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October 30, 2013


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Yesterday was a lovely day, but back to mist,rain and grey today.I am really missing being able to get outside, even in weather like today- but I can go on a walk with you, thanks Lucy.


Hi there,

I am writing to you on behalf of Southbank Centre. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I would love to speak with you about an upcoming knitting project organised by the centre.

If you would like to hear details about the project drop me an email at emily.browne@southbankcentre.co.uk

Best wishes,


Joanne Retzler

Walking in the woods and on back roads is heavenly! I miss that so much. Your photos make me want to be there!! It's a special feeling you have when you are out in nature, and there is always so much to see. That is so nice that you do that as often as you can. Clears the mind. When I lived in Vermont, I used to go walking with my dogs quite often, and I LOVED it. thanks for bringing it all back to me. xxoo. JO

Libby from the U.S. Midwest

So glad you all are outside of that nasty weather! Lovely pics, Lucy! I can smell all of the damp greenery and feel the chill in the air. The pathways look so inviting!


I love to go on your walks,too. My Mother used to take us out like you do and I am still grateful for those memories even though I groaned at the time.


Thanks for sharing your walks with us, you have such a good eye and your pics are beautiful! Always inspiring x

Katherine, NZ

My three little people, similar ages to yours, also often have to be dragged kicking and screaming on outdoor activities but also really enjoy it once we get there! We're lucky, like you are, to have nature on our doorstep. Since starting reading your blog I now actually look at and appreciate the beauty nature has given us rather than take it for granted. Thank you xo


Thanks to you we found out about Bolton Abbey and made a visit there during the summer, it was worth every penny of the parking fee!


Ooooh! Your pictures as always are so stunning. That makes me think Home! I don't know why though, I am a native southern California girl. But your pictures .... Ah! Sigh! I think it's the lack of the city scape that most calls to me. Then it's the colors and moody skies. There really are places left that haven't been divided up for homes and lots of people! Just kidding, I know this but I forget sometimes living in the city. I am so grateful for your pictures and love that you really appreciate your walks. Thank you for the view of serenity. :)

Susan Smith

What a lovely walk and I also love Bolton Abbey and will visit there again when we come over from Oz.
I think most children moan about a walk, but then enjoy the benefits of seeing all that is around them and make us see it through their eyes quite often.
take care.


Lovely photos Lucy. Children are so funny - my son could never see the point of going for a walk for no reason. Make the most of it, at about aged 12 he announced that was the very last time he was doing it - and so it was. :( x


They may not think they like these walks now, but years from now, they'll look back so very fondly on them and also take their own kidlets on same. The woods have the best earthy smells also. And that alone will trigger a flood of good memories for your wee ones. Thanks for taking us along too!


A beautiful stroll. Those acorns are simply adorable! We have big chestnut oak acorns here and I love finding them all smooth and clean and holding them in my hand while I walk.

carol partridge

Seems like you are nearly back to "normal" after Yarndale. As usual ,lovely photo's Lucy. We had a nice break in Eastbourne last week. Thank goodness it wasn't this week ! Red coat ? Do tell.


Lovely pics, I have enjoyed Autumn so much this year, I think because I've been fortunate to get out for lots of walks away from city concrete. I love walking in the woods, I guess especially as coming from Australia it's something we don't really have (hot dry brown crunchy bushwalking with an eye out for snakes is not the same!)
Much of Autumn I have spent in Stockholm and the colours have just been fantastic (I've posted some pics here http://www.sloydhappens.blogspot.se/2013/10/last-bit-of-autumn.html)


lovely xx


Lovely pictures! Mine too hate being dragged out but usually enjoy it once they are out there. They are currently fabricating Hallowe'en costumes out of random outgrown clothes and the contents of the dressing up box, and i am not allowed to help. I *think* there will be a 14 year old zombie groom and a 12 year old zombie bride based on the conversations I have overheard and the things they have asked for (white net, dead flowers, old bow-tie....) but I could be wrong!!!


Wow! What gorgeous scenery and a wonderful place to walk!


I think moaning is something you do and actually quite enjoy as a child - but it doesn't mean you *really* don't want to, or hate what is suggested. I know that I remember the walks with my family hugely and they are definitely part of memories of my childhood...though I'm sure I whined a bit at the time!

(Inside Crochet - current issue 47 - p.8 Lucy! ;-))

Dorothy Griffiths

Hi Lucy loved your photographs really makes me yearn to visit your lovely part of the world again soon. A fabulous post as always, thanks Lucy
Big hugs

Jules Francis

Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

Cindy Bee

I am so blessed to have a woods right across from our house. I've been walking in it a lot lately. It's a gorgeous time of year. Keep forcing those kids to go out for walks in nature. They'll grow up to appreciate it. So many people don't do that now, and they are missing out on a lot. I was raised camping and fishing. I don't do either now, but I LOVE nature.

Cindy Bee


Beautiful photos sitting in my office looking out at the sunshine today. You brought some of indoors. keep making those kids get outside they will thank you later!


Very beautiful!

Petra Hodge

It looks absolutely beautiful! Love the green,the trees all nature in its glory! X

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