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October 21, 2013


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cheryl a. myers

lucy,thank you for sharing these comments.can hardly wait to get a book to get me started.c.a.myers

cheryl a. myers

i love the post a comment, and the pictures too. sure does catch the eye.the colors are beautiful. c.a.myers


I love your blog! It's like taking a little vacation. Could you tell us how you make the marigolds? I do yarn bombs in Los Angeles and they would be great for adding a little zip to them.

Sarah smith

Lovely lovely ideas. I can feel a tah dah moment coming!! Can't wait. X


Lovely! What about a little squiggle-nutkin with a bushy tail? xxx


I just found your blog today, I enjoyed reading this post about autumn and the things you made. Thank-you for sharing the link to the free patterns, I look forward to crocheting a few myself.

valéria gomes


Lisa Wallace

HI There,
It does feel unusual reading blogs from the Northern Hemisphere where everyone is getting ready to hibernate and us lot down at the bottom of the Earth are slowly waking up, shaking off our layers ready for a scorching Summer.
But in saying that I absolutely love your blog and it is nice to see you making things for yourself again.
I can't wait to see how the wreath turns out.
Thanks for sharing.

Seaweed & Raine

It's all so cute Lucy, that I'll have to forgive you for invading my Spring with Fall related things! ;)
I love those little hedgehogs! They are just gorgeous. I wish the one with the flower in it's spines would come and live at my house - we don't have hedgehogs in Aus.


Lucy this is beautiful and so so handy! I'm just working up my own autumnal bunting for my conservatory and the acron and leaves are giving me even more inspiration - thank you! Good luck with the wreath - can t wait to see the finished article! :) Jodi x

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy have been a bit remiss in leaving a comment on your lovely blog.
But I have been popping in to read it. The Autumn wreath is a lovely idea.
Love the colours. Think I might need to pick up a copy of the crochet magazine. Used to see hedgehogs in the garden of my parents home when I was a child but in all the time I have lived here none.
A crochet pumpkin would be good for next week.xx


Love all those little bits and pieces and can't wait to see your version of the hedgehog - somehow I know you'll tweak it and it'll be even better! The oak leaf is stunning!

Jo Navin

Lucy thank you for lifting nature's colours up to our noses and inspiring us with the perfect way to use them. So beautiful! If I wasn't already skipping down the path to Christmas wreath happiness (thank you for the fab patterns), then I'd be jumping in too! I'm so going to make an autumn wreath next year though and I can't wait to see how yours turns out. YES to mini hedgehogs, you CAN do it! Oh and did you see the oak leaf pattern in simply crochet issue 10? Jo xx

Lynda M O

Despite my love of the purple/aqua palette for working with, I wear a lot of autumn colors and I just revel in their different-ness from my preferred color scheme. I love fall leaves and you have enticed me to dig around for yarn in the correct shades and perhaps this will be the year of the wreath. Thanks so much for sharing, Lucy.


I can't wait to see the final wreath. Love the More is More mentality. Thank you again for sharing.



Oooh wow! Can't wait to see more Lucy! Autumn is scarlet and gold for me, brown is just a sort of canvas backdrop I reckon. Beautiful! Love the two tone leaves and acorns especially.


Jules Francis

Hia Lucy, all looking wonderful with glorious colours as ever. Just read someone else's comment that you have come 3rd winning a prize for your blog. Not surprised! Congratulations but really think you deserve 1st prize!
You make me feel so much better when i know that you struggle reading the patterns and will give us all hope. Thanks for a lovely read as always.
Lov Jules xx



I really enjoy your wreath posts, especially seeing it gradually come together Lucy - so much nicer than "Finished ta-dah here it is!" type of things that you come across sometimes with none of the workings that we yarny nerd peeps enjoy.xx

Liz in Missouri, USA

Autumn is my very favorite time of year. It's like a seasonal sunset, with all the brilliant color just before winter's night. I love that you are making these season wreaths. Even with the browns, this one is going to be filled with color and interesting bits. SUCH FUN!!!!


So funny! When the first picture loaded on my computer and I saw the brown yarn, I thought I was at the wrong blog!! Where is my Lucy??(Just kiddin!)

You are doing a fabulous job with this wreath. I especially love the Oak leaf, the yellow and green varigated leaf, the acorns, and oh, sweet Lord, those toadstools!!

Bari Jo

Lucy - thank you for sharing so many fun sources for patterns for us! Your colors are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your wreath! They are always spectacular!

Angela-Southern USA

I just ran across a free pine cone pattern here.
It's basically 4 double crochet in each stitch (15) with a chain three picot after each dc. Really quick! I'm thinking Christmas too! Even package toppers. Happy hooking :)


I've always loved earthy colours - your merino yarn is yum. Can't wait to see your wreath - I agree sometimes more is more! I've just finished my autumn bunting, it's got a lot on there...if I could have fitted flying geese, hedgehogs, and pine cones I would have done. Finishing my autumn wreath this week so will publish some pics on my blog. X

Rosy Nancarrow

I LoVe your acorns and toadstools! I showed Ian and he couldn't understand why I was so excited about them... men! Have you seen Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits hedgehog pattern? I have to say I think he is cuter than the one in the magazine, but thats my personal opinion! xx


Such beautiful autumnal makes. I love all the colours and aren't those hedgies in this months Simply crochet magazine just the cutest!! xo

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