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October 18, 2013


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silvia kubista

Hello i have seen your sooo beautifully Autonme RING can you please tell me where i can buy the information in German or french ??? Thanks a lot Silvia


I know I'll not be unique in saying this, but your artistry is just stunning. I'm very grateful to have stumbled upon your fascinating creativity.


I love the flowers and I'm looking forward to seeing your Autumn wreath!



What beautiful Autumn colours! And I love the idea of an Autumn wreath too.


Lucy, I love reading your blog just because of your childlike enjoyment of simple pleasures and your creativity! Thank you for giving me a lift today.


the flowers and fall leaves are absolutely gorgeous...it's only 5:30 am here in the US and now you have me wanting to go make my yarn stash bigger with more beautiful warm autumn colors!! love the inspiration!

Sonia Petitpoint

Gorgeous colours !

Jen Y

I cannot wait to see your autumn wreath - I love the ones you've made already.


Beautiful autumn leaves real and yarn! Xxx

Maple Trueheart

Love the colours - of the real nature and of the crocheted nature.


Wonderful Colors.

berry lane

Ah such lovely autumn colour inspiration. I have been wanting to try one of your seasonal wreaths for ages but always seem to have other things to do but this blog has inspired me to start immediately! I may even add a cute hedgehog from this month's Simply Crochet. Thanks Lucy. It's a joy as always :) Claire xx


You crafty people - crocheted leaves and acorns are too cute! That's the kind I need for my daughter to "pick up" on our walks - wouldn't matter if she chews on them! Thanks for the pretty pics!

Tanya Miller

Stunning as always. Such rich colours. Can't wait to see what you create.


If you collect some heather branches, try to stick them in a potato to keep it "alive"/fresh longer (the potato feeds the branches).


and a bit of heather, maybe.


I love your last picture (specially the maple leaf).
For your autumn wreath, you could also add some chestnuts and some mushrooms.


How wonderful to be able to walk out your back door and find so many wonderful treasures of nature. I adore the leaves you're making and can't wait to see your newest wreath. The other ones you've made are wonderful! And, very inspirational. I have that book as well...I love it!

Andrina T

Love love LOVE the colors! And I know covet that flower book profusely!


Oh I'm so excited to see what you dream up for your Autumn wreath as your previous two are so lovely!

I so wish dahlias grew locally around here and were so available at this time of year! There are a lot of chrysanthemums which are also a favourite of mine but I wish there were some dahlias to be found as they are so brilliantly gorgeous!

Happy weekend!


you are so not a child. one of the few things i can still respect freud for is noting that s/he who is happy does what s/he did when s/he was six. please note the fleeting pleasures of adulthood are not included, and pleasure in beauty and nature mos def are.

thank you for reminding me. enjoy.


Lovely post, lovely flowers and lovely season. Thanks for sharing your Autumn's moments in here :)

Have a lovely time <3

Lluisa x


I was thinking it has been a grey, murky Autumn, but you seem to have found the bright bits. Chorley must have had better weather than Preston!

You might like to take a look at the UKHA website. They have some woodland themed crochet (ok, mostly knitting) patterns. They would like people to organise PicKnits but I suspect you are organised-out! Here's the link: http://www.ukhandknitting.com/free_woodland_picknit_patterns.php

Looking forward to seeing your wreath!


Never stop thinking like a child,my kids call me a female Peter Pan and I love it!!
Your blog is so beautiful and makes me feel normal as I too love collecting from nature,drawing,crocheting and being creative just on the other side of the world xx

Ann Van Gampelaere


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