group!


Oh wow, what an amazing idea! The results are beautiful. I can only imagine how much time you spent making the decorations! Wish I could have seen it! (I live way to far away!)


Beautiful! Wish I could have been there. But I have another question - the green shoes in the baby ducks on the water photo, I must know what they are! Fabulous!


what a wonderful achievement and so beautiful! very touching that so many contributed!


Learning to let go of your graffiti is the first thing you learn when tagging. Just know that people got to see it for a little bit and enjoy that.


Wow! What a HUGE job that you undertook - everything looks fantastic! My favourite piece is indeed the red balls hanging from the tree, how sad that they were nicked but such is life (and the risk taken with this kind of thing). Well done - it looks amazing!!!

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

***I love yarn day!*** October 11th, today! How will you celebrate such a day? Inspired be you Lucy I think I'll do some yarn bombing :D


Wow! How wonderful! So creative! I have always wanted to yarn bomb in my town too, your duckling idea is too cute! Thanks for sharing all these projects. Very inspiring, specially with the grey of winter looming around the corner, yarn bombing season if there ever was one. Yarndale looks so dreamy, maybe I will make it someday! :)


Absolutely fantastic, well done.

Isla davison

Gutted some of your yarnbombing was vandalised / pinched. After spending our pennies on the Saturday at Yarndale we had a relaxing walk into town and loved what we saw. Was just the ticket before driving back to Lincolnshire x


These are some of the brightest and loveliest photos I've seen of yarnbombing! I wasn't even there but please know that the ducklings and mama duck brought a huge smile to my face when I first saw people posting them on Instagram and now reading about them here. Really wonderful!

I hope you have the event again, though I probably would never be able to afford to fly over and attend, just seeing the pictures of everyone enjoying it so much brought gladness to my days!

- J


Oh Lucy! The amount of time and energy and fantastic talent that went into this Yarndale is truly amazing! I was so sad and angry to read that people could be so rude and horrible to steal or even mess with all the yarn bombing! They obviously are not crocheters and so have no idea the hard work that goes into it. And even non-crocheters though, just a measure of human kindness and respect should move people to show more dignity! Well done though, I am so impressed with everything and I LOVE the duck family and the last photo-so gorgeous!


Just brillant Lucy! What an enjoyable post to read :)
Smiles, DianeM


It looks fantastic and so much fun shame the locals didn't respect it more. Have you considered next time involving the local brownies, scouts, schools etc because people tend to be more respectful if children have participated or if they have a family member involved. Hope you don't mind my suggestion. By the way all your work is beautiful and I love reading your blog x


So gutted I couldn't make it, it looks amazing! you guys did fantastic!


Aireville Park and surrounding areas were yarnbombed fabulously and it makes me so cross that thoughtless people think they have the right to take these things that people have worked so hard to create. On the upside I added a poppy that I crocheted to the entrance flowers and I see from your picture that it was still there when you took your photograph!! I am going to yarnbomb my cherry tree in my front garden with coloured crochet covered balls. Can we have the pattern please Lucy .... and YES, YES, YES you must yarnbomb the Park again. GREAT JOB!! love Joy xx


The yarn bombing was lovely, I smiled the whole of the walk back taking pics. My 17 year old daughter loved the ducks, I sent her a picture, she is normally anti yarn. I am so sorry all your hard work was ruined. Xx thank you.


Well done to all involved....how lovely to beautify your surroundings with yarn, bright yarn at that. Thank you for sharing your photos and inspiring as always xx


"Winged" it making the duckies. Love the pun, even - maybe especially - if unintended. :-)


Lucy, what are those cute geen shoes you wear all the time? Can I find them in the US?


Pieces of Art...Pieces of Love and Joy...and a true reflection of you and Yarndale. Xo

Judy McGarry

It is unfortunate that all your hard work was vandalized but at least some people got to see it. Our community has a great respect for art and would never put up with the destruction of someone's display like this. What a shame. :(

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