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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 22, 2013


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Beautiful birthday gifts!
Especially the new water bottle.

Indeed your home is very cosy!


Ohhh...what a nice and "sweet" post! Thank you, Lucy!
Miriam from Italy


Now I'm craving Lemon Drizzle Cake, I may have to have a trip to the greengrocer's to buy lemons so that I can have a baking session. Showhouses are overrated, I much prefer cosy.


Wow - I love all the crochet on your sofa and bed - they look so inviting. I could snuggle on that sofa for hours with a cup of tea and some magazines. Wonderful!

Bruna Ferreira

i loooove your home too!! feeling cosy just looking the pictures, i can imagine how would be being there :D i learned crochet when i was child, but just with your blog i really started to do it, and now i spend a lot of time doing, it's a therapy and makes my home cute :DD


Hi Lucy, loved this post. I see some of your commenters have mentioned Hygge...danish for cosy.
I love this flickr group....http://www.flickr.com/groups/1233141@N20/
do you know it ? I wonder if pinterest have something similar ?
Stay cosy :0)
Jacquie x


What could possibly be better! Delightful...all of it


Lucy, I know you enjoy displaying your lovelies on the shelves, but why don't you just get cupboard doors put up on them? That way, you won't have the constant nagging feeling that you have to tidy them, clean them. Doors on cupboards give such a feeling of calm.


Ahhhhhh, just the loveliest, cosiest post. It's all been about the cosy for me too. Autumn cries out for log fires, baking aromas and cosy blankets. I feel the same as you. I often wish my home weren't so shabby, but it's home, and it's comfortable and relaxing.....and most importantly, the bears love it. Maybe come the day when the bears fly the nest, it can be more.....tidy....but I hope it will always be welcoming and cosy.

Gosh, i'm craving lemon drizzle cake. I adore anything lemony.

Well, my lovely, I hope that the rest of your week is just as wonderful and cosy

much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

Lynne Gill

Whenever I get a little dissatisfied with our little cottage - easy to do when you drool over those magazine pictures - I come back to the fact that we are COSY! Everyone loves to be here because they say it is so COSY and WELCOMING and so I think what is more important? Your home exudes cosy and welcome, Lucy from what we see on your blog. But it's certainly time for a bit of decluttering before they become the Shelves of Doom again! (And I speak for myself here as well, believe me!) Looking forward to seeing what crochet loveliness you come up with this time! Lx

Ligia Seabra

I love your home! Lovely pictures. And that lemon cake with a cup of coffee, yummy.... And you so right, about the word "cozy", it's a lovely word, it's like you having something warm around you, and you feel comfortable, just after you pronounce it. Actually I have the same feeling when I see your pictures, I'm feeling cosier now.




A homey everyday things post after a long time.. was looking forward to it as I enjoy your everyday posts .. so much positive vibe.. You should post more.. More of your day to day cooking and grocery haul pictures would love to see them.


oh, yes - your pictures give us a glimpse into a lot of cozyness. And the cake looks yummy!

I love that hot water bottle. It's so beautiful! :-)


Cosy indeed. Is that yarn Drops Eskimo?


When my little 5 year old son saw your shelves, he said: if she likes it, it doesn't matter!
And he's right ;)

Have a good time :)


Your home is very cosy, colourful, loved in.
Thankyou for your sharing of patterns.
Have a wonderful day.


A lovely post Lucy. I'm a big fan of homely. Mine is lived-in, not at all smart and in need of some decoration to say the least, but it's home, it's where the boys and I are happy together, so I love it.


Hi I absolutely adore your home and living in such a old house wow with all that history . I live in a apartment and space well if there is I will fill it don't like empty spaces. As for the fire place awesome Johannesburg does not get that cold . Love your blog greetings Lynette :-)

Jacqui Galloway (livingwithethel)

Your house always looks so cosy. Sitting in front of my fire too with a basket of yarn.


i'm not sure if they sell them where you are, but here in China they sell electric water bottles. I think they are filled with oil, instead of water. There is a place on the back to insert an electric cord, and then you plug them in and they heat up very quickly!

Brenda England

Regarding the Hot Water Bottle: In Canada, these can be found in a Drugstore. I often use a hairdryer to warm the sheets before I crawl in at night.
I was in a home today that was sparsely furnished and very orderly. Came home to my "cosy" home with its clutter and was prepared to start clearing. Realized though that these are the things that make me comfortable and let me live creatively and inspired


I luv your colorful place! Mine is a bit unorganized and un-tidy at the moment as I am up to my ears in crochet and crafting for Christmas. But I look around as well, and I can say too, that it is 'cozy', by definition of Lucy! Hugs, MO


The word cozy is very loved and much used in Norway! ('koselig'). I think your home definitely is worthy of that word :)

Jackie Farrow

They say a man's home is his castle. My house is a home, not a house, that is what I tell people. It's lived in, yes it's messy and could sometimes need a Spring clean. Love you cusy home.


I don't see "shabbiness" at all Lucy! I do see comfortable lived in and cozy though, and it looks inviting and wonderful!

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