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October 16, 2013


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A belated Happy Birthday Lucy! It really did look like the perfect Birthday Weekend. The Animal Park looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, what a wonderful experience for your little ones. I turn 40 on Sunday, and whilst all my family are wanting to put on a whole big party, I just want to visit my favourite little town and a nice little pub lunch! That'll do for me.

I hope you feel all rejuvenated after Yarndale. It's no wonder you felt exhausted! It looks fantastic though in all the pictures you have shown. All the hard work and effort by so many certainly paid off in bucket loads!

I hope you have a beautiful week this week

Love Vanessa xxxx

p.s Thank you for your lovely comments.....it's really good to be back!


I'm amazed that they let the emu walk around in the crowd! They are the crotchiest, crabbiest creatures on earth with very sharp beaks ready to take a peck at anyone they don't like. I'm glad none of your little family was nipped at by a cranky emu!

That said, I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday and I'm so glad that Yarndale was such a fabulous success. I wish someone here (Australia) would organise the same thing, but I suspect it would lack the 'Lucy touch'.

Thanks again for such a lovely blog.


Your photos of Arnside are making me yearn to visit again! I love it too for the big skies and feeling of space but, also, for just the opposite - being small and cosy and familiar. I haven't been to the animal park but it's definitely going on my list! xx


I live pretty close to you and always mean to go to this bit of the coast - it's such a quick train trip. Thanks for the pictures of South Lakes Zoo, again I've always heard good things about it and haven't been yet.

Sorry if this is a bit of an personal question, but do all your family share a room at the hostel? We usually stay in holiday cottages, but they are a hideous price and we need a cheaper alternative. Do you all end up going to bed around the same time or do you feel safe leaving the kids in the room while you're in the lounge?


I love when you share your walks and adventures with us. You live in a beautiful part of the world and take equally beautiful pictures! Thank you ~~T Connecticut, USA


looks like you had a wonderful time that zoo is great we came across it too on holiday over there my kids were young at the time and all 4 of them loved it even my now 18yr old despite getting chased by an emu at one point was very funny.


Hello Lucy, Belated Happy Birthday to you.. Thanks for sharing your birthday weekend with us all.. What a very lovely area. Loved seeing the beach and ocean and even those ever changing skies.. Hugs Judy


Arnside looks wonderful-likewise the animals.What a lovely weekend.Thanks for sharing!


Ooh look at those views! So happy you had such a wonderful Birthday weekend! :-) xxxx

Ada Bea

Happy Birthday Lucy......looks like a fab weekend! :) x

Susan Smith

A belated Happy Birthday Lucy and the photos were lovely. I did notice an emu and the penguins from my side of the world. Take care.

Jacqui Galloway (livingwithethel)

Whast a fab thing to do for your birthday.

Jane B

Lucy, You should take a look at a blog called "The Deerfold Spinner." It looks like she was a vendor at Yarndale and she says some very lovely things about the event.

Rona M

Happy birthday, dear Lucy! ((((Hugs!!!))))


Can you tell us what that red vine growing on the hostel is? It is beautiful. Coming to England is on my bucket list and you are giving me many ideas about places to visit when I get there. The Lake District is definitely on my list. And that animal park is amazing. Thank you for sharing your lovely weekend.

Patti in Pa

Happy Birthday! So happy for you that you got to have such a wonderful weekend! I loved all your pictures, esp. the beach ones and the ones of the sky line! The zoo sounded wonderful too, what an experience being able to be so close to the animals! I'm sure the kids will be talking about that for quite awhile!


Hi Lucy, Those sky pictures are stunning and scary at the same time! What an Animal Park, the animals have quite the spot to live!
So happy you had a great birthday and get-away.


Sounds like a perfect weekend Lucy, thanks for sharing. :)


Happy belated birthday Lucy! We went to South lakes wildlife park in summer with my brother, SIL & nephew when they were staying in Lake District, I didn't realise how far it actually was from here for a day trip.......but well worth the trek there and back. It was sooooo busy when we were there, did you go on the little train??

Nicola xx

Teresa Kasner

A wonderful relaxing getaway after all the hectic-ness! Loved the seaside photos and what a charming village! The zoo may be one of the nicest I've seen for both animals and people!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Happy birthday, Lucy xx
I think I went to Silverdale on a school trip once and loved the beach. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Katherine, NZ

What a lovely birthday weekend you've had! I do so love seeing your holiday snaps. They make me long for another trip to the UK (which now I have 3 little people may be some time away as WAy too expensive from NZ!). Katherine x


Happy birthday. What a wonderful way to celebrate. Xo


Lucy, thank you for sharing your adventures. I'm sure I speak for all of us who absolutely love you that we thoroughly enjoy seeing life through your eyes! I'm so glad you got away for a much needed break after Yarndale. Hoping you have ahead of you just the right balance of excitement and restorative rest.


Thanks for sharing these lovely photographs, Lucy! I haven't been to the shore - ANY shore - in over a year, and am yearning for the taste of salt air.

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