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October 29, 2013


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Silly Little Sheep

That looks like Dartmoor! When I went to school in the UK, I had a dorm overlooking some of the moors, it was really lovely. I really bonded with that place :)


Love the little views of Yorkshire. Stops me from feeling too homesick! Love the new look red coat. Fab. Fiona x

Felicia from SweetGeorgia

What gorgeous scenery and beautiful photos! I feel like I can enjoy the fresh, crisp air just from looking at your photos.


I miss my home county soooo much, reading your posts and seeing your pictures of my beautiful Yorkshire is so bittersweet, i love them but it sets up such a yearning in my heart! Thank you for sharing!

Cate, x

Avalon022, Opperdoes, The Netherlands

Watching your beautiful photo`s here in Holland remembers me of some wonderful holidays in your lovely Yorkshire.


What a beautiful spot. I know what you mean about needing fresh air. We often need fresh air in this house too! I bet it was lovely to get home and be warm and cosy afterwards.


SO beautiful! I love rolling hills.

Jacqui Galloway (livingwithethel)

I've lived here 17 years and I still think it's utterly amazing. Have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it's real.


these photos remind me of some of the scenes in the last James Bond movie! beautiful and so isolated looking

Emily Clark

Such beautiful photos!!!! I love "visiting" Yorkshire through your lovely pictures. We are experiencing that crisp, make your eyes water, almost take your breath away fresh air too. It makes me want to cuddle up next to the wood stove with a blanket and some knitting.


Beautiful countryside! I can imagine the wind is terrible. Looks like open terrain. What a beautiful red coat. Thank you for the peek at your special place with your hubby. :)

Katherine, NZ

Living in 'Windy Wellington' I can easily relate to your 'fresh' experience. 'Bracing' we often call it :-)


Makes me homesick for the hills, it's so flat around here in Nottinghamshire, although the hills I miss are over the border in Lancashire 😉, have you been up Pendle hill? I'm sure your little ones would love to get some fresh Lancashire air and hear of the Lancashire witches from the forest of Pendle


Your Manchester area looks a heck of a lot better than the Manchester, CT USA that I live in. Beautiful pics.


I have been at those moors and yes, the landscape it's absolutely stunning.

Have a nice week!

Lluisa x


What a lovely landscape! Such a cute story about your then vs now moment, love those little moments when memories and the now meld together.

Can't wait to hear about your coat! I'm still trying to pull off wearing my late summer/fall coat but it's getting chilly, -14 this morning with the wind!!!

- J

Sara Jenkins

It really has turned chilly hasn't it! Still with the darker evenings it's nice to light the fire and feel cosy indoors.
Sounds like happy memories for you. X


Wonderful colours- that glowing sandy brown that Autumn light can bring. Housebound currently, so loving the proxy walks!


wuthering. your pictures and description are the first ever to give me a sense of what it's like.


lovely breath or two of fresh air!! xx


You live in an amazing place. What a beautiful scene! You inspire me to find beauty right where I am!


Ahh, i just love all your posts! This one reminds me of our one time visit to Yorkshire...spent about a week there and felt I could stay forever! :-) I can almost feel that bracing wind...

Joanne Retzler

Love the scenery. I am a nature girl at heart, but don't get out in it too often, due to hubby's problems. But I LOVE photos, because sometimes I feel as if I am there and I can just breathe in the air. Thank you. It's a bit dreary here today, but we have errands to do so..... xxoo. JO


it really is wonderful!


Wow, amazing pictures!

xx Colinda

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