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August 19, 2013


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Pat Wilkinson

Your posts always make me feel happy, thank you :)


j'aime toutes ces couleurs dans tes ouvrages et tes plats
mais j'aime surtout tes 2 ou 3 fleurs dans un vase toujours posé sur la table
merci pour ce bel arc-en-ciel


Love your work! Your eye for colour is amazing. Do you have a favourite brand of merino you like to use?

Belinda Howard

Oh, I want a red polka-dotted crochet hook like yours! Grey is very . . . serviceable, but it lacks that certain something.

Tracey Douglass

...Oh and Lucy!! I have a devil's ivy in my bathroom too. I have one of those springy curtain wire thingies across the top of the window and the ivy has made it's way up and around the top of the window...just a thought to save J from being tickled while he tinkles!

Tracey Douglass

I want to live in your lovely little town too! Although mine is also peaceful and green, but without the fabulous view from the attic...or the canal, but I do have a river down the road! I must do my hooking outside for a change. But then I think about the gardening I should be doing. Oo, I have just had an urge to make myself a "proper" crochet corner under my patio, with a comfy hooking chair, a little table and a footstool! No cats allowed (yeah right!) You do inspire me Lucy!!

Jenny M

Love the changing view from your Attic window and what a beautiful walk along the canal.

Erika Mulvenna

I don't crochet or knit, but follow you because of the bright, beautiful, colorful photos you post of your everyday life - just like today's post! Thanks so much for sharing, it's a little bright bit of sunshine in my feed reader! :-)


Reading your blog always makes me happy. Such a beautiful view from your attic window.

Celi Umeyama

Hi, I really admire you and your work.
Seems like you are always surrounded by happiness :)
Please keep it that way :))


The moments of the day...and the memories made ;) Thank you so for sharing as always. xo


So lucky to have sunshine, in Australia-Melbourne, it is winter and very cold.
I do like the change in the season and I am longing for spring.
Love the lamp.
I feel like your lunch today.
Wishing you sunshine and happiness.

Angela-Southern USA

Lovely bits and pieces. Mine was more on the liquid sunshine variety, and spending time in the kitchen cake decorating, then a bit of crocheting,working on a ice cream doily. Have a great week!

Barbara Seiver

Our (now grown) daughter was invited to bring a plant to Montessori pre-school for the year. She brought a Pothos, like your new plant, and named it "Gertrude". Ever since, Pothos plants have been referred to as "Gertrude" by our family. :-)

Ali Honey

Lovely bright happy photos as always. So glad to hear when folk enjoy eating avocados...they are so good for you ( says the grower who eats them every day.) Do your kiddies like them too?


Your new plant: a pothos. One of only three house plants that will take toxins naturally out of the air. I had one, and have started many, many more out of the one plant (cut off a few branches and let them sit in water until they produce roots ~ takes a couple of months). The Mother Plant has branches reaching from the top of the fridge, across the doorway, over the window and down the side. It's a happy plant. You'll love it. I adore your blog...so happy. Your blog gave me the courage to try to crochet. I love it now!!! Happy Trails to you.......
Mary in Maine, USA :-)


I'm thinking that J might have a happy bit of his own if you purchase one of those ceiling hooks to screw into the ceiling and hang that plant from there. It will get plenty of light being closer to the window too.

We love flutter-bys too. :-)


I don't usually post links to my blog on other's comments, rarely actually, but this is what I'm eating for lunch lots atm. I think you'll love it!



Enjoy your happy bits, sweet Lucy!! You deserve it all.

Janette Box

Dear Lucy..you blog always lifts my spirits. Love hooky the lampshade, and the avocado,tomato dish will be served for lunch in this house too.

Frances Kwinecki

You have a happiness blog!!! You definitely live in a beautiful area, you have so much appreciation for the wonderful little things we all take for granted. Enjoy your week!


what a gloriously lovely day for you and your little family x Joy x

Jo Roberts

Love your posts. Your life has the same rhythms as mine and sometimes you don't see the good stuff in your own life but when I read your posts it brings out the best in me and I think 'oh yes we did that too today, isn't that lovely' rather than thinking about all the hullaballoo in between. Thanks Jo x

I am squeezing in a bit of making in the holidays too see here http:/joeveryday19.blogspot.co.uk


I might invite myself for lunch soon if that's on the menu ... deeeelish x


Your lovely pictures always cheer me up. Thank you!

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