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August 31, 2013


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Thank you for the pattern. Every year I make or crochet Christmas trees for my family members. This year I am going to make them with your pattern and attach them to a cone tree.

Gina, Moore, Ok

Sheila Barrenger

HI Lucy, do you have a crochet pattern for the Japanese flowers that were used in the beautiful scarf???? it is so lovely,I have made a couple of your rugs and the instructions are so easy to follow....Thank you your work is just beautiful...

Angela @Little Apple Tree

The little balls are so cute! The finished lampshade is going go be so much fun!

The post-school-holiday mess is quite something to behold in our house. I thought about doing a before and after post, but there's no way that I want the whole internet looking at my slatternly housekeeping!

The House of Jones

11! Happy birthday to your Little Man :) Your back yard looks the perfect spot for bit of outdoor hooky - I'm also extremely good at looking beyond the weeds etc. It's amazing what you can turn a blind eye to some days ;)
Enjoy the last few days of the holidays,
Jones x


Hi Lucy. Love your back garden, so pretty with the red and blue! I know what you mean about holidays, the same routine is comforting and reassuring even though our kids are growing up!


Lucy - I've just cheated the label sewing task - I've scribbled names on labels with my permanent Sharpie. Job done in under 5 mins! Give it a go, your sanity will thank you xxx

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,Yikes!!!Can't believe Yarndale is around the corner!!!Nice to have you back and I am so glad you're well rested!!!Can't wait to read about your little holiday!!!Have a great day!!!


Can't wait to see the finished lampshade (something I've been thinking about doing) and the Dorset photos. I'm sooo missing the sea this summer - a trip has been planned for October but this feels like a very long time away...


It is SO wonderful to read about your thoughts and about the family life in your blessed, happy coloured home. I love it.

Hellie Maxwell

I am the saddest person inYorkshire as I am off on my holiday when Yarndale is on what can I do ...................
Love your blog you have given me so much Thank you ...Hellie x

Sabrina Khan

The little balls are amazing....Thanks for sharing the pattern Lucy...Just waiting to see the lampshade...I'm sure it will be beautiful....


Andrina T

*waving back from my deck railing* Hellloo Lucy! Welcome back, love! And happy birthday to your Little Man! Mine turns 12 in a week. Isn't your nickname befitting for our guys...not quite men, but no longer babies? I think we both shall be wearing flip flops til Oct. Or maybe November! :)

Jenn in Kansas

Welcome home! Can't wait to see your highlights but no pressure. You are needed more at 24 than blog land!


My place is in the same state of disarray! And I am handling it the same way, staying out of it as much as possible and enjoying the last little bits of summer. Will be circling back to hear your tales of the sea!


Welcome back traveller!!! Looking forward to your holiday photos. The weeny balls are sweet and I can envision your lampshade as well. I have a bedroom lamp that needs a revamp and this is a splendid idea! Yes, feels end of summer here to on Vancouver Island...feels like I should gather nuts, berries and firewood. :) Hugs, MO

Lavendel & Papaver

We cannot get enough of this summer, but today is the very last day of the school holidays. We do have the privilege of living by the sea, so I promised the girls we will go to the beach after school every time that it is possible.
Wish you a good start of the school season. I think it will be difficult for me to start tomorrow, missing my three girls around me.
But.. the girls are willing to go to school. And I will have time to prepare the Pumpkin fair, where I will be with my homemade crochet projects (clothes, bags, home and garden decoration).
Best regards, Nathaly - Lavendel & Papaver -

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy the summer weather his year has excelled itself!! Alas it is back to work for me tomorrow (but oh what luck as the the new term begins my assignment will be four mornings each week!). Have started a crochet blanket for a special person-deadline Christmas. I like the idea of a crocheted lampshade cover so cosy for the Autumn evenings. x


Welcome home and a happy belated birthday to your little (or not so little anymore) man. Your little space outside looks lovely. xo


Buy iron in name tapes and save yourself the hassle.
They are dead simple to do taking approx 15 seconds each.
I also just have our surname (which is not terribly common) then only have to buy 1 pack for the four of mine still attending school.


NOt quite sure what is happening..I have tried twice to post a comment and it has appeared to work but then when I come back there is no sign of it...Hmmm...Third time lucky? :))
I have been inspired by your facebook post to cover an old ikea shade. Happy with the results and have identified a few more in need of some colour :) Looking forward to hearing about your hols and really looking forward to seeing the lampshade in situ when I visit Yarndale :) xx



Ooh, looking forward to the lampshade!! Eleven?? That's big boy age!! Difficult :L


Tanya Miller

New follower to your blog through Bloglovin. Love looking at your pictures and can't wait to see your holiday photos and read about it and of course the lampshade.

Dorothy Griffiths

So glad to have you back dear Lucy, have missed you but so so glad that you had a great break. It has been a hard year for you in many ways so it was lovely for you to have this wonderful holiday with your family. Love the cake, could just eat a slice now - I know what you mean about houses, ours can be such a mess that I wouldn't let anyone over the door until it is sorted. I always think there are other beings living here who mess the place up, it can't possibly be all my fault! Have a wonderful weekend and I am hoping to make Yarndale and hopefully say hello to you.
Thanks for a great post, look forward to your holiday pics
Lots of love

Lisa Ferguson

I so love your blog and the escape it brings! Can't wait to see your photos from the holiday. Happy hooking - Lisa

Valerie Ratcliffe

Thanks to Lucy, I took my 87 year old mother, Marjorie , away to the seaside in Donegal, where she taught me how to crochet. Was so inspired by all those lovely blankets, I now have a good stash of granny squares.
A question. How should I join them together?

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