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September 12, 2013


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Hey, someone else who uses brown paper bags for lining baking tins! Who needs baking parchment/greaseproof paper?

All the best with the bunting stringing!


How simply lovely that all of your "super duper" fans and loyal followers have taken the time to send you their bunting.
...and how adorable it will look when hung....you will be so so busy...?

bestest luck



Looking forward to Yarndale
S xx

Fiona Marchant

Sooo looking forward to Yarndale and actually seeing all 6000 little triangles...some of which are my daughters and she is coming too. Hectic days are good...keep your chin up...nearly there!
I put pecan nuts in my banana loaf..mega good.
See you soon.....

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy, All-in-all, it seems like a lot of happy fun happening at the Attic!!! Yarndale is going to be soooo great!!! Wish i could be there!!! Have a happy and crafty day!!!


Honestly you are amazing Lucy. I am so impressed with all that you are achieving. Good luck with finishing the bunting. The train station looks amazing, what a wonderful way to welcome people.


Yay! Somebody else who appreciates a dishwasher. Mine has been broken for the whole summer but I'm to order a new one at the weekend and will sign up for the whole caboodle - take old one away, install new one and make sure it works.
All good luck for Yarndale. Would love to come - another time perhaps.


I love your poster for the Studio!
The blue background is very beautiful.
Wow 6000 triangles.
Good luck with everything.


That IS a lot of bunting!!! Crazy!!! You asked for bunting and you got it m'dear...I would luv to see it all. Really like you Studio poster/sign...well done! I haven't had a moment to myself in weeks in seems and yes it is still sum mer! Hugs, MO


Sorry, I need to learn how to write, I can't even spell my own country! I meant "America" and "busyness" !! ;)


WOW!! SIX THOUSAND! It is amazing to think about, but really doesn't surprise me, as you have an incredible influence on the whole crochet cummunity! I'm very jealous of all these who will be able to attend yarndale; too bad there are oceans between England and Amaerica :( but I'll be there in my thoughts! Don't kill yourself over the business, though, Lucy!! Keep pausing to enjoy life's simple moments.

Carolyn Dietrich

Love, love, love the poster! So glad that in spite of how busy you are that you are making time to blog! It's something I look forward to reading.

Gillian McM

Yes, what Vicky said in the first post, your blog makes me so homesick, but that's OK, I'm going to keep feasting on it greedily. Good luck with Yarndale, I'm amazed at the whole thing!


love your poster, immensely!!!!!
good luck with all the triangles!!!!!
xxxxx Ale

Angela-Southern USA

Keep on keeping on! You're doing a wonderful job. Love the "crochet fruit" (take lots of photos please!)Oh lovely...bunting pictures! (I don't see mine but, with 6,000 they're in there somewhere, maybe in one of those boxes on the left.)lol Can't wait to see them all up, what a site!(Would love to see it in person. sigh)


Looking at that fun bunting, I wish I knew how to crochet! Beautiful photos! My favorite magazine here in Pennsylvania is British Country Living. The crocheted bunting looks SO British - love it!


It IS all good, Lucy. You've made me laugh a bit at your declaration, as it has a bit of an echo to what we often say at the shop, "Life is good!" Indeed it is, although when we find the need to remind ourselves, we might be getting a signal that swerves in another direction.

Swerving here. How can there ever be too much colorful bunting! Congratulations to you and to all the others involved in the continuing incoming bunting arrivals.

You are going to have a fabulous event. I do wish I lived across the ocean and closer to Yorkshire so that I could see the Day.


Jackie Farrow

When I read your blogs I think of myself back in England. I would love to do what you do. Love reading them, keep them up.


Great bunting. Love those colours.

Rae R

I wish I was in the UK to attend Yarndale. I'm sure it will be amazing. Banana bread! Yum! Going to make some right now. Maybe with some chocolate chips in it! I love reading your blog. I'm always reminded to appreciate what I have, and the people in my life. Thank you.


Hi Lucy, lovely photos, the view from your attic window makes my heart go pitter pat, your poster looks fantastic! By the way, those little peeps will eat you out of house and home soon, just wait for little man to hit those teenage years. Six thousand triangles is amazing, but seriously you must have known there would be heaps, you are so popular and it was such a great idea I'm glad to say mine are amongst that pile. Have a great day xxBrenda


Oh and Happy Crochet Day to you and yours!


Six thousand!!! That IS bonkers! Love your view, so beautiful and yes we are most definitely still in SUMMER! I won't let it go yet!

- J

Rachael Iddon

Eeeek, can't wait to see all that yarny goodness for real. So, are you going to break the record for bunting?


You are so lucky to have this gorgeous view to look at every day. A real stress reliever, I'm sure. And what an enormous amount of bunting you received. I'm sure it will all be put to good use. Your studio poster looks great. Do you think you might be selling them online?

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