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September 11, 2013


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Angy Braine

I follow Kate's blog fervently and yes! You remind me of her! Your wonderful sense of connection with motherhood, your hooky creativity and your love of Caravans...i could go on but I'm kind of turning green whilst imagining cosy evenings in your gorgeous connievan... ♥♥♥


I saw a family that was living inone of those 3 kids n a dog they had stoppted at a wal mart and the mom n dad went looking for a job its fun when u don't have to live in one because u have a home to go to after ur done playing in the camper, my Husband just went back to work because got sick no pay now it will be 3 weeks before we get a reeg pay check, I enjoy ur blog and crochet very very much :-) ur life is like a happy story book kids r good always hubby perfect and everyone likes u. What was ur major in school?


brilliant to use the Mc Vities choccie biscuits for S'Mores! Probably much better than our old Graham Crackers (which are a mere shadow of their flavor from my childhood in the 1950's, now mostly sugar).

Glad you made it out to Connie Van Land and enjoyed a bit of vacation fun. I'll bet it's hard to put her to bed for the winter.
Stay Calm and Crochet On getting ready for Yarndale. Maybe I'll make it there next year from California. My friend John E lives in York!

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,I think your autumn holidays is going to be just as good as your summer one was!!!Have a fun happy and crafty weekend!!!


I have two confessions to make. First one: I am really addicted to your beautiful colourful crochet blankets. Secondly I envy you; I live in Holland at the moment, but seeing your beautiful pictures of my beloved country I long to be wooshed away from Holland back to England. Please keep on giving us more beautiful things to crochet

Carrie Fauteux

You need some very American Graham Crackers. I would be happy to mail you a box! Drop me a line! :)


Some of my favorite memories of my kids when they were younger are the ones RV camping. We had a pop-up camper that held many a great memory. Cherish these moments while you can still capture them. My kids are now too busy for silly little outings with their Mom.


Lovin the fairy lights Lucy. Thanks for the marshmallow inspiration...boys will love trying that on our chimnea.
Looking forward to your book review. Know exactly what you mean about the special caravan moments.... you articulate my own feelings so much better than I ever could.
Happy Days....Sigh ♥
Jacquie x


Thanks Lucy for sharing your lovely camping experience with us ! I love your pictures and also gave me idea about trying the s'mores very quickly ! Enjoy the autumn time at your campsite and share the pictures with us ! take care !! Sophie

L. Wood

Hi Lucy,

I love your blog and am especially intrigued with "Yarndale". I came across this blog today and instantly thought of you as it contained some yarn bombing. Have a peek. www.jjcrochet.com


Angela-Southern USA

Saw this and thought of your studio.

Angela-Southern USA

Nothing like family camping, love it! Sometimes we love a rain in day, so cozy. Looking forward to the lampshade ta-dah. Our last campfire we enjoyed 'smores,YUM! Everything tastes better camping! What a b-e-a-u-tiful rainbow! I've not seen one so low before, lovely. A fab late summer holiday.


Just love your Connievan tales Lucy. We are heading of next week with our little Eriba Caravan (1st Trip). They are the one's you see with the pop top roof popular with VW Camper owner's as they are lightweight. I think I may call it Dulcie after my Dad's nick name for my Mum....never did find out why though. Must hit the shops and get some fairy lights will cheer our's up a bit as the weather's not looking great...it does however have one crocheted cushion cover so far.... Thanks for sharing.

Tanya Miller

Love everything about this blog post. Nice pictures of food and picturesque views. What's there not to like. Great way to spend the last day of summer hols.


Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love our cozy times in our little caravan too. All 4 of tucked into it, playing board games, drinking hot chocolate, lot's of giggles and fun. It really is a special time and I can so relate to your holidays. I too just adore potting around in my caravan, making meals, arranging the bedding or reading a book!


That burger looks amazing...do you need an extra elderly child?

Winwick Mum

You're going to LOVE your chiminea - we have one and one of my best memories of this year was on big daughter's birthday watching her, three friends and small daughter (who insisted on being a teenager for the day!) wrapped up in blankets drinking hot chocolate at 11pm on a night that we hoped would never end. Special memories x


How lovely to pop up to your caravan on the last day of the hols and squeeze one more day out of it. And pretty impressive that it was the first rainy day you've spent there! What a gorgeous summer we've had. The burgers look amazing. Yum. And the 'smores, oh yes, love those too. xx


Vantastic and very impressive post!


Love Connievan - so similar to my Bertie. Just wish I could spend more time in Bertie - hoping next year to find some summer pitch space for him.

As for that book - pure caravan love :)


:-) When you talk about life in the caravan it makes me think of Anne in the Famous Five books!

My daughter Connie (aged 9) still thinks it's hilarious that your caravan is named 'after' her, and fully approves of the decor! I think I need to learn to crochet so I can make her a ripple blanket...


Beautiful pictures!
A very special afternoon with a rainbow!

Janet Famme

Hi Lucy, I am from Portland, Oregon and have recently visited NE England. My husband is currently working in Sunderland at 4Projects. I brought over some yarn for you. It is 4 skeins of Simply Soft Caron Autumn Maize(gold). It is my favorite! Although it is acrylic, I think you will like it!!!! So anyway....I am back home but would like to get it to you. You can email me if you would like it. I often visit your blog and you are a true inspiration.


Love Connie and the impromptu trip. Sometimes they just turn out so great.
I look forward to seeing if you get away in the fall, and what you all do in the cooler weather.


I love your English s'mores! Chocolate digestives are so good!

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