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October 22, 2013


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To nest....ah! precious and healing luxury.


Thanks for all the hot water bottle explanations -as I live in quite an old (for the USA that is) stone tudor home with drafty original windows and all the rest of that type of charm, I also live in a very cold house in the winter - tho I would not trade my tepid radiator heat for forced air - and we have lots of wood fires in the fireplace to stay warm - but when I get into bed it takes a long time to warm up the covers. I may just have to see if I can find a proper hot water bottle, crochet a cozy cover for it and give my toes a treat! From studying history, I do remember that people put hot bricks at the bottom of their beds, the water bottle sounds much safer and more comfy. I'll let you know how it goes!


I've always thought how cosy your beautiful home is, and how lovely it is that your children are growing up in such a warm, inviting, creative space. Love it!

Inga taylor

Oh how deluxe the new yummy yarn looks! I can't wait to see what you do with it!!!!


PS Just want to change one word of my post:Shabby. I don't really think of your home or mine as shabby, rather, lived in and possessing character! I love your home and cosy spots.


Your home looks cozy, your feel look toasty warm, your bed looks snuggly, the hot drink looks delicious....all is well in your world!

Angela-Southern USA

It's unanimous!!! The world over (at least for wool lovers) A cosy home is best! :))And you can never have too many woolly blankets, pillows and the such. Love your home, mine is very similar...always something that needs doing/cleaning, but it'll all still be there when we get to it. So why not do a little hooky in the meanwhile. ;D Side note: From the US myself, I grew up using hot water bottles( more so when I was sick), I remember we had one with a sheep skin cover, in the shape of a sheep with it's little dangly legs and all. lol

Winwick Mum

Houses are meant to be lived in, and we all like to be cosy in our nests. Thanks for sharing yours xx

Shirley Flavell

I love "cosy" and you have it at your place Lucy. Adore the red hot water bottle cover. That is certainly cosy. Shirley N.Z.

Sara Jenkins

Show houses are perfect - but homes are meant to be lived in. Having said that, it would be quite nice not to have to put buckets out when it rains and the wind is in a certain direction! But you can't have everything!! x

Nies Henstra-Sagel

There is a typical Dutch word: gezellig. It is what you mean and is always difficult to translate. I think the word you're looking for is GEZELLIG!!!!

Wendy burfitt

Have you come across the Danish word "Hygge"? Worth doing some googling with as it's very relevant to this post....

Sandy B

Exactly, Lucy. Being content with cosiness and a lived-in-with-love home... Bliss!!


Lucy, you know, it's funny you should say those things about your home because I feel the same way about mine-especially now in this season. I was just thinking nearly the same words. My in-laws just came and went and we had a lovely time, but right before they came I got the jitters because our home too is small and a bit shabby. But it's warm and loved and cosy and my creative touches are in every room. When I reminded myself of this I at once relaxed and looked forward to their visit. Yes, I love my home too.


Sher it looks like everyone was so enamoured with the post that they couldn't answer your question. Hot water bottles are very common in Britain and Australia. They are indeed rubber bottles that one fills with very hot water and then are popped in a cosy cover. Kept at the feet, small of the back, knees or just hugged they are such a comfort. It's normal to find one in the bed next morning still quite warm. Unlike a wheat bag that is cold in half an hour or so. For cosy, you can't vest a hottie.


What a lovely Autumnal post, your house seems very similar to mine:
Cosy coal fire, we also have a log burner.
Blankets, not so many but working on that!
Aromas of home cooking and baking.
Wool/yarn/sewing/crafting materials/books everywhere.
The woman of the house not enamoured with housework? I've got far to many more interesting things to do.
Sher/Philly gal - The bottles are made of rubber and filled with hot water, they're great for cold feet and by the time they cool off you're fast asleep, warm and cosy. Some you can heat in the microwave filled with gel or wheat but they don't hold the heat so much. I live in the cold North East of England and when my father, now 94, was young they put a warm oven shelf or brick in the bed to warm it!

Anne Marie

I love your beautiful home. It is of course all your touches of individuality that make it so.

I want to make hottie cover but am not sure how you make it so you can take it off.

Jo Roberts

Feeling cosy here too - I like it when it gets cold and I can completely justify maximum knitting and crochet time without thinking about the allotment and painting our ever peeling windows! Looking pretty cosy your end too. Jo x


Your nice and very cosy home, Lucy. I think you have a warm heart and are a very good mother and wife. :-)


Cosy is good and you have a lovely home xx Joy xx


Super cosy, and I didn't notice the shelves until you pointed them out! (They look very similar to mine by-the-way).


That is just how I feel about my home. I'm glad to know others feel this way too. There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Your home is cozy, warm and inviting and I can see why you love it so much.

Penny Prosser

I think your home looks wonderful. Cosy, creative, colourful and most importantly, lived in. Pictures in magazines of sparkly, shiny clean, neat as a pin houses are just a staged snapshot in time. Real life isn't like that, if it's to be at all enjoyable it must be organic, spontaneous and evolve at it's own pace. I love your blog and the glimpses of your home and life. I like the down to earth honesty of your ups and downs, mothering, making, baking and thinking. Also, you have just taught me to crochet! I've now been crocheting about three weeks and I'm on my 2nd blooming flower cushion. I love it. Thank you.


Lucy, I love all the cosy crochet things , around your house, and the colors of course..I see you're weather is also getting cool ? This week we are going down to the 40s F for the first time this yr. My Halloween orange candy corn lights around my porch twinkle with the cold, and I have warm blankets on my sofa too. I also discovered a cream that is already sweetened and has flavor of "pumpkin spice" Latte is says..It is yummy in your coffee :)I wish we had a fireplace like you do , in our 1800 Victorian house full of swiss cheese holes..


I love being cozy, hence the name of my blog haha. That fireplace looks mighty cozy as does that lemony cake, I do love lemon. Too bad it's too far away to pop in for a visit.

Enjoy your cozy home, I just love when home feels cozy.

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