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August 18, 2013


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Beautiful pictures, love the one of the caterpillar up close!

Garden Bags

Lovely images. What camera are you using? The colours are really vivid.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy! I've enjoyed all your wonderful posts - I just got home from our 11 day camping trip at our gorgeous lake and am catching up on my favorite blogs on my list (like yours!). I invite you to pop over and see the photos. I'm inspired by your lampshade cover.. I want to do one of those! Enjoy the rest of summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Can you tell me the name of the reservoir please., weare going to York for a week and my husband likes to flyf fish

Kind regards


A lovely walk - thank you. My walk to the paper shop passed a bush with pink flowers and about 20 Cabbage White butterflies all basking in the sunshine! It does seem to be a good year for them! :-)

Anna-Marie Field

Hi Lucy,Anyday is a good day for family fun walk!!!Love the bees and butterflies!!!Hope you have a happy and creative week!!!


Hi Lucy, I too have been enjoying the butterflies this summer there does seem to be far more than usual! while trying to identify some I came across this http://www.bigbutterflycount.org/ and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent doing it and couldn't quite believe how many different species were visiting my humble little patch


lovely Sunday afternoon stroll and lovely pics xx Joy xx


Dear Lucy, beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! It is so very pretty right now where you are living. Take care, Sonja


Hello, Lucy!
My name is Oxana, I live in Italy. I'd like to say thank you for your wonderful blog! It's so inspiring! Did you receive my package? I'm so worried...I have shipped it 2o days ago, please, let me know.
Have a nice day!

Yvonne, London

Hi. I've been lurking on your blog for a while now and seriously love it. I used to live in Yorkshire and love to see your pictures too, reminiscing about our weekend trips to the Dales, moors and my favourite, Robin Hood Bay. I just had to comment - we just got back from a lovely holiday in Brittany, France. We spotted many butterflies on our coastal walks but my 7 year old daughter found a caterpillar exactly the same as the one you've pictured crawling across our doorstep - we had no Internet access at the time...so thanks for the link. She will love to see what it turns into! Xx


We found a pair of Small Blues the other day! Will keep my eyes peeled for the Copper ones. Also found this information via t'internet. isn't technology marvellous?

Lovely pics as always, Lucy!

Love Claire xxx


Thanks for the butterfly web link - that's a really good page. We've been out and about north of Leeds this weekend - loads of Peacock butterflies and speckled wood. Then we were delighted to find a Small Copper on the track up to Almscliffe Crag.

Love your photos - isn't it wonderful to be so close to such wonderful countryside.


Really impressed with the grasshopper hunting skills of your children. My lot tried very hard to catch one on holiday and one was all they caught! My daughter did get good at butterfly catching though. I was going to get them a pooter so they could catch smaller bugs. I've got a feeling there are online instructions for making one somewhere.


What beautiful colors...inspires me choose the colores the new handwork:)


What a lovely walk. I've been searching for the perfect little butterfly guide so we can identify the butterflies we see - I've ordered the chart as well. It looks like a good find!


Sounds lovely. We spent Sunday on the beach, making the most of the heat wave that are passing through. This summer my children have done a lot of butterfly catching. Little Emmy 6 one day showed me a live Step by step tutorial on how to do it. Everything from finding a glass jar. Poking holes in the lid, catching the butterfly and putting it in and then how to let them out. Very interesting indeed.
My Rose Valley

Angela-Southern USA

I never realized how beautiful the English countryside is till I started following your blog Lucy! Thanks for sharing. Our weather is still on the wet side, and cooler than norm, more like fall really. A beautiful outing.


Lucy, thank you for your excellent reporting of another glorious day in the beautiful out of doors near you. The brilliant colors definitely influence your yarn colorways. The clear air surely influences your lively spirit and creative enthusiasm.



Loved your "taking a walk" photos. My walks would not include gentle hills and meadows...where we live is deep forest, rocky coast, and wilderness. We live in such different environments, but equally beautiful. Thx for sharing...Hugs, MO

Lynda M O

Such a perfect way to go on a sunny summer day. Butterfly id charts are so much fun-identifying any little critter brings such joy and feeling of accomplishment to the Littles.


What beauty :) Just lovely for a Sunday... m.


What beautiful photos, Lucy!!Thank you for sharing them ;)


What a lovely place to go for a stroll


That caterpillar caught my eye, I wondered who it might turn into! Some crochet caterpillars to go with the ladybirds maybe? Tiny ones would be very cute x

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