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October 24, 2013


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Looks so lovely. Makes me miss the years I lived in England... Here it's just grey and maybe even more grey to top it off. Winter is just around the corner. I so envy the green you have over there!


Love the descriptions!I feel as if I'm walking with you all. Such a lovely piece of heaven you live in Lucy! Enjoy every moment with your little people!
Thanks for sharing

Katherine, NZ

Hi Lucy, thank you for taking us on your walk with you! The weather today here in Wellington, NZ has been distinctly un-Springlike and not at all pleasant for walking. Sun has come out now though, and hopefully it will stay for our long weekend so I will be able to get my three boys out and about :-). Katherine x


just saw your pictures and I'm like wow... it's so beautiful, it's actually like a fairy tale... just made my day... really beautiful... I wish I could just turn the corner and find such a beautiful place. I'm from Colombia and ,yes we have beautiful places ,but they are so hard to find... the cities are just so crowded and there is no place for beauty. I recently knew your blog and just loved every piece of your work. I actually do crochet in my free time but it's a challenge because work just drag my energy out. I live in Bogotá and it isn't easy to find good yarns... I wish in the next days I could find something inspiring. Well, I just talk too much... thanks again for your blog... simply gorgeous... best regards..

Susan Smith

a lovely walk that I think I took with you and made myself homesick into the bargain. Thanks.

Lynn Ellis

Thanks for sharing your walk. It brightened my rather drab day.

Mexican  living

Loved the picture of you holding hands, dread the day when my little boy is too big for that! Glad to see yo had a good weather day.

kellie bencivenga

I envy you, to be able to walk by a CASTLE like its just a nice house in the neighborhood! I love everything British and hope to see it for myself one day.What are the long low boats-people live in them or rent? Kellie in FLA


I just love that! Thank you...what a lovely home life you are creating/living for your sweet little one!


I´d like so much this post. What´s the name of you city? Thanks and kisses from Argentina.


Ah, you've taken me back to one of my favourite strolls...except I would have called into Stanforths for a pork pie!
Thank you Lucy, I LOVE when you show these beautiful photos.
Have a great weekend,


You live in a beautiful neck of the woods Lucy. How lucky we are to have you there and to share it with us. Thank you x Where I am in New South Wales, Australia it is hot, windy and alight with bush fires right now. You ARE a lucky (clever) girl!


Thanks for the walk, makes me homesick, miss all the hills Still, now I've done all that virtual walking i think I deserve a cake 😊

Angela-Southern USA

A very lovely Autumn walk. What gorgeous colors you've got, sadly ours seem to just start to turn, then drop off. Forecasting frost for the morning here.BTW That's so cool someone has their boat title Lord Of The Rings.lol


A super special day wasn't it - such glorious weather. Thanks for sharing it with us. We had a great day at the coast - have just written a post about it too. X


I can't believe how many green and unfallen leaves you still have in your neck of the woods, pretty much all of the trees here are either barren or all changed in colour. Lovely little walk you had! The boats are the cutest!

Dorothy Griffiths

What a perfect walk Lucy thank you so much for inviting us all along - it was delightful. Have a lovely weekend, big hug to you


Thank you for that lovely walk! The weather over your way looks marvelous.

Amy at love made my home

What a great walk. xx


what a lovely walk! Thanks for taking me along.

Anne Williams

Enjoyed the walk Lucy. x


Thank you :-)


I was just telling a co-worker about your blog. She spent the month of August in England and is going back for a visit in December. I told her to take a look at your lovely pictures just this afternoon. Ahhh...wish I'd been on that walk.


I am jealous! You live in such a beautiful area.


What a beautiful walk. The photo of you holding hands with your little man makes me miss my littlest boy so much now that he is at school. How I love his happy company.

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