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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 07, 2013


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good to see you back! love your colourful posts x


Ah yes, you are back indeed. Your long absence amongst the bunting had me worried, but I am happy you have found an even keel again. So good to read this lovely post Lucy.

Pamela Tomkins

Hi Lucy, Thank you for your generous giving of your time at Yarndale, I spoke to you twice the second time as it was all drawing to a close and you were a s pleasant as if I was the first you'd spoken to!!! I had a wonderful time and met so many likeminded folk!!! Cannot wait for next year!!! Relax now and recharge yourself - doctors orders!!!!!

Rosalie Wright

What did you do with all the bunting afterwards?


Lovely, lovely post. Thank you. Makes me very envious of your solitary moments though ;) Yes, my boys are driving me bonkers...very much so. thanks for the virtual breathing space though Lucy :)


WELCOME BACK GORGEOUS LUCY with all your loveliness xxx lots of love Joy xxx


So glad to hear you are back in full form! Sometimes you just need a few days to get yourself righted after a lot of excitement.

Absolutely love dahlias, a little inspired to go out and grab some for myself, they are my favourite flower!

- J


Orange flowers are an immediate mood booster...and what is it about a brand new perfect cup that makes one just strut with contentment?

I'd say I should go cup shopping, but that's not when you find your soul mate. It's those random, corner of the eye spotting treasures.

I'm thirsty!


Very glad you have recovered from the WONDERFUL YARNDALE - I'm still reliving with my friends - I've just started using some of the yarn I bought and I have my first "friend round for a crochet lesson"(!) tomorrow - and it's all down to Attic 24...........I do have one quick question which I completely forgot to ask on the Sunday - Where did you and your friends get their lovely burgundy tabard/top - it's just what I need?


I'm so pleased to hear you're feeling better, Lucy xx

Indulgent just for you crafting is great, isn't it? I'm enjoying a bit of that right now, too.

Astrid Jansen

Calm and relaxed again must be a wonderful feeling, ,knowing that Yarndale is behind you and new ideas can be fullfilled .
Every time I'm amazed about the colourfull pictures , funny my house is "quiet "in colours
and that suits me.
Fot the first time I've one Dahlia in my garden and it is flowering already a long time. Put just one in my livingroom. Small things are wonderful.


That is a fabulous dahlia. I love the way dahlias glow in the soft Autumn light.Just about the only annuals that got through the odd Spring and grew for me are marigolds and they are only just getting into their stride, lovely, my annual bed might not have much in it, but what there is is really cheery and bright! Enjoy the calm.

Mandy Setterfield

Still loving your blog, thanks for keeping at it!


Welcome back! I've missed you!!!


I just love that you went to the butcher, baker, and market - I was waiting for the candlestick maker too - straight out of the nursery rhyme! It would probably be more convenient to buy everything at one chain grocery store, but it sounds like you had a great relaxing morning enjoying yourself. Thanks for sharing it.


So glad you are feeling relaxed and back to normal Lucy.
I love your mug, it reminds me a bit of the canal boat roses, and your Dahlias are wonderful.
Looking forward to your Yarndale posts and your next project
Jacquie x


Orange is so 70's Lucy lol!! If you ever get to visit Kent make sure you visit Chartwell House ( Sir Winston Churchill's old home at Westerham )and make sure you go in time just to see the Dahlias. We were there three weeks ago and they were absolutely fantastic..in fact the whole place was very interesting but I enjoyed the gardens best and it was drizzle wet rain and chilly all the time... so we just had to have a cappuccino and a scone before we left!! A Great blog so uplifting.

Molly Canfield

Long time reader here, first time poster. :)

You are such an inspiration. I've only been crocheting for about a year, but with the help of your blog, I've finished several projects, with several more in the works.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful, hooky world with the rest of us!

Much love from California, USA.

Libby from the U.S. Midwest

Lucy - your moods/feelings following your big weekend with Yarndale are the same I used to feel after appearing in a play or opera: heady excitement,lots of left over nervous energy, feelings of wonderful accomplishment and pride, etc. So glad for you that you have touched down on earth again and all is right with your world!:-)


I so enjoy your blog...and I wish I could hooky...maybe somtime, but I love my patchwork and knitting (-: keeps me happy and my hands busy. I adore how you choose colour and I love colour a lot jx

Liz in Missouri, USA

So glad you are feeling up to par again, and glad you took the time for a nice rest and recovery. I have been reading nothing but good things about Yarndale and what a fabulous job you all did in pulling it all together. What an adventure it must have been. Meanwhile - the flowers are lovely and it's nice to see you back again!


Feeling soooooo bright and cheerful now after reading your blog. It made me smile throughout - thank you!! :)


It's nice to see you so rested and relaxed. It sounds like you had lots of lovely time to yourself to shop and think, which must have been heavenly. Looking forward to seeing your new idea. Take care. :)


Welcome back, Lucy! Glad to hear you're recovered from Yarndale and getting back into your groove. Happy autumn to you! :) Have a blissful week...


Welcome back to your normal happy days. Who's to say what normal is. Love it when you put a new blog up. I to sit here my morning coffee and read your happy thoughts. They do make me smile. Wishing I could be with you on your shopping trips. Dark and grey here in BC Canada. Love to see all your colors in your afghans and pillows. Makes me smile and laugh to hear about your adventures.

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