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August 06, 2013


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When we travel to distant places we learn so many new things from different cultures and also there is so much variety in food too.

Luciana Shirley

Olá, adorei o seu blog, ao ler alguns posts, vi que você é uma pessoa esforçada que só quer falar e ser ouvida na blogosfera, assim como eu. Posso dizer que gostei muito do que li, vc tem um potencial enorme e sei que será um grande blog de fácil entendimento e conteúdo gostoso de ler. Sou Luciana Shirley do blog http://coisasecoisasdalu.blogspot.com.br/ se desejar me visite e siga, mas só se gostar, eu vou retribuir seguindo também o seu.


Fabulous post, fabulous blog. I've just started my own blog and thankyou for the inspiration :)


Amazing at what just a few good days can do for our hearts and heads! Beautiful photos, as always. Thank you for bringing us along on your little journey. :)


What a glorious day out. Thanks for blogging with so many pictures.

BTW - we call Sugar Stealers 'Fairies', but have the same wish-making.

Stela Matthews

Wow!! That picture of you stumbling onto the coast took my breath away!
Thank you,thank you, thank you for sharing your holiday as it always makes me feel like I've had one too. We live near a bay and the colours and movement constantly feed my soul -just like you do lovely Lucy:)
I'm happy you're rested and ready to go,go,go!
Stela -Melbourne, Australia xxx


Fantastic photos. We do have some beautiful beaches in the North & isn't it fantastic to have the weather to go with them.

Fish & chips out of the paper. There isn't a better taste in the world. Thanks for sharing your holiday.


What an amazing holiday... reading your holiday posts makes me deserately want to visit these places myself. You capture the atmosphere of the places with your gorgeous pictures. Thank you for my virtual holiday!

Jackie from Alaska

That was completely delightful! Thank you for taking us along with you. I feel refreshed as well. :) I have to say that I know what you mean about not being able to watch one of your children participate in something fun for them, but concerning to you. I do the same thing - avert my eyes! Blessings from Alaska, Jackie

Jules Francis

Just had to thank you Lucy so much for sharing you special family trip away with all of us - have just come home from hospital after a major op and need to rest up for weeks! So went to your blog for a catch up and feel like I've had a lovely trip out with you all from my sofa! Just wonderful - thank you so much, just what I needed. Always enjoy your blogging and all your enthusiasm, just wonderful. Thanks :) x


Really enjoyed your photos of Arnside. We visited it about 4 years ago and took the train from there round the coast to Whitehaven. Did you know that the sea used to come all the way up to the promenade in Grange over Sands? I was shocked to see how far it had retreated since I visited it last, probably about 25 years before, its not quite the same with the grass next to it.
Love reading your blog, and am making some bunting, hope you haven't got too much!


I can't get over the sky in your beach photos. I do love a big sky! It all sounds wonderful, especially the fish and chips al fresco. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. xx

Marisa Reis

Such beautifull pictures, thank you :)


found your blog a week or two ago and I love it! I live in New York and just love seeing your photos of the beautiful countryside and love all your brightly colored crocheted pieces.


Having read this feel as if I've been on holiday too. What a lovely country we live in. Many thanks.

Anne Marie

Isn't Jenny Brown Point lovely? I've been on the bike - and have you visited Gibralter too? Thats quite close.

I've gone over Jack Scout and in fact coming down on the way towards the walk back to the car, when I was staying with an aunt, I slid all the way down a muddy bank with my leg under me, leaving me with a problem with sciatica.

It's one of my most favourite parts of the country, that's not too far from home for me.


Hi Lucy... my husband and I took the train to Arnside the other day and my hubs really enjoyed himself! He loved the scones in one of the shops... they were huuugggge! Thanks for the inspiration and I think we will visit again.

On another note, I sent a long email regarding your RSI finger/wrist and haven't heard back from you regarding whether you got the email. I sent it twice in case the first ended up in spam. Hopefully there was something of use in there. Enjoy the rest of the hols x

Ada Bea

Hi Lucy, just catching up with your adventures having been on our own! Gosh the place looks spectacular! What a beautiful part of the world. We always squeeze in a NT visit wherever we go, they are always so interesting! I'd love to try hosteling too, although I do love the tent.....sadly this year it is only going up in the garden, although we do have several sleepovers planned! :) x

Tammy Chrzan

What an AMAZING trip!
I'm very envious, that looks like the perfect holiday to me. I've never been to a beach that had sea glass, I'd love to find some of that, it's so gorgeous!
Have a great upcoming weekend!
Much love,


What an idyllic place you found for your magical holiday.
Thank you for taking us with you.
Carol xx


What a great holiday...short but sweet as they say. Luv the photos and thx for sharing. I am in such need of a holiday right now and even 2 nights would do the trick...but for now I will have to re-read your holiday posts and dream of visiting the UK. Hugs, MO


What a lovely location!!! Beautiful little towns and a beautiful beach and scenery too! I'm happy you were able to be re-energized by it. I'm sure I would be too :). Thanks for taking us for a ride.


Hi Lucy!
I loved both your posts about Arndale, looks like a magical place!
I follow your blog and always enjoy it immensely, even if I don't always comment.
Thank you for sharing your life with us! :o)


Thank you for sharing your Arndale trip with us. I have no knowledge of this area of my country at all (shame on me) but can appreciate what you are saying about those short trips away....they seem somehow more relaxing and enjoying than the longer trips. We have some of those big sky's and beaches that go on forever here in Norfolk and I try really hard to fit at least one trip to each of my favourite's each Summer and if not I long for the good weather to go on until at least November so that I can.


What a beautiful trip........Thanks for taking me along.

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