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October 03, 2013


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Angela-Southern U.S.A.

So glad you and others enjoyed the sheep pin/badge. :)) Hope you liked the rainbow swirly pillow and hook etc. I sent as well, just a little thank you for all the sunshine you spread the world over! : )

Angy Braine

Waiting with glorious trepidation to hear/see/devour your Yarndale experience! More importantly though loving that you are slowing down and resting and putting your feet up. A frazzled, fizzed out and frustrated mummy is no good to anyone hey? We are (supposed to be) welcoming Sunshine and Spring here in Perth but methinks a little UK Grey has found it's way to my corner of the world... not that I mind - cosy is my middle name ..

Jules Francis

Hi Lucy,
Good to see you are giving yourself time to recover and enjoy life at a slower pace. Good for the soul! It was an absolute pleasure to come to Yarndale ( hope it's ok to mention it?!) to see your beautiful studio and to meet you and Tracy. Wow it was mad and amazing just coming to Yarndale let along organising it! You must be exhausted. I love Skipton and the weather was like summer for a lot of our stay which was a bonus. It's a lovely place and great to read your blog and see your pics and think we went there and to have more of an idea where things are. Really hope we come back to visit again soon. Anyway thanks for all your hard work, enjoy putting your feet up and ease yourself back into things. There's no rush!!
Lov jules xx

Lynn Butler

Oh Gosh Lucy! Those red leaves are so gorgeous! I love everything about Fall. Here in Southern California we are just getting hints of cooler weather and turning leaves. I can't wait for the coolness of Autumn.

I will wait patiently for your tale of Yarndale! No worries about that. I know I will be able to see and feel it through your pictures and description.

Thank you for sharing!


Yowser! What a week! Have a good rest and catch up on ordinary life.... Will there be a Yarndale next year? (please?)


It is soooo important to relax and unwind after something so big! It takes processing time too. I love slow ambles too :)


I'm suffering Yarndale withdrawal symptoms! Can't believe it was only a week ago. You deserve a rest after all your hard work. Look forward to reading your view of this most stupendous event. xxx


Well done to you and all those involved in making Yarndale happen, it was brilliant. I done a little post about it on my blog

Now sit back with your feet up!

Jools Morgan-Jones

Take it easy, get yourself rested and sorted, then settle down to tell us about Yarndale when you're ready xx


Beautiful Fall pictures, especially the canal. It looks so picturesque to have a canal in your town! I was admiring the beautiful red maple tree leaves here today and gave one to my daughter to hold on our walk (into the mouth it quickly went). And I was trying to describe the color to her, "not tomato red, not maroon", etc. So hopefully by 3 she also will know more than than red, yellow, and blue!

Isla davison

Enjoy some r&r. I was exhausted just shopping at Yarndale. Lord knows how I would feel after organising it and two crazy days! We came on the Saturday and it was just brilliant. My friend and I loved every minute and the two hour drive each way was def worth it. Thank you


I'm happy to read that Yarndale was a huge success! I read BunnyMummy's post on her visit and can't wait to read yours and see all your pics.
I'm from Canada and am planning a trip to your lovely part of the world next year...definitely planning to attend next year's Yarndale ;)

PS...Love your shoes!


¡Se ve sensacional! Estoy deseando que nos lo cuentes todo muy bien con muchas fotos enseguida. ¡Feliz recuperación hogareña!


See that there towpath? I've walked along there!!!

So glad you've had some gentle pottering time this week - you must be totally spent after Yarndale.

Was just super to meet you.

Heather xx


Enjoy! Can't wait to read all about it!


Enjoy a rest.You need to after that superhuman event called Yarndale.Daughter and I hade the best day ever.Thank you.Can't wait for next year.Thrilled Igot to have my photo taken with you.


Enjoy your winding down time! It can definitely be hard after so much business. Can't wait to hear about Yarndale.


I'm really not surprised you're wiped out, I was after a full on weekend in Yorksire with another event and Yarndale on Sunday, amd I was not organising just socialising!
I know what you mean about coming down and finding it hard to unwind, I think busyness and meeting deadlines becomes part of the norn, then suddenly there's a full-stop.
The pecan pastry and coffee look like a good antidote to autumn weather, drips and house SOS situations.
Lovely to meet you at Yarndale, I really enjoyed our chat and wish we could have lingered longer - but your fans were beginning to queue behind us :-D


Hurray! It all looks so amazing in everyone's blog posts! Couldn't make it this year I'm afraid, but I'm hoping I can plan a lovely weekend in Skipton next year for the next one :o)


Lucy you show us all the most gorgeous pictures. I am putting your neck of the woods, sort of speak onto my Bucket List of things and places to see. I could not imagine having a beautiful canal to walk by each and every day like the one in your pictures. Now, just to note, that I am crocheting up a storm here in Canada and what I mean by that is I have rediscovered my love of crocheting thru your projects.....thank you for sharing.

bette buck

What a fantastic day i had at yarndale i came with 2 friends avril and ruth, we stayed in skipton for 4 days and travelled there from Twickenham in middlesex, ruth and i went to the knit and natter in the wool shop on the wed night and met some lovely knitters. A VERY BIG WELL DONE AND THANK YOU for that saturday, we now have lots of knitting to be done.
We hope you hold it again another year.
from BETTE in middx

Jo Navin

Ooh I forgot to say, we fell in love with Skipton and can't wait to visit again! Jo x

Jo Navin

Hi Lucy, I'm just giving you a little wave, it was so lovely to meet you on Saturday and say thank you thank you for teaching me to crochet and for inspiring me. You asked me to remind you about the brooch that I sent you amidst your sea of bunting, it was attached to a kilt pin, had "attic 24" stitched on it and a tiny blue crocheted flower. I hope you find it among your box of treasures, but hopefully you'll have had a v long (about a year's?) rest first! Yarndale was perfect, like being in a bright, cosy, woolly hug, I still have a big grin on my face :) My husband and I went on a mini quest along the canal to find your ducks and were delighted to find them safely swimming along - adorable! I think that you and the other Yarndalers created a little bit of magic that made lots of people very happy, thank you to you all. Xx

Dorothy Griffiths

Hi Lucy you deserve a break - enjoy the down time with your lovely family - I was so so disappointed as I had made plans to come and see you last week but illness in the family meant I had to stay and look after my loved one. I knew I had to stay but all weekend I was down in the dumps wanting to come to Yarndale - have promised myself that I will definitely be there next year and hopefully have the chance to say hello to you personally. Love the colours in your photographs Lucy they are just stunning.
Have a wonderful weekend
Lots of love

Dorothy's Room


Who were the other organisers of Yarndale? We never hear anything about or from them. I would love to know. The credit certainly seems to be only aimed in one direction, yet I think I heard 7 people were involved from a brief mention on the yarndale blog. No one would know otherwise.

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