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October 03, 2013


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Congratulations on the huge success of Yarndale. I've been enjoying reading about everyone's take on the day, especially as I had to miss it myself, gutted. I'm hoping there's another one next year so that I don't miss out. The colour of the leaves by the post box are just beautiful, I've noticed that my blueberry plants are in full autumn mode, they've changed to a glorious dark red colour. My socks have already made an appearance too, lovely hand knitted ones, my tootsies are very pampered indeed.

Ada Bea

Well my lovely you deserve a rest! The Yarndale team seemed to work their socks of (hand knitted ones of course!) and I've loved looking at everyone's photos! I wasn't well enough for this year but there's always next year! Have a great weekend! :) x

Alison Whale

You were just as delightful in person as you are on your blog. It was great to meet you and to have a brief chat. Thanks again for getting me into this friendly colourful world of wool and crochet. It's a really positive part of my life.
Ali Whale

Barb Colvin

There were some pictures from Yarndale posted on the Marmalade Rose blog, and one really caught my eye. I thought, "Gee, that look like Lucy's work!" Sure enough, an awesome display!


It takes time for things to sink into one's brain and come out again! Take as long as you want- all we need to know, we know i.e. it went swimmingly. Job done! Well done to you all. x


Although I was not able to attend Yarndale I feel that I did in spirit as I spotted two of my bunting triangles on pictures via the many many fantastic blog postings that sprung up shortly afterwards and I am so looking forward to seeing your take on the whole experience.....blogland deems it as a great success but then we all knew it would be. I just love canals and Skipton looks like a great place to be must try and visit it one day. Enjoy your rest time Lucy you deserve it.


Looking forward to seeing your post about Yarndale. It was brilliant and you deserve a well earned break. It was lovely to meet you and it's been great reading all the comments and looking at the photos. What a success!


Yaaay Lucy you're back!! :-) I've been having so much fun seeing pictures and blogposts about Yarndale, but it's quite understandable you're in need of serious recovery time! I'm just so happy it was such a big success, you have all done such a brilliant job... :-) xxxx


Was wondering where you'd got to - thought Yarndale had killed you! All the other bloggers had their reports on it up the next day!
We had a lovely time there but I did have a few feedback comments that I wanted to tell someone:
The parking - yes we all know that there were loads of cars but the parking marshalls weren't talking to the cars to tell them where to go and the cars had no idea where was allowable parking - we queued and drove past gravel areas on the left as we drove in not knowing if we could park in them or not - no-one told us even though there were marshalls stood there - when we came out those areas were all filled with cars - if we'd known we could park there the queues would have disappeared much quicker.
Toilets - nuff said - the portaloos were better than the inside loos but there weren't enough of them - need lots more - women wee a lot!!!
The food - I mostly ignore food when I'm going somewhere like this due to being coeliac and never finding anything I can eat - but even if I'd been able to eat it, it all looked pretty unhealthy and unappetising - less greasy stuff next time.
The room - the stalls were all far too small - once you got one or two stall holders in there and then one or two customers they were full - which was ridiculous considering that half the room was empty with no stalls in it - it must have been very galling for the stall holders because they lost lots of sales with people simply not being able to look at the goods properly - the jostling and "yarn blindness" that made people turn into jumble sale mode put a bit of a downer on the day.
The variety of goods for sale - it seemed to me that it was a never-ending swathe of the same thing over and over again - high-end hand spun or hand dyed, extremely expensive yarn - I usually knit garments and I would have been looking to spend a minimum of £90 for any of the yarns on offer there - not really within most peoples budgets - and they were all so samey! - I bought one skein for a scarf from a lovely stall where she had a colour I didn't see anywhere else all day - but that was a totally one off - I would have liked to see more of a variety of yarns - some cheaper ones thrown into the mix to keep everyone happy - or if you're only going for those very expensive suppliers then make that clear in the advertising literature
Oh and put some signs up to warn people about the water gulleys - the number of turned ankles before people realised was a lawsuit waiting to happen!
Otherwise ti was great!!


Looking forward to seeing the pictures, it must have been a lovely lovely time. LOVE your green shoes too!


Sometimes, we just need to sit. Enjoy. x

judith hunter

enjoy! it was lovely meeting you and bunny mummy at yarndale made our trip up from surrey, with my knit n sew group, we had a great day, weather was fab all weekend stayed in a lovely cottage near hushwaite


I'd been wondering and worrying about you Lucy, imagining you collapsed under a pile of bunting. Have a good rest, it is very well deserved.

Therese Edmonds

Memories of all the colour at Yarndale will keep the winter days bright. I was aghast by all the crocheted bunting and had thoughts of gratitude to all those that had contributed in whatever way. You looked so happy and enthrolled as I passed by several times and each time thronged by the crowds. I will get a chance some other time to say hello and thank you in person for inspiring me to learn to crochet.. Enjoy your peace a little longer x


Your're lucky to live there!
Today i"ll try to find some red leaf here in Milan!
I'm waiting for your photos of Yarndale.


Looking forward to read your post about Yarndale.
You deserve a rest.


Well done Lucy! I wish I had been there. A bit from France but I'm sure it would have been Worth the trip!!!

Carolyn Jackson

Hi Lucy, pleased you are taking it easy this week, I am looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing all about Yarndale. So pleased my bunting was there, what an amazing response you had to bunting, dont think I will ever get there so your words and photos will mean a lot. Love your blogs. Cheers Carolyn NZ. Spring here now.

Maria D.

I just love your vibrant colors, or colours :-) The red leaves and the post box are fantastic. Thank you for brief view into your atticland.


I can't believe your mother didn't go to Yarndale!


reast and enjoy the quiet after the Yarndale storm!!!!!
xxxxxx Ale

Sharon Calvert

Thanks for checking in, Lucy ... I've been gleaning info and pics from other blogs until such time as I can savor your experience. You simply have to be exhausted, and should take however long is necessary to recoup. I admire your dedication and devotion to Yarndale, and look forward to what you have to share. Questions that occurred to me during all of this had to do with (1)whether the exterior yarn bombing stays out year-round; if so, how does it weather the elements; and (2)what happens to all of the displays now that it's over?

God bless,
Sharon in Alabama (USA)

Stephanie Haworth

Ooh Lucy,
So glad you are having a lovely week of rest! MUCH deserved:)))
I wish we had such a fabulous event like Yarndale here in th US....I do have my sweet Yarndale bag and know my buntings were there for the festivities.....look forward to the story.....


Hi Lucy, lovely to meet you again at Yarndale. I hope you're basking in the warm after glow of Yarndale.
I know exactly what you mean. I too have been shattered this week but still found it difficult to slow down. I have been cleaning and tidying like a mad woman after all the chaos of working up to Yarndale. I'm slowly rediscovering my house under all the wool and felt and each time I discover a bit I give it a clean and say, 'nice to see you again'.
Looking forward to the Yandale posts.
Hope to see you next year, there will be a Yarndale 2014 won't there?
love Fi x


Can't wait to hear your Yarndale tale! I've loved reading all the Yarndale tales popping up around blogville.

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