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October 09, 2013


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Janet Wecker Frisch


Henna van Niekerk

Just wondering how many nice warm blankies those bunting "flags" would make for less fortunate people? It might be a good "pay-it-forward" project after the YARNDALE success?

Ann Williams-Maughan

Looks amazing, well done.

Bel Kennedy

What a truly inspirational story - thank you :)

Angela @Little Apple Tree

Absolutely jaw-dropping! I've never seen so much bunting in one place before!! I love that you crowdsourced triangles, too; makes it even more special xx


The beauty of the colorful bunting - the love sent out from so many crafters - it gives me great joy! And I wasn't even there in person!

Raquel Leal

Oi Lucy! sou Raquel , brasileira descendente de Carlos Wippich,alemão. Desculpe-me utilizar o google tradutor.Estou começando um grupo de quadrados de crochet com 4 amigas para vender nossas colchas e comprar cobertores para doação.Que trabalho maravilhoso!parabéns! minha sugestão é que costurem colchas para agasalhar pessoas .Beijos

Lucie Karasová

I greatly admire your enthusiasm, I would like to get involved now! You have the ability to make people happy, everyone can not ..
A week ago (before) I found your great site and I can not look away - and it got a lot of work ..

Meredith O'Grady

Concept to completion well done, and SO much love xxx

Ruby Trahan

That was amazing. I think you did a wonderful job. I had never seen that before. Thanks for answering me back.

Sara Rhodes

What an absolutely wonderful idea. I did see something like this in the Boston art building when I visited my niece this past summer. Those were made out of paper, I think. To make little flags out of yarn is incredible!
The fact that you got all those women all over the world involved, to come together for a common cause. It's amazing! Wish I could have seen this in person. Thank you.


Amazing post... blows my mind to read about the whole project and see those great pictures. I somehow missed visiting here for some time and only looked at pictures that you posted whenever I had some little time to myself. I remember spotting 'yarndale', 'bunting', 'arrive' etc. But could not connect dots as I had completely missed the root information. Now I am reading and looking at pictures and regretting that I could not be a part of it all. :(

Anyways, congratulations on accomplishing this huge task. Its beautiful and amazing...

Debbie Longville

WOW, WOW and thrice WOW!
What a vision of colour! What a labour of love! What an emotional journey!
Amanda's words are perfect!
You have inspired me to finally learn to crochet....you blog is beautiful!

Thank you,


What a massive undertaking! I am impressed by your dedication. I don't know if I would have had the heart to take it down.


I've just returned from holiday so had a bit of Yarndale catching up to do. Saw my bunting above the 'Fantastic' picture - thrilled to see it!!!
I hope there's a Yarndale 2014, my creative mind is in overdrive and I'm already planning my contribution - hopefully I'll be there.
Well done to everyone involved.

Robin Chapa

I'm so in awe..... so inspired! I love the beauty of it, the story of it, the "unitedness" of it. I love your vision and your triumph! Amazing! I'm going to make a mini-bunting inspired by you to bring color and light and beauty and creativity into my classroom! You are a yarn goddess!!! Happy Birthday!

Belinda Howard

So incredibly amazing. And very inspiring too - the Happy Hookers are mightily impressed here in NZ.


This is such a beautiful beautiful sight! I really hope you something like this again because I would love to contribute to such a wonderful project and such an inspiring story. It is simply breath taking. Well done! x



Holley Downs

This was so amazing! The triangles were beautiful! A lovely canopy over visitors' heads! I wondered what you would be doing with the 6212 triangles after you take them down! Have you thought about stitching them together for blankets for charities? They would be so colorful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing this event with us. I thoroughly enjoyed crocheting the triangles I sent! I wish I could have been there!

Karen Traversy

Awesome to read about this. Congrats!


WOW!!! Fantastic. So great to see your ideas come to life, isn't it. You are always my crochet inspiration! I started a pay-it-forward project crocheting granny hearts and my dream is that they will make their way around the world, spreading love. Seeing how all these people contributed to your project has given me further inspiration in the hopes that the same thing could happen for the hearts. Thank you so much, Lucy!! Here is a link if you are interested in reading about the hearts project. It's called You Are Loved. Best, Dara Weynahttps://www.facebook.com/crochetheartsoflove?ref=hl


Oh my goodness! I have to admit, I got a little choked up right along with you, looking at those growing piles of gorgeousness. I can hardly find words to describe my admiration for this, and those photos of the room all finished? Hoo! The tears. So, so beautiful. Well done.


Absolutely beautiful and so glad I got to see photos of it! Amazing what people can do when they work together..love it!

Mary Cooley

We r still celebrating our wonderful year of UK city of culture and have wonderful experiences of how crafts can reach out to everyone and cross and bring people together. Like you people got together and stitched and weaved and produced beautiful pieces which will last in people's thoughts and hearts for a long time

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