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September 06, 2013


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Even though you say "I hope they don't mind the repetitiveness of it, or the fact that there is never a lot in the way of thrills or huge excitements in their holidays. No aeroplanes or theme parks or vast swimming pools, no attractions or museums or glitzy entertainments. Just simple pleasures". I think it is great that you have your vacation divided into things your little people enjoy, things you enjoy, and things J enjoys, and most important spending quality family time making memories. The other thing I think is so cool for your little people is the availability of the computer and internet that allows you to blog and record these family memories for them to view when they are older. That is something I wish were available to us when I was growing up (I was born in 1972), and my dad was in the military and we lived in amazing places that would have been amazing for me if my mom had been able to blog like you are doing for your family. We lived in Italy, Japan, and Hawaii (those were the highlight areas of our moving around!!, and I was We lived in Italy for 4 years, the last year we lived there I was in Kindergarten, Japan I was in 2nd and 3rd grade, and in Hawaii I was 4th grade thru 7th grade)
I just love your blog, your pictures are always amazing, I would love to go to that pebble beach!!! And from someone who grew up all over the place (it has good and bad points (also I'm an only child) I've had some amazing experiences too), but now that I'm an adult, I also see the value of growing up in one place, doing the familiar, as you say when you comment on your blog how year after year events and blog entries seem to mirror years past, that is not a bad thing, that is you and your family enjoying life, and I am glad you open up the attic door and share.
Looking forward to Yarndale and the festival.


Great post Lucy. My parents many many moons ago took me every year until I was about 11 to Devon...Torquay in particular. My memory's are engraved in my heart ....Checking off car number plates on my list...Norfolk to Devon (In those days it was 1-100 lol)to pass the time. The B&B with a lovely lady,her Black Cat,little crocheted circles with beads that covered the sugar & milk at breakfast.Sunny,Happy Days,Red Sand on the beach,Double Deck chairs,Big Ice Creams,Paington Zoo,Woolacombe Beach, Dartmoor Ponies...I could go on.You keep making those same memories for your children they will thank you one day.I loved doing the same things every year but such a shame photography was not digital as I have very few pictures to remind me. XXX

Pauline Stevens

Thank you or a lovely trip to Dorset. Love it! I so enjoy reading your posts...and have even taken up crochet albeit granny squares at the moment! Pauline

Jools Morgan-Jones

Simple pleasures are always the best, they speak to the soul in a way that thrill rides and plane journeys just can't do. The Little People will have fabulous memories of their childhood holidays, and will no doubt replicate them with their own Little People when the time comes too xx


Simple pleasures are the best, Lucy. Holidays abroad are overrated. I mean, who wants to spend hours queueing up in airports with all that entails? Particularly with LP.

Vanessa Greenaway

Thank you for the gorgeous posts. We love Dorset and were there in May for a week and are due there again in October.
We live in Cornwall and so we are so blessed to have gorgeous scenery on our doorstep too.. I try to make the happiest and fondest memories for my son and when I ask him of his favourite things that he has done - they are always the simple pleasures! I want to bottle that enthusiasm for a simple life for him forever... your posts give me hope!! Thank you! x


Thank you for sharing your holiday pictures.
They are beautiful!
Lovely birds.


I didn't get a summertime vacation this year, so I'm really enjoying yours! Thx for sharing. Hugs, MO

Elisa Melan

Thank you so much for your willingness to share the beauty of your country with us. I now need to add yet another part of England to visit!


Dorset is a dream.

Tammy Chrzan

That view... WOW... It's absolutely breathtaking and amazing... It reminds me of when the planes fly over the Atlantic and the first views seen from the plane window over England are ones like these... the first few on your post.
You really did have an amazing holiday!
Have a great weekend, I love everything you put on facebook, such delicious crochet!
Tammy x


They will have wonderful memories!


Those are the best kinds of holidays you can take with your kids, in my opinion anyways. My favourite memories from childhood were not museums, or theme parks or expensive glitz and glam, they are times spent with all of the people that I love doing absolutely nothing in particular.


Lovely photos as mementos of a great holiday.

Liz T

My most treasured childhood memories are of days on the beach, either here at home or at the beach all of 10 miles away. Nothing better than soggy sandwiches (tomatoes with something made lovely soggy sarnies)laced with sand, bottles of lemonade for us kids and then going for an ice-cream - sheer bliss.

Angela-Southern USA

Simple pleasures are the most treasured. So very lovely thanks for sharing.


Oh it all looks wonderful Lucy. Especially liking the love birds and guinea pigs. I never get quite as much sea as I would like on holiday either. I have a child who doesn't like sand! I've heard that gazing at the sea releases some chemical or other in the brain that relaxes you and makes you feel happy. I can quite believe it. Hope you all have a good weekend.

Dorothy Griffiths

Lucy your photographs are just stunning - I really want to visit after seeing all of these. We have such a beautiful country with so much to see and do, thank you for sharing your part of this Lucy. Always so lovely to share your posts.
Lots of love as always


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Kate Eastwood

I almost feel like I've had a little holiday too ! Especially as we have visited some of the same places. The view from the top of the hill in the tropical gardens can only be described a true wow moment. Your pictures and words capture the true spirit of a proper family holiday.Lovely.
Kate x

Sara Jenkins

Best of all they are with their mum and dad, having fun! Nothing more needed.
Have a great weekend.


The best pleasures of all, I think. Only one of mine has been on a plane, and it was when he was a baby so he doesn't remember it. We love the same kind of trips you do. I would have really enjoyed both the aviary and the guinea pigs, that kind of thing is exactly my speed. :)


Simple pleasures and love are the best gift all Lucy .... lovely post xx Joy xx


Big things are nearly always bought things,and nothing can replace the simple pleasures in life; after all most of us oldies were brought up like that, cos there there were no big things! my kids were brought up to enjoy our walks and picnics, and my daughter's children now love camping, country bike rides, and sky watching. x

Jo Roberts

The children will remember all of it fondly I am sure. I remember getting the backs of my knees so sunburnt that I had to walk back to the car holding a wet towel against my legs - and I'm OK!

Love to read your posts Lucy. Jo x

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