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September 02, 2013


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sue (sussex)

Hi Lucy.. just had to let you know that we were on a short break in Exmouth the last weekend and just had to drive through Lyme Regis and stop off at West Bay on the way home (for a coffee and loo break)... I kept saying to my OH, this is where Lucy comes from...(he knows who you are from my ravings about your creativity in the past oh! and Connievan)and it was nice to see it for myself..what a lovely relaxing place to be.. it is a lovely part of the world but I would love to visit the Dales tho. Sue x


I missed so many of your posts, as even I was away on holidays back to my parents :) I loved your seaside photos.. I felt the fresh breeze from thesea... and wish I could sit on that lovely cozy chair under the umbrella :)

Angela @Little Apple Tree

Your parents have such an amazing home in Westbay! The kitchen is amazing, so cosy!

Oh, and I don't see the point of crabbing either. It's occasionally interesting when a crab makes a break for freedom and everyone tries to catch it. It's as (un)interesting as fishing!

Roberta Bortoluzzi

Hello friend, I have a blog about the arts in general, and Knitting Needle by Tita Carré, already visited?
I love your blog always has beautiful things
, hugs


I totally share your love of utility rooms. I've always wanted on too. One day maybe. I absolutely adore following your annual trips to Dorset. Every year I mean to make sure we visit and we never do. When we do however, all I need to do is come to your blog and plot our itinery. Thank you Lucy. Hope alls going well with LM and big school. My Fred started secondary this week and my baby reception on Monday. All change here. Sarah in Brighon


Thank you for sharing your colourful, beautiful life, Lucy. The colours in your posts are so zingy and fresh, and your blog posts always make me smile. I had a holiday a month ago, and am now back at work, but looking at your gorgeous photos, I could almost be back by the sea again!

Looking forward to more of your lovely posts,

Cathy x


i love the blanket you crocheted for the picnic. It is the one under the tent. I didn't find it on flicker. Would you be able to send me the info. on how you made it and where to get the beautiful colors of yarn. I have followed you for several years and really enjoy the way you use color. Thank you!


loved reading your holiday log Lucy - thanks - never been to the U.K. but I feel I am getting to know your part of the world! Philippa (NZ)

Andrina T

Gah..I miss the beach now something fierce. Crabbing! I'd be too afraid I'd get pinched, but little boys are fearless, aren't they? Hug all the munchkins; they're so sweet I'd love to just hug 'em ta bits!


We went to Dorset for the first time this summer -visited West Bay too - the play area was fab, my girls enjoyed playing there with the little energy they had left after jumping the waves all afternoon! Great times and memories!


I would love to visit your beautiful Dorset sometime!!! Your pics are awesome! I love your mum's cozy home too!!


Wow! Great post! I love Lady B's walled garden and mini-beach - gosh I would be so happy lounging there with a chilled wine!

I must try coloring beach pebbles, that would be so much fun with a little one. Now, where's my beach nearby my forest farm? hmmmm....


Utterly delightful! Looking at your dinner of fries and ketchup has made me powerful hungry, I must say. :)

Vicki Taylor

Have not long come back from camping at Eype .... Also enjoyed BB, crabbing at West Bay, fish and chips and lovely weather ....lovely pictures, but not one of you doing a bit of hooky whilst sat on beach ?

Amy B

Thank you for sharing. I particularly loved the "jumping the waves" bit. Makes me think of the wonderful moments at the beach with my kids. I love visiting Dorset virtually. Gives me a mini-vacation at the end of a long day.

Ada Bea

It's such a lovely place, we had a great time too! :) x


West Bay is lovely! It's a few years since I've been there, lovely to relive my time there by seeing your photos. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your holiday!



You make utility rooms sound so inviting. I must remember this when we build our "mud room," a small (soon-to-be?) enclosed area that is now our roofed carport. Must think "charm" when the work actually commences.

Lisa Smith

We're off to West Bay at the end of October. Thanks for the cafe recommendations -they will come in very useful!


I say it every year Lucy on your blog but I Love Dorset so much and especially look forward to seeing your photos of my favourite West Bay. I am also glad that there is another person out there who is not one of life's swimmers it makes me feel normal!! Lovely post as always.

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,I really love the harbour!!!I could sit and daydream there all day!!!Love the pebble beach!!!Not something I am familiar with!!!But I love it!!!Have a great day!!!


Anti-competitive bones....I'm just the same...competition just makes me stress out.
Loved this post Lucy, you are very lucky to be able to combine family reunions with a seaside break and it's special to be able to share these moments through your gorgeous photos.
I was writing "hello" on the beach in Norfolk...but mine was on our five chip folks, used them to decorate a sandcastle. Not quite a classy as your pebbles :0)
Looking forward to Yarndale.
Jacquie x


Have just caught up with your last two posts and am now off to find a poached egg! I love your photos and am looking forward to seeing the finished lampshade.

Gillian McM

Lovely, lovely! Can't wait for more, more, more!


I never tire of your Dorset holiday posts! I love that photo of the little ones holding hands - sweet! x

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