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September 06, 2013


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Lucy, I wonder if you can help. I appreciate that you get a squillion comments a day on your fabulous blog (you clever lady!!) but this seems like a "If Lucy doesn't know, then noone will..." kind of a query. It has nothing to do with yarn or crochet or otherwise!

I'm looking to buy a picture for my friend's 40th. She holidays in Corfe Castle every year with her family and loves the Dorset coastline. I love Julia Crossland's pics (thank you :) ) and want something in that vein, but obviously Dorset. I wondered if you or your parents knew of anyone I could look at? I've googled but so far to no avail. Which is frustrating. I'm a demon googler..

Hope you read this!


You know, we have been lucky enough to do some of the big theme parks and big thrills with our children.They're only a couple of years older than yous (yes we have 3 too), but you know what? The things they remember and talk about mostly are when we've done the sort of holidays like the one you've just described.


gorgeous pictures! Looks like a wonderful holiday. Thanks for sharing.


your kids will remember these lovely holidays fondly I'm sure...the simple things in life are the best...you seem to have a wonderful time wherever you go and whatever you do...I continue to love reading your blog and look forward to the next page...thanks, Tina in Michigan, USA

Sew and Sews Too

I want your holidays :)


Just back from a quick visit to Bridders.Going down on Friday afternoon the air was so clear the view from the Dorchester/Bridport road was possibly the best I have ever seen it. My favourite drive of all time! West Bay on chilly,windy Sunday morning- stood on top of the shingle heap with my great-nephew letting the wind inflate our jackets and trousers before heading to the Watch-house for breakfast.Goodness, but I love it down there.


Wow!! It all looks wonderful, I've just been having a catch up and your photos are brilliant, they totally capture a lovely family fun filled Summer.

Carole C

Lovely post...well all three holiday posts were lovely. The last few years when we lived in UK,Dorset and Cornwall were the places we would holiday, out of high season...usually September or October,occasionally in the spring.
I love living where I do now in France,but we are a long drive from the coast and I miss the sea...that smell, the sound...everything about it. Cx


Totally understand. We go to the north Norfolk coast every year, as I did as a kid. I feel that same sense of inner peace as I first see the sea. We do see lots of my family, from both sides, either those who (luckily!) live there and those who visit. Oddly I feel that sense of calm and coming home there more than I do in the village in west yorks where I grew up and my parents still live. Go figure!

Lovely pics as always :)

Ali Dufty

Lovely holiday posts. Trust me , your children will remember and cherish your memory -making moments :)) Happy days !


Hi Lucy! what lovely memories you are creating for your family! I am sure they will recall with fondness as will you!

Ali whale

We went to the Lake District every year when I was young. I remember lots of rain and playing a lot of Patience. But the lasting legacy is that if you show me a lakeland peak I can name it, mainly because as a family we climbed them all. I remember climbing Helvelyn in shorts, a bikini top and some M&S trainers! Simple but fantastic memories. The bonus is that passing on these pleasures to the next generation is easy, comforting and allows them to share what made them happy and that's really good for the soul.


It is always such a pleasure to visit your blog and see the beautiful photos! I was wondering if you allow your readers to sell items that they make from your crochet patterns?

Anne Bebbington

No theme parks etc etc.......... but lots of lovely mummy and daddy time all together which they will always remember and cherish when they have children and grandchildren of their own and you are no longer around - never underestimate the value of that


Oh no, you couldn't have had the last day with no beach stop! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Lynne Gill

Gorgeous post, Lucy, and great photos. And thank you for the link to the Kite Arial Photography, it was fascinating.

Sophie Philpot

You have just taken me back to my holiday, earlier in the year, we stayed in Weymouth, but visited a few of the places you did. Thank you for the lovely pictures. Since then we also have gained 2 guinea-pigs, thanks to Abbotsbury Children's farm. Oh and great tip if you get Tesco club card vouchers- they are accepted here, so make it much cheaper. We go back in 3 weeks, I am sooooooooo incredibly excited!


I love reading about your day to day adventures. We also enjoy the simple pleasures and making family memories in that way. I live in Australia but spent a year in England several years ago. Your blog not only inspired me to blog more of my day to day happenings and learn to crotchet but brings back so so so many fabulous memories of our time in England.


I think you are making wonderful memories with your children. I enjoy your blog so very much. Thank you for all the lovely pictures of a country I would so love to visit some day! I found your blog a few years back because of some crochet project I was searching for, so thank you also for all the fun things I have made because of your great tutorials. I think I will sign off now, because I am sounding gushy! : )



sophie callaghan miller made the most beautiful psychogeography map blanket. and posed for a picture wearing it high atop a hill overlooking your beautiful english countryside. it electrified me with makey magic and your vacation views reminded me of her beautiful work.
thank you.


My holidays were spent traipsing around NT houses and the brilliant English/Welsh countryside, and I can honestly say it's given me a very solid love of this country and all of our history and nature. So I daresay some of what you inspire in your holidays will trickle into your young ones heads as well. What a lovely account Lucy!


Ah I feel like I've been on vaction too! Thank you.
On an unrelated note I just found a video on youtube about how to join yarn with a double knot AND YOU HAVE NO ENDS TO DARN IN! Thought of you immediately. It is called How to join your yarn by making a double knot and it is by Jane Richmond.
http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=-nq_7EXTWHE I tried it and it worked! I HATE darning in the ends. Who doesn't?


Stick with the simple stuff - I was always AMAZED at the amount of $$ other people spent on their grand vacations while ours were simple and repetitive. Now that the youngest is 17, I've asked them over and over again if the places we went for vacation were good memories for them. The middle two boys said they loved it all but did remark that there were too many museums for their liking (me, their dad and the oldest and youngest on the other hand could never have too many museums). The beaches with no boardwalks, no rides, and no fancy meals were just fine with them - just family, sand, sun, games, meals together - they all still like that best. Camping trips were a fond memory for every one. We are probably the only family in the USA whose kids HAVEN'T been to Disney. None of them seem to care that we never did the Disney thing. The youngest remarked that on the first day of school every year, the teacher ALWAYS asks... who went to Disney this summer. Many hands go up - then, who has been to Disney in their lifetime, ALL raise their hands, all except my son. He always hated that, the stares, the chuckles, but still said he couldn't care less about not having gone to Disney (nothing bad about Disney - it just wasn't important to us).

Ada Bea

Well it sounds like you've had a fab holiday! Just what you needed.....think you're going to be very busy for the next couple of weeks! :) x


Thank you for sharing so beautifully the things you love about Dorset. I've never been to England, but would absolutely love to do so. You're artistic eye and wonderful descriptions give me a way to enjoy it from afar. Your children will cherish the memories of these places and good times.

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