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September 10, 2013


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Wishing a happy September and all that it holds for the Attic24 gang!♥

Rosy Nancarrow

I am so excited that I am coming to Yarndale! So far I have just been reading all about it with envy and then my other half said "go if you want to!" SO I AM... ON MY OWN!!!!! Bit scary coming all the way from Devon on my own, but I really can't wait, i'm so excited... did I say that already??! Cleared all the photos from my camera, as I am expecting to take hundreds of photos of the yarnbombing! x

Mrs. Smythe

Thanks for the bit about "embracing the mess." Definitely something I need to hear more often.
My daughters (ages 8 and 11) enjoyed this post very much, and my youngest would like to know what bath marbles do. She was intrigued. We live in Western Massachusetts and haven't seen any in stores here.

Jenn M

Parenthood is so full of joyous highs and crushing heartbreak - often in the same day. It's amazing isn't it? I never knew the true definition of "bittersweet" until I had children and am watching them grow. My Favourite Girl turned 11 this year and I still don't know how it happened.

Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld


I haven't stopped by here for ages (we've been on hols too) but I've really enjoyed a lovely long read through all your Dorset posts - looks like a wonderful holiday. Like you I need my fix of the sea.

I understand this talk of nervous energy. My youngest started school last week and I am a wreck. Bereft would describe it best. I am restless and can't settle to anything. I keep thinking I should go back to work (boo) when all I want to do is have more babies. Hmm. Anyway, take care lovely and I'm really looking forward to meeting you at Yarndale. xx

Angela-Southern USA

Love L.B. and L.L's paintings, so discipline with the mixing of colors! (I remember a lot of "mud" paintings.)lol The worry, I don't know if it ever ends(sorry.) My baby...BABY!!! Drove herself to school for the first time this week. EEEEEK! I'm a bundle of nerves to say the least.
I'm with you on the no (or occasionally) makeup, so l-o-v-e handmade soap. That one's a beauty! Oooh The bunting looks beautiful! 6,000 WOW! Can't wait to see it in all it's glory. :))Summer days=lazy days :D


I love that image of the little one all curled up on handmade blankets!

Rachael Iddon

Wow, I'm loving everything about the shark painting. You've just made me think about the soap thing. I'm not much of a make up wearer. Maybe I can convince myself that I can splash out on some nice soap with all the money I 'save' not wearing make up. Good luck with the school/nursery/bunting.

Sara J

I different emotional stress for me - my son has just started his final year at Senior School - countdown to GCSE's. I prefer the countdown to Yarndale. :)
Hope the labels arrived in time! x

Dianne Davis

Great blog as usual. Just about to start another ripple blanket for a new baby due in January 2014!
I am counting my sleeps to Yarndale. I have worked out three trains which will get me there from Herefordshire. Very much looking forward to it.
Dianne - Hereford

Amanda Smith

Can't wait to see my bunting fluttering in the Yorkshire breeze!!! I so hope it got to you.

I never tire of reading your posts and like many I've followed you for ever it seems :-)

keep well

Amanda :-)


Love this blog so much. I wish I knew if there were any newish flats in your area as I wish to stay in your county for a few months next year with my 4 year old and I am coming from the States. (Although I am actually a Brit)I am hoping to attend 2014 Yarndale also.Has to be somewhere newish as I am petrified of spiders and last year I stayed in a new flat in Wiltshire and saw not even one in 5 months!! Score!! lol Any ideas where I could stay??

Rachael Lucas

I sent my second child off to secondary this term. My babies keep growing, the summer hurtled past and my heart aches terribly. I've caught a cold and frankly I feel like death warmed up. It's sort of comforting to know I'm not alone. So today instead of getting on with writing my book I'm lying under a heap of blankets, cat beside me in a patch of sunshine, hooking away on my stripy blanket and watching back to back Downton Abbey. Sending love and tea and chocolate. xxx


I still have a sense of pride when I see my son in his grammar school blazer and tie, and he is now in year 10! Well done on your son getting I to your local one. Lovely post as always Lucy. I am so annoyed that I failed to post my bunting triangles to you :( Maybe I will post them and you can add them next year? Looking forward to seeing them all joined together <3

Kate Eastwood

What a busy time. It's hard isn't it because as much as you want them to grow and head out in to the big wide world you really don't want them to either.
It doesn't change as they get older either - my eldest has just bought her first house and moved out , ones back to Uni and I have just 1 left at home.But, I am SOOOO proud of them all as well mixed in with all those other emotions.
Asolutely love Little B's painting - I think he takes after you Lucy with all the colours.


Hi Lucy.
Last week for me was so painful too as my middle child started big school. She went Monday, the next on Tuesday, little ones on Thursday then my biggest boy today back to college.
The prolonged goodbyes did me no good at all and although I'd rather have them off school for as long as possible it would have been better if they'd all gone back on the Monday as that week of limbo really sapped my energy yet left me feeling really anxious.
My dreadful relationship doesn't help either so I find myself now in a constant state of unease. However!! The light at the end is all things creative and I can spend the day looking forward to seeing my babies after work is over and crocheting/sewing etc.
Aren't we lucky to have a release? It's like you've always got a friend. xx


Those bathmarbles are often a wonder when it comes to putting children to baths. Can you imagine, when all the kids are at school (most of the time) that you have so much time on your hands to crochet!? I guess it takes some getting used to but ooh, I'm awaiting all the new items coming out of your creative hands!


good luck with the secondary school launch! doing same here -don't the blazers made them look 10 yrs older! Proud but wobbly mum! well done for getting a Grammar school place, Here (Stratford on Avon) thats a MAJOR achievement! well done Little Man!

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